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  1. Just ordered som to try that's been recommended highly in of all places the narrow boat and canals forums and magazine s so if anywher is likely to get water contamination it's there
  2. Had to change our valtra filters about 3 times as often recently, going to add a filter to the tanks pump so it has a clean before going into the tractor and after seeing this will definitely be keeping all machines filled as much as possible and tempted to ad a inline to the tractor as well as they are cheap as chips compared to the 100 odd quid for main one's
  3. New helmet is far cheaper than a bust scull, just treat yourself to a new one and call it a Christmas present to your head.
  4. Frequently mentioned is anchor point failure, surely if your increasing the number of points needed your upping the chance of picking a poor one due to lack of choice or going around 2 side branches in the same central leader instead of over them around the main limb so if it fails it'll still take you out. Think I'm just repeating what has been said but repetition of the facts hits it home more! On a spar it's going to be even worse trying to organise two choking friction savers and associated roped a flip line and then any rigging if it's needed all within 18" of pole which to me is going to end in a accident as that's the most frequent could have gon wrong iv seen where something in the life system ends up on the wrong side of the rigging.
  5. @AA Teccie (Paul) So next year will all the climbing comps have to be run on twin systems to comply with this?
  6. I might be wrong but I think it has a decent engine in it not something spurious
  7. Same as Ian has, I was impressed by it when. I helped him on a job he had it on but definitely helped with Ian as counterbalance on the back against a normal sized man [emoji12] I belive finch arb wants 8.5k for it with 2 grabs and bucket but not the grab in that picture
  8. Definitely worth it for in the van and a lot less painful if some little scrote walks off with it while tracking the grinder around the house than when they did with my 100 od quid halfroad one
  9. If your only lifting over tracks and not planning on full crown reductions 15 - 17m will be plenty, we run a 14.5m landy and it's amazing what you can accomplishe with a bit of planning and creative thinking. Landy before respray next to a 24m tracked mewp Off road ability and rough ground setup is a big bonus too
  10. I also have a mate who has a foot in both industries as from what I understand the rates within the IRATA industry reflects the cost of retraining quite considerably as its far better represented and by nature of the client far better respected, your not lumped in with window cleaners up ladders with clients expecting to pay window cleaning rates like tree work is often lumped in with grass cutters and hedge trimmings gardeners with clients falling over when you say it costs more to do what we do. My opinion is this industry is badly represented at both ends of the scale, unprofessional and crooked companies ripping people off like we all have seen on the TV progress or even in our own area and by the big organisations supposedly representing and promoting us. Again everyone has heard of corgi for gass fitters but how many public know the AA isn't for alcoholics or road rescue, fisa?? No idea NPT.. who
  11. What I'm finding more and more is after 21 years of actually doing this job, actually resurching new technical stuff through online resources and trade shows and putting these into practice I go on a refreshee/update course and end up teaching the trainer stuff as sadly a fews experience ends not much after where the level of passing a assessment ends. I was talking rigging with one not long ago and he's never used a winch bollard, aerial friction device like a safeblock or rigging rings as redirects and he's offering a cs40 update course. Off topic I know but shows how the upper levels arnt always connected with ways going on on the ground.
  12. Conspiracy theory me is thinking was this sponsored by some equipment manufacturers to make us spend double on gear... As said the guy who is more likely to be the one having the accident is more likely to be the one blissfully unaware of all this and all the paper pushers are doing is making it easier for him to win his work by being cheaper than the company actually ticking all these boxes. Round us we have a lot of ex army lads setting up there own businesses after doing 8 weeks off ticket collecting with no experience and taking on stuff way beyond their compatency level and with bairly enough gear to get the job done, these are who are adding to the statistics. My opinion is the arb association will fail to represent the industry against this as a whole as it will be in there own interest to make it as hard for small companies to operate as this will put there approved contractors in a better position to complete so keep up paying into the scheme and ultimately secure there own position. - think that made sense [emoji848]
  13. Nice setup with that walking leg on it and being able to lock the head in so it's not swinging around wildly, wouldn't mind making something like it for my jak250 on the bobcat E85 as it can be a pain not being able to easily push down on it


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