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  1. I have a D22 single cab. Seen a Mazda B2500 truckman style canopy for sale. Are the beds standard sizes? I had a ifor williams on my D21 years again that was fairly generic.
  2. Thats helpful, thanks
  3. Ive been offered a DCS520 for £175, should I go for it?
  4. Hi, I've been offered a DCS520 for £175... Should I go for it? No experience with Makita saws.
  5. Jake. Actually excellent at keeping the van safe when working in dodgy areas... Other duties included running lengths of perimeter tape out... and woo'ing young ladies.
  6. Mountain Ash you say, we'll do that on the way to the job... will take half an hour, tops... OHHH!
  7. Decelerating gently while lowering is a skill us climbers appreciate. Nicely done
  8. Can be quite dramatic. Best case is it ran out of oil to burn as fuel and stopped running, before the engine cooked itself too much. You can pop a new turbo on it and you could be all good. Its a gamble I guess. It is important to use the correct oil. Cheap oil for non turbo engines doesn't lubricate the floating bearings in the turbo properly and they break.
  9. Our Iveco tipper broke off. Rust-tastic. What do we think? Worth fixing? Truck is pretty old and tatty but a good work horse... What should we expect to pay for it to be welded back together? See pics Cheers
  10. I recently returned from 4 days in Oxfordshire subbing as a climber for a tree firm, who got a good contract with a major telecoms company, to clear all the trees around the site. I sent copies of my certs, for insurance etc, and everything seemed legit. I assumed at least 2 gangs, but no, me climbing and 2 guys on the ground with no chainsaw trousers or boots on, 1 MS170 and a knackered Jenson chipper. They told me to climb and take down a load of big sycamores while they worked elsewhere on site. Like a total IDIOT, I did the job. No second climber / aerial resuce... no second climbing kit... There was a nice chap, project manager from the phone company, his risk assessment was basic, and not specific for arb work. He had no idea about tree or forestry specific work. The whole situation was a total joke, and if I there had been an injury, or I needed help / assistance / rescuing / hurt myself / hurt someone / broken anything... Then clearly all insurance would be void. I work safely and always visualise where my saw is in relation to my ropes and myself, and where it potentially could go. I have never had an accident. I was a bit pissed off, and felled out some big limbs that should have been lowered, but there was no lowing kit... not that I would have trusted them to lower anything. So to prevent tree work injuries... don't be a plonker like I was last week, by working with muppets. I should have gone straight home, and I am disappointed in myself for staying and doing the job, for the sake of earning a few quid. ...and I am amazed that said telecoms company were so lax with the health and safety
  11. bumpertbumpbump does that even work?!!!
  12. Hi, New to Cornwall. I'm a decent climber, and happy to work on the ground. Looking to freelance. CS30, CS31, CS32, CS38, CS39. Own kit. edbol@live.co.uk 07815523738 Cheers, Ed
  13. Hi, I've just moved to sunny Cornwall... Much call for climbers down here? Cheers Ed
  14. Thanks ArbTalk, the bookings are rolling in. Book me in for climbing... All the usual tickets. .. own kit. Based in Newport Shropshire. Will travel. Ed 07815 523738 Edbol@live.co.uk


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