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  1. Definitely worthwhile but in my opinion totally impractical, how much thinning work is undertaken with saws these days and to a even greater extent how many people carrying out these training courses will actually have the opportunity to work in a environment where constant saw use is available to clock up the hrs and practice/experience required. Most who come into the Arb side of saw use will spend there 1st few months dragging brash and snedding the odd bit to fit a chipper and not have the opportunity to fell anything which after all is what the assessment focuses on. As an employer I give apprentices every chance to practice when it's suitable but to drop a stem that's been stripped out might only clock up 15 min experience that day so gaining 20, 50 or 100 hrs saw use could be a long process. I'd also see it open to a lot of interpretation of how much use someone actually gains on the job where an employer would want someone to have the full ticket to tick the boxes for some sites/clients/insurance.
  2. Who you on for doing that, not seen any of the damage up there yet but sounds like it was bad
  3. We were clearly roadside saplings for junction sightlines last week and within the same clump growing off the same stump some were like this and some were perfectly healthy with not a mark on them
  4. Thanks again Paul, I've forwarded that on to a couple of our country estate clients who have there own lads doing bits of felling still, I'll be interested once you've got the aerial guide together as I'll work it into a toolbox talk for my lads and subbies and unashamedly use the info towards marketing ourselves with having our own mewps to deal with the problem trees. [emoji56][emoji39]
  5. Thanks Paul That's about the best put together report I have seen, definitely something more local authority management need to be looking at as far to many are covering there ears pretending it's not a problem and it'll sort itself out without impacting on the budgets. Sadly I can't see this being the case as I just have to look up as I drive many roads around us to see a problem unfolding. Now what we need is a best practice guide to working on these trees safely for both professionals within the industry and Landowners as a highways officer I spoke to admitted they were going to try and push landowners to deal with dead trees themselves which I predict will lead to problems and sadly deaths from farmers taking on something they are under equipped and inexperienced in doing. I've already lost one friend to a tree this year and certainly don't want to hear of any more.
  6. Has anyone got a link to a good guide to identify and management of trees with Ash die back on roadside, I'm finding a lot of contradiction in articles, some are saying remove some say leave to see what happens but one of our clients wants to formulate a bit of a management plan.
  7. Just changed to McClarrons Ltd 11 King St, Richmond DL10 4HR McClarrons Ltd - Google Search G.CO For our fleet insurance which has saved me nearly a grand on having everything separated and apart from the cherrypicker everything is any UK driver with no disclosure apart from drink drive offences or over 9 points also added the digger to it as gives road risk as works on highway and one of our clients insisted on it but actually cheaper than it being on the plant policy. Worth a call, ask for Stuart savage.
  8. Don't know why but pictures won't attach properly Pinterest PIN.IT Discover recipes, home ideas, style inspiration and other ideas to try. Preserve the Beauty of Raw or Rusted Steel & Iron Surfaces PIN.IT Preserve the Beauty of Raw or Rusted Steel & Iron Surfaces: I see many ibles made with black pipe here but rarely do they mention any coatings to prevent rusting. I also often build with rusty items where I need to cover the rust so it won't rub of on clothes etc. but don't want to lose the beauty of the p...
  9. That'd be brilliant, never had anything to do with resin yet so planning on doing some research into it so any advice welcome. Going to make brackets like this to hold it and towel hanger to match.
  10. Not quite a wooden sink but just milled this out a big lump of ash I've had sat in the yard for about 5 years for a sink to sit on as a floating shelf in our new bathroom, going to fill all the little holes with a blue resin then put some sort of seal over to protect it, not sure what yet.
  11. Well did it survive the end of the week?
  12. Before she went off travelling the young girl who worked for me tryed the simarghu but found due to being narrow hipped as well it slid down a lot so got the petzl 0 which was fine over winter with some extra clothing but come summer and less clothing started to hurt her, treekit had a turfalburger harness which was similar but simpler than the tree motion which realy fitted her well and had plenty of gear loops and good buckles so might be worth looking at.
  13. Paint it and can instantly look a whole lot better, built a ply box as a temp job on one of our vans and over a year later is still on as works absalutlely fine and still looks almost respectable, that and I haven't had time to build a ally one. [emoji57]
  14. A very rare tpo reduction for us yesterday or should I say 1st part for staged retrenchment if this old veteran that's starting to fall apart due to being lion tailed heavily about 5 years ago.
  15. Yeh it is but the crane just lifts off as can be 3pl mounted which you could use the mounting points for your truck and either flog the trailer for a few grand or keep it and drop the crane back on to pull with a tractor should the job require


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