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  1. Agree, the ea4300 is a cracking little saw. I might invest in the ea5000 next year.
  2. Hi jd, I've noticed those planers before and thought they might be useful, would you recommend them, I suppose the blades would be special order? Cheers H.
  3. I worked through cis scheme for years on building sites as a joiner. Its straight forward, put your bill in, they deduct 20% for tax and insurance and give you a voucher. At the end of the year do your books as normal including your vouchers and that's it. I always did my own books but still sent them to an accountant to check and fill my tax return in. I used to end up with a nice cheque afterwards.
  4. Where's vestapian when you need him, he would be good company for youngstu.
  5. Very fluent in Yorkshire dialect, keep trying proper English but soon revert back. Did learn quite a bit of Dutch once, and used to be able to do a bit of Japanese through martial arts. Always fancied trying sign language.
  6. Another vote here for the makita ea4300, it's a brilliant little saw. For grinders I have the makita 9inch one and both a metabo and milwaukee 4 1/2 inch ones. But curiously I've just realised I don't have a battery operated one.
  7. For the odd bit of milling I do, I use a makita 9010 on a 28 inch bar. Doesn't get used much at all though to be honest.
  8. I've had a McCulloch cs410 elite for a couple of years now, it's my go to saw. I'm no pro but I find McCulloch's just as reliable as any other saw if looked after and used accordingly.
  9. Agree chaps, as long as it will cut 50mm min then that will be fine. Used circular saws on site before, but the setting up etc gets a bit tedious after a while, and yes the kick backs. I've been told that with a track saw, kickbacks don't happen, is this true ?
  10. Well we were supposed to of been relocating and me starting my own business, but due to several reasons (not covid related) we are now staying put for another few years or so. My wifes moving back to her old job, we have took the house off the market and I'm staying with the NHS. So may try the craft fairs for a bit of extra money, as I like doing bits of craft woodwork type stuff.
  11. I'm going to have to invest in a track saw at some point, but only want a mid range one price wise if any one has a suitable suggestion. Open to most makes and it has to be new. Wont be used everyday either, but when it is used it will be for big timbers.
  12. As stubby says, they are only home owner saws now. However, and people may laugh but I have a cs410 elite, and it's my go to saw for all my logging and small fells, I'm only a home user as well, but I have never had a bad word to say about them. I wish they would bring a bigger saw out. Mine is really reliable. As a side note, when I strip mine down for maintenance, all the parts are stamped husqvarna.
  13. Knock knock, may I please come in ? I've turned the magical number today [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16]
  14. Really hope this works out for you. Love seeing working horses in their natural environment.


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