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  1. We aren't seeing anything that can't be seen from public roads or even Google earth. Would be different if we were working inside some of the buildings and taking pictures of the munition stores or armaries. The us bases are definitely stricter like when we did a job on menworth Hill even our kit bags were checked over.
  2. No nowt like this on this site, I checked, after all it is just the sports field, some areas it's made very clear in the job pack what's not to be photoed
  3. Full security passes for all staff with crb checks and Referance checks but had these in place from previous works luckily as would never have got these processed between knowing about this job and the date it had to be done by.
  4. You wouldn't believe the paperwork involved in this site being behind the wire on a military camp so planning permission was the least of our worries.
  5. Getting rid of a few big old oaks on a development site, was a case of get in, get done and get out quickly so plenty of hydraulic power on site.
  6. That thing was a beast with the taillift tracked chipper, what ever happened to her?
  7. Been having good results with our little flail on a e26 but like said you have to keep that radiator clear. Was thinking of making some sort of cover that would go on with press studs or clips to cover the vents when on the trailer Do fancy changing for a femac 70rev
  8. I'd be a bit worried about this chipper having had a not ideal ownership of a st8 so if your putting a decent amount of hp from a tractor through it I can't imagine it'll be long lived. I'd be looking at something like this for sale by global recycling, I ran a 260 for years and apart from a few dints gave no issues. CH27 DMR Chipper - Global Recycling WWW.GLOBALRECYCLING.EU
  9. Holding up really well but then I tend to swap implements around for grubbing out or shoving really ugly big bits around by using the rake or buckets, like said having the big rotator and quick hitch reduces the break out force so probably protects things a bit. This grab has quite good grip strength for breaking forks before chipping or nipping bigger bits and holding ontothem so I'd definitely recommend it as a product Been out today with the other better than expected attachment, little niubo flail which punches well above its specifications.
  10. Bobcat out doing its thing again feeding the chipper on a site clearance, love this setup for keeping my hands away from thorns and brambles.
  11. Still more than a transit then!
  12. That would be a godsend as I'm always having a fight when swapping from grab to shear to flail even when I've made sure to drop the pressure before changing
  13. Global are doing a deal which might still be on
  14. Mts do but transport is a problem with it being in a far off depot apparently and they didn't seem to keen on just 2 days hire. Will look up cls Found these guys using slightly different wording on Google so going to be calling them tomorrow Northern Tree Transplanters WWW.NORTHERNTREETRANSPLANTERS.COM Northern Tree Transplanters is a new company. We are able to relocate and remove trees and shrubs from a site in readiness for a re-development. Because of planning restrictions, for example tree preservation orders or sites of scientific interest, it may be easier to remove the trees than work around them. They can then be brought back to the site following the completion of the development. This gives the end result an instant mature look and feel, leaving the trees unharmed.
  15. This is ours That landy is very nice and comes in your company colours already which is handy


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