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  1. Decent size chipper, what is it? Very new looking JCB too.
  2. Yeah ufkes 942, beast of a machine. Makes my mates mog look little even [emoji848]
  3. Bobcat out doing what it does best grabbing trees and making them disappear into the chipper When you're nearly out of fuel but need to get the job finished so a little is stolen from the valtras tank. Handy these built-in refueling pump's
  4. I was trying to remember who sent me the picture.... Definitely a good idea modifying a forklift brush. [emoji1303]
  5. Cracking Idea, got some old tracks lying around that I was wondering what to do with
  6. Best rake is brush I'd say on grass , our rake is just way too aggressive so going to be making something like this for it too.
  7. And it'll probably be still running long after the valtra has been broken for parts!
  8. She's a beast of a powerplant, frequently think the stress control has packed up on the Schliesing when she's running it as it takes some slowing and plays with the Tri Accel no matter what we put on it down Not looking forward to replacing the tyres within the next 6 month's. Probably going to look at a slightly more road biased tread as that's where she spends most of her time.
  9. Not this one, came from a dealer about 7months ago. She is guarded underneath although 1 plate is missing which I'll get round to making one eventually and is reverse drive which is fun.
  10. What's the return line from the saw . You really need a free flow return for it. Out of interest what saw have you fitted and what are you planning to use it for, need to be careful on compliancy at the moment because these are going through a very serious health and safety review at the moment with chain speed and chain shot/risk zones being the major focus.
  11. Not often we get both tractors in the same picture but when the break's fail on one it's the other to the rescue. Just some others of big blue posing
  12. Get a similar affect when I occasionally pack our rotating telehandler up facing backwards so back becomes forwards left - right which is fun with 4 wheel steering.
  13. Just been struggling to get one of my lads a test and even 2 weeks ago when I spoke to them they were saying December-Jan so obviously they didn't know this was coming. I'm still tempted to send him for a couple of hrs training with the guy I had lined up for the lessons. I can definitely see a rush on small companies selling up the sub 750kg machines in favour of 8" machines. I can see a lot of people being stopped towing heavy loads with inappropriate vehicles like trying to shift a 3t excavators with a Nissan Juke because they know no better. What I'd really like to see is the 3.5t vehicle limit being put to 5.2t as new vehicles are getting heavier with less carrying capacity and are so much easier to drive than when I started driving LDV's and smiley face transits.
  14. It's orange I'll have you know... [emoji12] 30m³ when the lids on and you can really pack the chip in with no mess. Lovely big flotation rubber on her which I'm not looking for to the day it needs replacing. When the chipper isn't on it it's not too long to get swung into gateways compared to those long low rootcrop trailer's but it is high and often requires a bit of crown raising to get in


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