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  1. Stolen and recovered Boxer loader

    That's why I use all the big ugly lumps of timber I can't be arsed to do anything with stacked around the outside of my yard as a barricade to stop access across fields
  2. New 150p Greenmech

    Looks really good with the pickup having the same colour on it. Always liked the hight adjustable draw bar they fit. Can you control the rpm off a button on the hopper on this one?
  3. New 150p Greenmech

    Fantastic, thanks for reporting back on it, know what you mean about 2nd hand stuff sometime fetching silly money except when I'm the one selling it then it fetches nowt hardly [emoji23] You'll have to get a tech savy youngun to show you how so you can share your picks with us
  4. New 150p Greenmech

    Glad your liking it, sounds on paper like a very sensible purchase and choice. What's it like at throwing the chip because most of the smaller machines I have used are quite "gentle" especially the tw125 we used helping a friend out struggled to fill the front of my grafter chip box.
  5. MOT changes May 2018

    Can't trailer it as too heavy for most trailers big enough to carry it so its wagon transport.
  6. MOT changes May 2018

    Take my landy as an example Last mot it failed as the seat belt mounts on the rear seats were badly rusted and needed to be replaced and welded in. This ment lifting off the rear body, chopping out a crossmember and welding in a new one. Garage wanted nearly a grand to do this so I drove it back to the yard and did it in less than a day myself costing little more than my time but now if the tester deemed this a major safety issue then I'd have either had to pay a lot for them to do it or arrange a large recovery truck to transport it back for me to do the work and then again to take it back even though it had no affect on me driving the vehicle safely.
  7. MOT changes May 2018

    Sounds that way Going to be a real pain for those of us who carry out the majority of repairs ourselves, many people who would normally sort a problem themselves are just going to end up getting the garage to sort it instead of having to trailer something home which could lead to abuse by some garages saying we can't let you take your vehicle till we have fixed it, here's our overinflated bill.... Think what I'll start doing is arranging with the garage we use for us to take the vehicles in a week or so before it's due for a check over which would give us time to fix anything that's needed and I've not spotted
  8. First saw you bought.

    034 in 95 96 I think, was 2nd hand and lasted long enough to pay for a new 046 which I still have and still runs but is unbelievable on the vibes and was way to heavy for a 17 year old to use every day so got a hasky 350 which served well as a snedding saw with the sthil doing the felling.
  9. Where all the Tracked Chippers?

    http://masonwoodchippers.com/listing/jensen-a540-woodchipper-t489/ This is a clean machine, also has a 1928 safetrack and I'm sure a 190 when I was in on Monday
  10. St8 feed roller gap

    Not really, springs off Either take motor off the shafts or undo pipes off motor to let it lift out Undo pivot bolts from either side and it should be free to lift up, I'm lucky I have several options to lift things in our yard but two willing lads should manage it. Lining everything back up will either go perfectly smoothly or be a bitch and really annoy you. Did it twice on my machine and had both!
  11. St8 feed roller gap

    How did you get on cleaning it out?
  12. the 'todays job' thread

    Bit of a change, putting trees back 35 cherry's along a roadside for the town council
  13. the 'todays job' thread

    I'd go orange, pink clashes with the grey beard
  14. woodland traces

    Bone on tree
  15. benevolent tree surgeon in Leeds?

    Going to be doing a decent size job in adle soon which will produce a fair amount of timber if she can collect it's going to be free, chestnut lime cherry and sycamore.


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