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  1. Reynolds boughton RB44

    Nice looking truck you have there...can you just clear up the o liecence? would i need one if only using for forestry work fetching wood back to our yard ect...not delivering any goods ect.
  2. Auto Return Splitter

    Well im running off a 82hp Tractor with good pressure and flow rate,so the splitter is flying up and down but a bit low on strenth with the harder stuff,i was just thinking the return valve would maybe make it a bit better as i could set it for the lengh of logs to be split and speed things up a bit,must be somthing out there?
  3. Auto Return Splitter

    Yes i guess its poss, but do think i could do with a bit more Grunt as well,it will not go through any knotty stuff,and yes a few people have asked have i welded a splitting maul head on the Oxdale does look a starnge head.
  4. Auto Return Splitter

    Yes Sorry got that the wrong way round....6x 0.6 bags an hour thats about 3m3...And thats the best we have ever done, more like 2m3 and hour
  5. Auto Return Splitter

    Well there some big old lumps, whole trunks take to much time getting them on there,and would have to be some Processor, chainsaw and split i would have thought.
  6. Auto Return Splitter

    Not at the moment, mainly Ash/Beech mid sized cord 12" to 20"
  7. Auto Return Splitter

    Hi All, Can anyone point me in the direction of a good auto return splitter,with or without conveyer? Tractor hydraulics prefered,we really need to increase our out put,we are useing an Oxdale 400 at the mo good little splitter but need to speed our show up. Many Thanks
  8. Reynolds boughton RB44

    Anyone had any experiance with these trucks? The reviews say they are Total rubbish ,They do look the part and wood work very well with our tree and firewood works, The one i am looking at is the Perkins Phaser engine....Cheers
  9. Log Load Prices??

    Well they will have to go up then! I find this pricing hard work, quiet a few times over the years have driven past customers and seen a small wet load on there drives,the kind of stuff thats been layed on the wood floor for years and is soaked through,i know the guy round here that delivers that rubbish and he charges £90.Ours is only £70 for 1.2m3 and has been barn dried all summer uniformed Beech/Ash and is 1/2 as much again in volume than his....Crazy this is why im thinking this through, how they can take our cusomers selling that sh*t Bewilders me
  10. Log Load Prices??

    Thanks for sharing that very interesting.
  11. Log Load Prices??

    Thanks for that,.... prices are way above what we have been charging,so yes def need to have a good rethink
  12. Log Load Prices??

    Sorry we are based Oxford/Bucks border,
  13. Log Load Prices??

    Hi All, Just wondering what prices one should be achiving for load size 1.2sm of good quality clean Dry barn logs? (loose Tipper Load Hardwood) I have just bought out a retireing Gents firewood round kit and all,but he has been charging a bit more than us,need to settle for a one price for all, and be fair. Thanks in advance.
  14. chipper blades

    Hi All, I have a little Cramer hs 450 chipper,which i have sharpened my self,not a perfect job i guess but had it out today for the first time was chipping very well for the first 3 hours then went very dull,there was the odd small stone around but we were carefull not to let anything go in, if i can find a new set of blades for it would we only get 3/4 hours out of them inbetween sharpens?Also anyone know if i should get them sharpened or get some new ones?if so where should i go? many thanks
  15. Defender 110 rear springs

    Can anyone suggest some very hard HD rear coils for one of our tippers?My defender tipper has some good thick springs with helpers inside and carrys some serious weght,but just cant find them anywhere,so may have to go the Terraferma tf011 but not sure they will be up for the job any ideas please...Thanks


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