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  1. Yeh got a email footer file made up, should the html be at the start of the code to paste in signature & not end? Not my forte this stuff...
  2. Evening, Does anyone know how to add your business twitter, instagram etc links to your emails where you have your contact/ address details ? preferably for btinternet Cheers
  3. Has anyone retro fitted rear seats in the new discovery 5 commercial ?
  4. lol we are! did i not say i was looking for one free....😉😉
  5. Looking for some info on a flair mower? Only required for light use about the croft, lightweight scrub, hedge trimming, basically to save using a strimmer with a cutting head! To suit a volvo ec27d with engcon head, preferably to go under the engcon if there is enough oil flow to power it? Cheers
  6. Does anyone know what thread type is on the uniforest 1300 pro log grab cylinder? i got new hoses made up thinking both ends would be the same 3/8 bsp but not the case!
  7. Good boots, except one of the lace buckles snapped after first couple wks 🙈
  8. Does anyone know of any stockists/suppliers for the kilworth pan mixers except going direct? Cheers
  9. Is the sugi pro light bars the lighest on the market? or is it just a preference
  10. the sugi light is a lighter bar, better balance?
  11. The 18" oregeon bar on sawi find is just a bit tip heavy, would a 16" sugi light bar make a difference? and which chain would i need? just a 3/8 chain to suit bar? cheers for advice
  12. Hi All I currently have a 18" bar & 3/8 chain on my 560xp saw, but finding it a bit clumbersome when just cutting fire wood, i am looking for a 15" bar & chain, can anyone recommend a good set up and a good supplier?
  13. Does the 1300 come with the hardox steel? Has the ram got good clamping power?


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