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  1. Gray git

    the 'todays job' thread

    Mechanical efficiency! [emoji106]
  2. Gray git

    Wood chipper

    That's 20m³ of chip, I really don't think that's possible without machine feeding and even then I don't belive it possible on that size machine, put in context this is 7 ton of timber on our botex, I know some is too big but do you think you'd be able to get it into the machine in a hour?
  3. Gray git

    Wood chipper

    Absolutely! And can throw the chip rediculous distances and pack it so tight into your van you'll be overloaded every time [emoji6] biggest advantage is it will outlast nearly everything else on the market with basic maintenance.
  4. Gray git

    Wood chipper

    Watch this space as should be able to share something Interesting on this by the new year....
  5. Gray git

    Compact loader hire in Yorkshire

    I'll go have a measure at the weekend
  6. Gray git

    Compact loader hire in Yorkshire

    Could you let me know hight of cab as would be real useful on a church job we have Coming up but got to get through a covered porch gate thingy.
  7. Gray git

    Wage! How much should the going rate be?

    Very sensible considered answer, to many spout of without any understanding.
  8. Gray git

    Wage! How much should the going rate be?

    Small van doing 45mpg and 80quid road tax and 300 insurance Big tipper doing 20mpg if lucky 280 road tax 1500 insurance No public liability no employee liability no personal indemnity no hired in plant no chipper insurance 4-5 grand saved. Advertising well that's a personal thing how much you want to spend but if you want to get £400 jobs everyday you'll have to put min a grand a year in. Somewhere to run out of, a chipper or possibly a trailer and mash to start with, tipping charges. If you work 220 days a year at 400 I'm up to about 50 a day costs give or take for the above then pay your helper 150 as that's been agreed what it should be your down to 200 so yes it's twice but then your off every Saturday and evening quoting and doing paperwork so adding 50% more hrs to your working week so for a shit load more hassle your actually not that much better off per hr till your established enough to take on bigger jobs or have a decent contract and even then you need 100% drive to do it. Might get shot down for this post but I've seen so many lads try and fail because they just looked at the cheque in had and not what it actually cost them in reality to do the job.
  9. Gray git

    Wage! How much should the going rate be?

    No you turned over 400, take out of that insurance, advertising accountants costs vehicle costs the list go's on, a lot of subbies think it's all big money and belive me as the income go's up so will the outgoings then you start to need help and suddenly your paying someone who thinks they should get more so the circle begins again.
  10. Gray git

    Wage! How much should the going rate be?

    As above I only ask stubby groundsman to turn up with ppe and own lunch, climbers only personal kit, saws are all mine as why pay someone more to use what I've paid to own. If you were bringing the Mills in for a day I'd be charging more as that's hard on gear so acceptable. I think the market for a skilled stubby groundsman bringing with them decent gear and experience is the smaller company who has taken a job outside there normal comfort zone so you become invaluable, hell I still go do it every so often for people. That's not saying experienced help for a bigger company isn't needed and valued but don't expect more for geer that's not needed or asked for.
  11. Gray git

    Wage! How much should the going rate be?

    Where abouts as I seem to see rates vary even in the same county, but then it is 8500km²+
  12. Gray git

    Groundsman/2nd climber

  13. Gray git

    Bandit gallery

    Wilderness lighting They had a stand at apf
  14. Gray git


    Really wish I had time@MattyF but hardly keeping up with what's on the books for tree work which is why I'm advertising for more staff but only had non driving students apply. I reckon if I had all the bits in the workshop and the vehicle there me and a helper would get one made in a day with just painting left to do. I'm really pleased with how it turned out and the response it's getting especially matching the other landy and rb, just got the grafter to do and a lighter chip box to build.
  15. Gray git


    Yip I tow with my picker but got to remember you grosse train weight as some are only rated to 6t gtw with the picker being effectively fully loaded to 3.4 ton all the time it knocks your towing allowance down to 2.6. My 130 is 7t gtw so fine with the bandit and now we have recontidioned the engine and gearbox tows beautifully again. You'd not even notice the quad chip behind you but do make sure the bucket won't hit the chipper as with the tw150 it's very close and I think it could actually hit it at the wrong angle.


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