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  1. Higgs, I think mine are the camo field pro, they're like working in slippers.
  2. I'm totally confused by adblue, if it's so critical to use, why don't the petroleum companies just mix it with the fuel at the distillery, or am I missing something.
  3. Hi Steve, hope you're ok. Quick question, I've noticed that on some of them balls you have some have some sort of white dots on them, what's the meaning (if any) behind them.
  4. I've been making some simple chopping boards, tea light holders and clocks out of some off cuts of oak and beech.
  5. Who made the fancy buns Steve.
  6. I would go with a general purpose multitool, as previously said a leatherman would go down well, Gerber also do decent ones, there's also Victorianox (sp), but also to go alongside an expensive one, I would also get something like a single blade opal knife which are very cheap, just to use as a bodging knife.
  7. Really impressed, I'm looking at getting one of those makita twin battery saws next.
  8. Been a site chippy most of my working life, used most top end stuff, and the only ones I've stuck to for cordless is metabo and milwaukee. Now work for NHS doing basic maintenance, I was looking at budget makes to start using, I settled on the ryobi range, got drill/driver, Impact driver, jigsaw and planer, I can't fault them at all for the price. Ok they don't have the indistructable of metabo, but then they are less than half price, and still do what I ask of them. I did buy a small electric Erbaurer chopsaw a couple of months ago and been pretty impressive by it, but still wouldn't buy the cordless range. I am intrigued by the einhell range, I'm in the market for a set of 12v drill and impact driver set, so might give them a try. H.
  9. Wow, really liking these. Prefer the knife in the 1st picture with shiny blade and eagle head. Top workmanship.
  10. Never even given anything like that a thought, but thinking about it, it certainly is a good idea.
  11. Nope, that's just plain embarrassing and wrong.
  12. Same here, joiner/carpenter with chainsaw work just to keep the home fires burning. Made my own slab bed out of pine. Now making furniture and chainsaw carvings when time allows.
  13. Not sure how much they are but I know machine mart do a small petrol compressor where the framework is the are storage tank, looks a useful bit of kit.
  14. I've got the dewalt 10kg demo ads max one. Bought it 2nd hand years ago. Don't use it much, but its invaluable when I do.
  15. Nice work, I really like the fox.


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