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  1. Ah Good point, were HP14 Buckinhamshire J5 m40
  2. Hi All, Looking to buy in our lighting wood this year,anyone local for good sized nets I can collect any prices would be good. Ta
  3. I have 3 of the things,none of them read the same,variations of up to 10% so whats the point,always said they were a gimmick,they can tell a soaking wet log from a dry one and thats it,I have already had them come out with the meter, and delivered a few loads and they have left them in a mouldy old wet shed for a week then called me to come and take a look at there now 38%mc logs,,the whole thing is going to be a nightmare
  4. Good post,from one seasoned woodman to another we switched to vented bags a few years ago,they work very well,wood drys much better than tipping in a barn,they will stack up 3/4 high depending on your loaders lift,they are tipped by placing them on the truck bed,detach the bag and at the bottom of the bag there are two extra tabs hook on them and then lift and the bag flips upside down,then your loaded,very pleased with ours there 3 years old and each one must have been filled 50 times and there still in good shape,as I remember about £7 from ebay...Good luck Chap
  5. So if we make sure we deliver 20%or lower in the coming years we will be ok
  6. Thaks for that,we sold 225 cube to date this year,so what will happe in 2022? what will I need to do?
  7. So can anyone put me straight please,in laymans terms all getting a bit confusing, I season my wood in the stick for a year or so,cut split then barn store for the summer,then it goes out in the winter,around 20%mc can I carry on or what?or will I be brakeing the law after 2021? Cheers!
  8. No, he just left it on there,must be getting alot of calls
  9. Nice one! very greatfull for your help, all ordered and half the price of the local robbers.
  10. Yes here we go...oregon 130txlbk095 h7 13" .050/1.3cm .325-56 I think its for a Husky saw, Its an aliminium core lamanated job,and has these tear drop oil outlets,never seen them before...Thanks
  11. Yeh thats me rushing to get finished before it gets dark,any ideas on getting a spare bar online, struggling to referance it to anything the same,the oil outlets are a tear drop shape rather that round , just thinking the round holes may not match up with the oiler,I could get one local but very expencive there.
  12. Thanks for the replys,a great help! I de railed and debured the bar this morning fitted a new chain and she ran all day perfect still not sure which one of the two was causing the problem,but I guess I now know the bar needs to be spot on aswell as the chain,I will get a spare bar ordered up,so not to loose any time,the other thing I was warned of was trying to put to much pressure on the lever when cutting, trying to force the chain through the wood quicker will wear the bar out quicker than anything ,as he got a point? ps I am useing the corect bar and chains,I have checked and double checked.
  13. Yes I have turned the bar,but that was before it started playing up,,I have a new chain and the sproket has no wear on it,should know more when I get home tonight,it is a standard Husky bar and chain,my other problem is sharpening the chain,cant do it on the machine and trying to run it round an old bar in a vice is very hard,cant get any pressure on it any very wobble.


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