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  1. I went on a duck tour in London a number of years ago and after going through the city, crossed over Vauxhall Bridge and then there's a slipway down the side of the MI5 building, driver gets out and a boat captain gets in to take it on the Thames. Was very smooth and a great experience. When the DUKW was first demonstrated to the military, they were not interested. Then a few days before a further demonstration, there was a severe storm over Cape Cod and a Coast Guard vessel was aground on a sand bar. The surf and sea was way too rough for the Coast Guard rescue boats to launch so the three guys behind the DUKW design took it out a quarter of a mile offshore, rescued the 7 crew and were back on shore six minutes later!! Four days later 86 top ranking officials attended the trials and manufacture was confirmed!! the rest as they say is history.
  2. I'm well aware of that, obviously Khriss isn't.
  3. That's odd as the DUKW wasn't designed until 1942!
  4. Ah right, so it's a tax avoidance scheme! And do you tell your insurance company that you have modified the vehicle???
  5. You missed my point - if you want a vehicle with a rear seat then just buy one like that.
  6. A pet hate of mine - putting seats in a commercial because then it isnt a commercial anymore! If you want seats in the back, just buy a normal version. I think if you buy a commercial and put seats in, you have to pay tax on it if it is within a certain time frame.
  7. Yes I saw it back on facebook marketplace the other night. The guy who I know that had it did a lot of work to it - professional shot blast of chassis, repaint, new bushes in tipping gear, all new belts on the engine etc. From the new pictures they appear to have stripped the winch off it and the roof rack which is a shame, especiallya s they are asking a fair bit more than they paid!
  8. A friend of many has a number of high value pieces of forestry equipment to sell. I have had them listed on about ten facebook groups, had literally hundreds of like and shares and three people made appointments to view but then either cancelled or just didnt turn up. Only item that has sold was a Unimog. Where else would you recommend listing them??? I have thought of ebay and Mascus. Tried an item on arbtrader on here and it didn't even get any views. Any ideas warmly received.
  9. My friend has a Krapan for sale but it is nearly brand new and is a lot of money.
  10. As the manufacturers make them for specific vehicles there will be differences to length and width I would have thought.
  11. There has been a company upgrading them to 3.5 tons for quite some time. Apparently it has been Toyota GB who have not been willing to plate them at 3.5 ton
  12. £110 for loose cubic metre load and £130 for 1.2
  13. Could you not bundle say twelve together and burn in stove like that, maybe last longer???
  14. I recently applied for a FC job and found it very difficult to describe how I demonstrated a particular behaviour using only 250 words. I felt by the time I thinned my example out, it lost a lot of it's impact. Some points were also a bit mystifying - "you must have one of the following: chainsaw certificate, ATV certificate......" Describe how you have the above - in 250 words!! Bar explaining you attended a course, passed the final assessment and gained the certificate, what more could you say. The feedback I got was that my applicaton was scored a 4 on a scale of 0 to 7 where 7 is the best; 4 was deemed acceptable.
  15. I'm sure he will find any insurance company wants to be informed of modifications either inside or outside of the vehicle. The easiest way to think of it, is did the vehicle come from the manufacturer like this?


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