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  1. Leaving back tipped

    Just use it as a bath tub.
  2. Hare study in cypress

    Yes very nice.
  3. Mobile phone contracts

    Im with tesco. Pay £24 a month for both me and my daughter, no handsets. Bought daughter a J2 at £120 and she's over the moon with that. Me, i've a £20 quid nokia and its brill.
  4. Npors vs Cpcs Excavator

    I have npors telehandler and counter balance flt, never had any problems as such.
  5. Router cutter

    I would just use a large diameter flute cutter. As for make, that is usually hit and miss, Trend are normally the ones to go for, but sometimes a cheaper one can be just as good. is there any chance of putting a picture of your sled up, as i may have to make one shortly. Cheers
  6. Small dia. chainsaw logging frame???

    My dad uses one of them saw horses where you attach the chainsaw to it, then just cut small diameter stuff. About £80 i think.
  7. Small dia. chainsaw logging frame???

    Quite like the look of the woman.
  8. Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Hired this little thing for a day, for a bit of clearing and levelling. It also came with 2 drivers.
  9. Breeding Pedigree Shire/Clydesdale Horses

    Lovely photo's. As bob said, please keep updating the thread.
  10. Spam on chrome through Arbtalk

    i've just had it again, but sorry cant give any details, as its beyond me how to find any details out about these things.
  11. Wildlife Camera Success

    Have seen them camera's in local aldi, wondered if they were any good or not.
  12. R.I.P Theocus David Shepherd

    Its just so sad, prayers for his family.
  13. 2wd pick ups

    Need to think about security though. Wouldnt a van be a better option due to the security risks.
  14. 2wd pick ups

    Dont have one myself but can see the appeal of them in certain situations. Growing up in the eighties i can always remember the farmers and milkmen running about in either ford P100's / pug 504's / vw caddy's. I've always had a little soft spot for the bedford rascal type pickup. Does anyone actually make a proper car derived pickup any more ?
  15. Spam on chrome through Arbtalk

    Nothing to be sorry about steve, its not your fault at all. Its the morons that create these problems just for the sake of it.


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