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  1. At point of going over you reinvoice for full amount on a read receipt email stating original invoice is no longer valid and hope. And if they still fuck you around it's payment up front next time as is job I'm currently doing
  2. Just offer them a 5% reduction if paid by a specific date which is what I did on 2 4k jobs I've just done for them and funny enough paid within 15days [emoji1303]
  3. The crowd and rotate have that much power you can usually release the tension once you've worked out where it is and free the bar
  4. Even my spelling isn't that bat to forget a t [emoji23]
  5. Yes I've properly bent a bar as it's easy to get it trapped from not having the head totally square when you close the jaw and depending whee the saw is when it nips depends on weather you need to crowd the head forward or rotate it to the left, also very easy to have bits fracture of before being totally cut and have the bar nipped in the bit still attached to the tree. Having a spotter is a big help but hopefully when I get more proficient with the remote that will make a big difference.
  6. Definitely not my best effort on a video but going to be trying to make a bit of a effort to do a few more videos as the gear in my old ones has mostly been charged now. Recommendations for software that's not Apple welcome as the old decent GoPro studio is all but defunked.
  7. Fit a grapple saw and you'll have a really handy weapon. Sure you could do away with the potential carrying ability and just fit the load space to carry grab, fly jib and a few spreader boards and register it as a crane or something to avoid the o license etc. I might have just farted in church saying that but sod it that's what is do.
  8. Just been looking on service metal's website and can't actually see anything about planking or indication of pricing, are they a phone up and ask sort of company? Really fancy doing something like this on our grafter as the box is looking rather crap now. Really like the 45degree kick up to the roof but can't find any preformed section to do this. Sorry if owner of this landy in on here and I've just nicked one of your pictures
  9. That's not a bad Idea for a fuel tank either, got a few of those big gass bottles and one on its side should make a decent strong tank to carry some extra fuel
  10. You Shure it's a 3060 and not a 5060 Probably a 11ton trailer Looks decent trailer.
  11. Yes it's all legal now with controls in the basket, actually is the same box that acts as the remote plugs into the basket and deactivate the tilt function and recalibrates the lift to give you a 300kg safe basket weight and warning if your coming close to this or outside safe working zone.
  12. Gray git

    Radio song

    Kid rock , sampled sweet home Alabama and werewolves of London in same song, must have cost him a fortune.
  13. A few from last week removing roadside ash for a regular client, road closures wasn't really a option so stop traffic reach across a grab a bit worked well. Bit of pretending to be a mewp settings winch cables and a remote control crane for the heavy timber
  14. Would happily be sat next to that having a few Beers [emoji1303]


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