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  1. defender tipper

    How much for a m3 load delivered?

    Oh...need to up my game a bit then, Thanks for the input guys no wonder we are struggling.
  2. defender tipper

    Artic load of Firewood

    when you say processed, is the quote at 75m3 for processable cord or already cut and split logs? also, where are you based?
  3. defender tipper

    How much for a m3 load delivered?

    Eve Folks, How much should we be charging for a m3 delivered split seasoned load, please? Our logs are good clean dried down to 20%mc and consistent throughout the winter months all cut and put away in the barn during the summer all done properly really would be Ash/beech mixed, any input appreciated Thanks
  4. defender tipper

    Measuring Cord

    Hi All, Can anyone explain how cordwood stacks are measured by forestry companies? I have purchased a stack and has been sold by the M is this a solid cube? and what would you expect to get from say 20M in the way of m3 log bags/loads?..Ta
  5. defender tipper

    Cordwood Wanted Buckinhamshire

    Thanks for the lead,I will give him a call after Xmas
  6. defender tipper

    Cordwood Wanted Buckinhamshire

    We are located in the Stokenchurch area... HP14 junction 5 m40
  7. defender tipper

    Cordwood Wanted Buckinhamshire

    Hardwood Cord wanted, full or half lorry load, Arb waste considered WHY? delivered or we can collect cash waiting!
  8. defender tipper

    Round timber

    The Beech will go first, Good at 12 months good at 24 months, pretty rough at 36 months but just about sellable if your customers are not too fussy, the ash will be the same but in better shape at 3yrs old,the Oak will last longer but very hard to get it dried to 20%mc
  9. defender tipper

    church view barns

    All timber taken in hard or soft, Cash paid for good Hardwoods 07906 599461
  10. defender tipper

    Removal rules?

    Im Lost
  11. defender tipper

    Land rover led indicators

    Yes we had problems and went back to normal lights on our Defender tipper,as i remember it was somthing to do with running the non led repeaters with the new led lights and the green flasher bulb in the instrument panel ....they dont work together... i do belive you can get the parts needed from Paddocks Good luck with that one
  12. defender tipper

    7.5 tonne truck o licence?

    Yes been using Tractor and trailer,but yes reckon i will be traveling further for the next batch of cord,
  13. defender tipper

    7.5 tonne truck o licence?

    Thank you very much for taking the time to explain things,I will now go ahead and take a good look at the truck and if its worth the money i will buy it, Guess i can tax and insure it to get it home , without loading it should be legal.
  14. defender tipper

    7.5 tonne truck o licence?

    Dont Laugh...Its a RB44 with tipper body ULW 3 tonne MGW 5.3 Tonne so not a 7.5 tonne,but still carries a o licence i think,would have to say its kept at our farm,well thats where it will end up anyway.No way round it then even if im not carrying any goods?
  15. defender tipper

    7.5 tonne truck o licence?

    Thanks for that all clear now...Dont make things easy for honest working folk do they.


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