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  1. That's a fair boom on that [emoji7] So nice to avoid the dragging of heaps of brash and just watching it fly away and land next to the chipper instead.
  2. He's been offered a new machine in exchange for social media silence [emoji848][emoji848][emoji848]
  3. Got the 200 as a fixed and a 250 as swing rotation and what can I say, I ain't broken them yet and they have cut some tonnage of understory and hedging between them Very good at rehandling and stacking material and should you somehow managed to damage the blade it's easily replaced although not cheap as it's made out of some seriously strong star material.
  4. I get this too, go's something like this 'hi im .... George... Your new area rep and just wanted to touch base' Strange I'm sure .. Bob... Only called me 3 month ago as new rep and ... Carl and bill and Steve before that..... 'so what chipper's do you currently run?' Bandit and Schliesing..... 'Ah... Are you aware forst offer a sub 750kg machine now?' Yes... Why would I want one of those when the ones without build quality restrictions due to keeping them light fall apart? ,............................ Hello.... Hello.... Ah he seems to have rung off.🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. Like a politician to be honest, denial of a problem existing, no direct answer to a question, this must be a really isolated problem while ignoring the list of 5+others I can name who have had the same and finally as a gesture of goodwill we will do something whilst still trying to say it's our fault.
  6. Ssshhh 🤫 don't give away all my negotiation secrets!
  7. So Volvo ecr88d, anybody had any experience as on paper look decent enough and one reasonably local to me up at moment, only short coming ican see is aux flow is 75ltr min as apposed to some other brands being closer to 100
  8. Ow he is as that's who's ear I chewed off to eventually get my one rebuild after all the 'isolated' problems I was having.
  9. To be fair the problems your having ain't a patch on what I had! Yours are definitely annoying don't get me wrong. Sheered of feed roller motors resulting in pipes ripping off and bending shafts X 2 Spout wearing through Accel mounts cracking Hopper weld's cracking Stop bar falling off like yours Bonnets cracking and hinge's shearing off, got to site and was only gas struts holding it on Final straw was chip chamber cracking open and as much chip coming out the bottom as out the spout. Fair comment every time we had a problem it was sorted but down time was definitely becoming a issue. In the end they told it back and completely referbed it which took nearly a month and 2 lone chipper's also broke down. so I had a brand new chipper with a 200hr engine and chip disk in it but by that point I'd lost faith in the machine so invested in a bandit. Took me way to long to shift the st8 and made a massive loss on it just to clear the remaining finance and fuel left in the tank! I still find it such a shame that if they put as much effort into sorting out some stupidly simple engineering falts and just spent a little more on longer weld's and final finished it wouldn't add that much to the cost of making the machine and they could truly have a size class flagship machine as hell they can be a productive machine with fantastic feed potential.
  10. Sounds similar to sany pushing into the UK market Size wise and basic specks look about the same as others in the size class, would definitely be interested in how they compare price wise. Give them 3 years and a more established dealer experience and I bet we will be seeing these currently unknown brand's making a much larger showing around the UK
  11. Why thankyou. Are you looking for employment within a company fitting your description Looking for a company to carry out work on your behalf or checking out potential competition in a area your looking to expand into?
  12. As the newest/least experienced should you be in the position of being responsible for what could basically could make the difference in court should the shit hit the fan.... Do you talk it through as a team before starting so your just filling out and documenting what has been discussed or are you having to take responsibility for what is identified within the R,A ?
  13. That little cat definitely earns it's living. Not used a cone on anything less than 6ton , hows it handle the force from it?
  14. Huge Selection Of Quad And ATV Parts And Accessories! - Quadbikeparts.co.uk ATV TYRE CHAIN DIAMOND SIZE C Huge Selection Of Quad And ATV Parts And Accessories! - Quadbikeparts.co.uk QUADBIKEPARTS.CO.UK ATV TYRE CHAIN DIAMOND SIZE C Could be worth a look? Not sure if they would also fit some of the smaller alpines.


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