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  1. Go on the Craig Give me a detailed description of what we are overriding to make it work?? I love to know as haven't found how or why I'd need to do it yet even though I'm on my second merlo and 3 years ownership.
  2. e85 with the GMT 35 heading out to clear a small woodland of early ash dieback and with the Vermeer being remote control 1 man can cut nd chip in one movement really efficiently Discovered that the e26 can go side on o the big trailer leaving enough room at the back to sneak on a bit of timber to get it away from site
  3. Yes the exhaust exists through the chute on the 1400 and when cold ours smokes a bit with being a fairly old school lump of a engine in it.
  4. Found a setting on tha app to turn that off [emoji1303]
  5. Just set all our new ones up. Anybody else find they can hear themselves talking really clearly through the speaker's?
  6. No just need to avoid stumps in woodlands better [emoji23]
  7. Really simple idea but how often have you nearly popped a track off and just need a bar to encourage it back on again but can't be arsed to go get it from the truck, now I don't have to.
  8. That is quite cool as a attachment,
  9. Thanks Dan, yeah that looks like it's going to fit Just seems a little stupid by Stihl that they produce a really good product that unless you buy a complete Stihl helmet and throw away the ears that come with it you can't setup without going after market.
  10. Ok now the question is what visor's are people finding to clip onto these as my local dealer seems confused as hell about this... Apparently you can't order a whole visor assembly as a spare part. We mostly use kesk or petzle helmets with MSA defenders at the moment so the husky style visor's which won't work with these.
  11. Impressive old yew stump at fountains Abby
  12. So a couple of weeks on how's people finding these?
  13. Got fed up with the hopper on the big Vermeer getting knocked out of its stay grove and dropping down and bending so a bit of glueing stuff together with electricity and the buggers not going anywhere.
  14. Thought you'd end up with a bigger one to pull the mean green around!
  15. Used one like that in late 90's so she's a decent age, what I liked about it was you could take all the pins out the sides and put two in the rear sockets and cross load with short post length material to get a fairly rediculouse load on. No steering drawbar was a letdown and eventually stress fractures around where the main lift ram is was the final demise as it had basically rusted from the inside out so nothing solid left to weld too.
  16. I was thinking more you can tell who one hands the 201 with the difference between left and right arm size [emoji6]
  17. Well now you have the power and reach to run it it'd be rude not to have one [emoji1305]
  18. Well this makes the Stihl ones look very reasonably priced [emoji33]
  19. This thread or another Mick as everyone is talking about the Stihl ones and not these sordin one's??
  20. £100 for a set of big spanners from 27mm to 50mm is money well spent if you have hydraulic fittings to fight with.
  21. These actually look good as can fit the husky visors rather than the tiny stupid Stihl ones with springs that always disappear, any more information on them or is this just a proposed product?
  22. That's exactly what I've been thinking as ours are getting on a bit and sick of knocking them off the mounts all the time or using a zip tie.
  23. I bet it is a lot better, looked at retrofitting one to ours and probably will eventually.
  24. You've just described our excavator journey! Just added this to the E85's toybox and had my 13yo daughter practicing with the grab today while I messed around at the yard.


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