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  1. I haven't done any hedges, but I just want to echo what Gary said about the little makita saws, I have a little 32cc one, and it's an absolute joy to use. Light as a feather, easy to start etc, and again bought from shavey.
  2. Very nice mick, the only type of landrover I would ever consider having.
  3. Shavey is a top bloke to deal with. If you want a saw built like a tank, try the makita 9010 90cc, my God that thing is heavy. It's like a growling gorilla. 🤣🤣
  4. Haha, loads of miners had them where I live years ago when the pits were still going. Loved the van version. But it didn't matter to the owners, I used to see dogs, budgies, bales of hay, you name it, in the back of those. Me however, my daily driver is a berlingo multispace, and its brilliant.
  5. Bloody hell, that's bad. Shame because I keep looking at the skoda yeti, be a nice work van for me.
  6. I really like the citroen's, and at the moment me, and both my parents are running them. But I find they are brilliant upto a certain age / mileage then they fall off a cliff and anything and everything can go wrong with them. The c5 aircross does look a nice car, but I have heard many disgruntled people complain about the 1.5 d engine.
  7. How do you find the cordless compressor, I keep looking at the metabo one, but not sure how long the batteries would last, and don't know anyone else who has one. Cheers.
  8. I have a paslode, but much prefer air nailers. I would get a coil nailer.
  9. I've got a metabo one, and really like it. But the bloody safety switches are a nightmare, I've disconnected one of them, and there are at least another 2 on it. Everything else is spot on though.
  10. harvey b davison


    Gary do you think it would pull a 28 inch bar when milling? Cheers.
  11. Do you or can you do any other styles of wood burners besides Darth Vader and a VW camper van ? Cheers
  12. One of the biggest problems, is that realistically there is only the Tories and labour that can get in. Voting for all the independents, obscure and anyone else is really just a vote for one of the main two. It's the same here in Barnsley.
  13. That looks a beast of a truck. I bet it will run forever.
  14. I often make bird boxes from scraps of 18mm ply I seem to collect. Used to give them away to local church for their autumn fairs.
  15. Hi mick, sorry if I weren't clear, with regards to internet banking I was meaning people such as elderly people who may not have internet banking and prefer to pay in cash, not you (as in company), I honestly didn't think cheques still existed. Cheers.


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