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  1. Gray git

    Whats your multione loader doing today ?

    I'll be selling my 9x4 plant trailer if it's any good to anyone, gh95 bever tail. 15 month old nd only ever carried a zt grinder with mats under the tracks.
  2. Gray git

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    That could really open up a can with dsva when they spot a digger go bobbing past. But run right could be a perfect match to tree work. Howd you rate tge bobcat E26?
  3. Gray git

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Definitely see a lot of them in Europe being used in tree work but how good they are off Rd I'm not sure, been one about 12t I'd guess with a 3 piece boom working on scotch corner for quite a while and seen him dragging himself around with the bucket quite a few times on just slightly wet ground. Very strange seeing them off down the road, would like to know how the hub motors would hold up to any distance at full speed?
  4. Gray git

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    Nice to hear from you bud, happy new year. Taking a leaf out of your book and starting training again as I'm not climbing as much since staff are doing more and more and I was starting to feel the negatives of it, dropped a bit of weight and managed not to regain it over Christmas so hears to a healthy new year [emoji106]
  5. Gray git

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Should add ground clearance being in woods quite a bit could be quite important with small stumps getting up into the undercarriage,
  6. Gray git

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Good points on the tracks, how will that compare on stability against the older tb125's with them having a bit more of an arse on them for grab work? I was considering going a bit bigger say 5 or 6 so it could carry the jak250 shear we have for the botex but shifting it ties up the tractor to take it when I want that taking the chipper and trailer for these woodland tidying jobs we have Coming up so being able to trailer it behind the landy seems a far more versatile option.
  7. Gray git

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Tempted to make a few phonecalls next week to test the water on new prices, don't think the digging market is really open around here as a local hire company has a few bobcats of this size and carry out works themselves which is why I'm hesident about buying new as it won't be working all the time, we currently hire a bobcat 2.6 tonner off them at the moment and fit our grab to it but I like being self sufficient and would use it more like everything else we have invested in.
  8. Gray git

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Tb228 sorry phone put it in from all the surches I've been doing while off nd confusing myself with the different models [emoji43]
  9. Gray git

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    I know it's probably been covered on here before but here go's again sorry. I have been looking more seriously at a sub 3.5ton with trailer digger and the takuchi tb225 keeps catching my attention as a second hand option, all the ones I see for sale are currently piped for hammer circuit which would be fine for my current swinging grab which I could T off the bucket ram for the rotator but what are the options and costs involved in putting another feed to use a fixed type grab? Any opinions welcome, budget to get going is at moment in my head around 15k for the base as that would leave me a bit for guarding as per recent conversation has highlighted then build up from there.
  10. Gray git

    Forst st8 chipper

    That's one way of putting it, it did look absalutlely mint when I sold it like and it surved the purpose of proving bigger chippers are definitely the way to go
  11. Gray git

    Forst st8 chipper

    That's why I got shot of my one, too many problems and downtime under warranty to be bothered with the hastle when it ran out,.
  12. Gray git

    Pto winch for tractor

    Only problem with these old winches is they aren't considered "safe" as often once they are pulling and underload your committed and if anything like the one I had impossible to release the cable once under tension, definitely not for the inexperienced operator, that said in the right hands they are amazing and in the wrong hands a brand new "safe" 3ton skidding winch can be lethal.
  13. Gray git

    Pto winch for tractor

    Check out the farmi 5.5JL which for tipping trees is brilliant with the rachet brake which gives good cable control, just sold ours which would have done you perfectly and upgraded to a krapan 8.5 eh, power out and remote control is brilliant but no where near as much fine control. That can be fun even on our big valtra which is 9 ton with the ballast tipping sideways if the pull isn't plumb straight. If your not doing much in the way of skidding or forestry I'd go bigger pull but basic manual control for same money.
  14. Gray git

    Facebook video. Graphic accident

    Nasty, as bad as it is sharing might prevent it happening again so my staff will be getting to see this Really hope the injury isnt as bad as it looks like and the lad recovers
  15. Gray git


    Don't think you'll gain many private jobs off it but I v had some sub contracting jobs where other firms have seen some of my gear and got me in to help out @Dryadarb


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