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  1. Free timber/logs

    Hi, Yes i think we could help out no problem... we are just the other side of Henley Let me know
  2. Soft wood

    we burn all softwood here on our stove, have no call for it on the firewood sales side of things however i do know a guy that sells 200/300m3 per winter which accounts for about 30% of his total sales,he prices it right around 30% less than hard, and makes a good job of not letting it get to light/dry nice logs!... i love the stuff. Just cant seem to get customers interested,i guess with some proper effort of education and tempting deals may get them on it, as above some of the coldest countries in the world heat there homes year in year out with the stuff.....pine tonight for us and conifer tomorrow.....Nice!
  3. Oxdale se 400 log splitter

    Not really sure,but i guess its something to do with the tractors flow rate,maybe thats why we broke the ram off,its running on full flow and attached to a 90hp tractor with a new pump and filters.
  4. Oxdale se 400 log splitter

    We have that version of Oxdale,and yes will need to adjust the allen key screw on the block to get her up to power,should split most stuff once adjusted,one of the fastest splitters i have ever used and would not be without it. I have had some welding to the ram mounts as it broke off however it has been working for 4 years flat out,and would buy another Oxdale tomorrow they are very fast..
  5. Which chain?

    Im running a 455 and two 380s.....chains dont seem to cut like they use to,been at it for 35yrs so i can sharpen a chain unless im loosing it.
  6. Which chain?

    Eve Folks, Can anyone recommend a good chain for cutting firewood? faster the better maybe full chisel? also where i can order them online please. many thanks
  7. Wholesale Kindling

    Can we have a price please per 100 nets ,we are in High wycombe bucks hp14 area....cheers
  8. which saw?

    OH, Yes didnt think of non oem parts cheers..
  9. Hardwood nets

    well the way i see it, if you sell a cube for say £70 ? bag a cube up see how long it takes plus the cost of nets, you will maybe needing £90 for the load now and may well price yourself out of the market, If you tell your customer there load is coming in nets i rekon they will ask you the price of a loose load...IMO.
  10. which saw?

    Hi Guys, got a chance of buying a very good rebuilt husky 357xp would this make a good replacement for my stihl 026 for cutting mid range firewood? I know they are both old saws but i do like the older stuff where i can get away with it we do have larger new saws.
  11. how long will my cordwood last?

    Hi Guys, can anyone please tell me how long my beech trunks and cord will last in the wood? its all stacked up on bearers at the bottom of a sheltered wood,mainly 18inch trunks and some larger,i have bought to much so need to find out how long will it last for resale,there is 325 tonns of it and would hate to see it rotten and unuseable after a year or so. I have only ever bought the right amount to last me one season normally about 100 tonne..also any tips on making it last longer? i can get 80 tonne in the barn over winter and spring but will still leave a fair bit out in the elements..any thought please?


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