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  1. The ratchet shop do a good range of rated lifting chains in various lengths and strengths, just got a 6m 10mm twin leg with self locking hooks.
  2. Bet you'll be expecting to get paid for the joy of it as well [emoji12]
  3. That'll never end well [emoji33]
  4. Another interesting concept for the duck fan's especially the telescopic loading ability
  5. J T M Plumbing Ltd - Google Search G.CO This is where I got the lot I used in my bathroom for shelf brackets, quick delivery too.
  6. Will be checking drive link numbers on some bars tomorrow as fancy a few full skip chains for longer bars for a felling job we have coming up.
  7. Don't need +E to tow with tractor or agricultural machine. If you think the max loaded weight of a ifor is normally 3.5t that's less than most agricultural trailers empty so no problems. Hardest thing I've found is getting hitch hight low enough to keep it level and remembering where the extension for the light leed is so itl reach to plug in.
  8. Where are you currently Sam, might be interested in the cone depending on size and I kno of a potential home for the processor if you want to send picks and price's
  9. Didn't think they were open till tomorrow,bugger needed new boots as well. Happy new year bud, good to see you finding your good place.
  10. Gray git


    Well the whole things a joke really
  11. Whatever teeth you get you'll be fine at that hp, green teeth 700 series are quite cheap as you just replace the tooth with 3 side's and not the pocket and will prob fit your existing disk. Had some teeth from SHOP | Stump Grinding Teeth WWW.STUMPTEETH.CO.UK Which were quite good value Or you could try Stump Grinder Teeth | Parts & Teeth spares for Tree Stump Grinders - Northern Arb Supplies WWW.NORTHERNARBSUPPLIES.CO.UK Stump grinder teeth for various stump grinding machines. Browse through our selection of high quality stump grinding teeth and order online today. As they've got copy rayco teeth if you want to stick with that type, avoid finger teeth nasty things that come flying out like tungsten tipped bullet's!
  12. What hp is it, found multi tip a pain in high hp grinders as they smash the leaders off. Most grinders have the same pocket bolt spacing as we have tried green teeth , rayco super teeth and Vermeer yellow jackets on the same disk at various times. Actually quite a fan of the super teeth as very strong in stony ground and easy to sharpen in the machine with a battery grinder and diamond disk. Not tried rhino teeth but they do look very good and from what I hear very smooth cutting
  13. Point him at the company who your working for , apologize and play dumb that as far as you were aware he'd been told and how terrible it is but your just doing your job as a little cog in a big machine, cash your payment, forget about it. Done.


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