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  1. Gray git

    Need a woodchipper

    A bit different on tracked machines as they have run for that long but not necessarily chipped for that long as can spend a fair amount of time just getting themselves to site, downside is a worn trackbase can become very expensive very quickly if your unlucky!
  2. Gray git

    Ms500i or still 661?

    I'd go 661 for that length bar, if you were thinking 22 so you could fell and sned and climb then the 500 as a fast all rounder, for running a big bar and sinking into big timber there's no replacement for displacement!
  3. Gray git

    Need a woodchipper

    Have you spoken to John Mason yet? Hate to say it but for that money which is basically 5.5k for the chipper if you want a safe legal trailer your going to get a very high hr machine with worn tracks and probably need constant help to keep being safely usable nevermind productive. Few about in budget but be prepared to spend more on it and the trailer especially if your around the a66 a19 junctions a lot as dvsa are pulling a lot of trailers for inspection in that area and if it looks old your instantly a target.
  4. Gray git

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Just need to find one that's rated enough for the chipper then, time to hit Google at lunch time then [emoji106]
  5. Gray git

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    It's 2.2ton of mettle, sod that when have you ever had a tesco trolly go where you wanted it to with just a loaf of bread in! we just give it a gentle nudge with the digger blade if I'm struggling to get perfection. Going to fabricate some sort of A frame so you can get near as dam it and nudge back to line up and just lift to slot the two halves together.
  6. Gray git

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    No unfortunately it's rear tip but dropping the chipper is only a few min, putting it back on is a little more tricky but once I fit the camaras this week it should be a lot easier but as long as you have a spotter it wasn't bad doing it last week.
  7. Gray git

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Yeh she works a treat, taken a lot more development than expected to get it fit for work but there now and the schliesing 550 is perfect to grab feed or hand feed.
  8. Gray git

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Little bobcat getting worked hard last week feeding nearly 100 ton into the chipper and stacking a estimated 50ton of timber on a clearance job, love this machine for taking so much work out of the job.
  9. Gray git

    Wanted- timber. Yorkshire

    Where abouts in Yorkshire, its a big place.
  10. Gray git

    Tip of the day

    When chopping raw chillies always wash your hands twice before taking a piss, if you forget refer to previous posts about prep h
  11. Gray git

    Need some advice with forwarding trailer hydraulics

    Idealy you want the return pipe for the crane into a free flow return which if memory serves me will be the bottom one on the arch but in 1st picture it looks like one pipe is plugged into one on far left, as said your blue top lever is primary and will take all flow so secondary won't have anything till its turned off unless you adjust the little thumb wheel next to it to split the flow.
  12. Gray git

    Laser Pointers

    That's same one I've had for about 2 years and been very robust with a very clear dot. Definitely saved a lot of time when clients are trying to explain what they want.
  13. Gray git

    Show your tractors

    Not yet, will put her across the scales next week at some point
  14. Gray git

    Show your tractors

    Exactly, if I know access is tight it gets taken off.


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