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  1. I've also kept thinking about a small genny for general stuff, I would definitely look at the Clarke inverter ones.
  2. Hi John, I work at an old mental health hospital, and I know exactly how much money the NHS managers waste. Trying to keep the buildings and grounds ( including woodland) in good condition is a nightmare.
  3. I try and 20 minutes of weights every night, mixture of normal and kettlebells. My cardio is crap, I really need to improve it. I always start the day with 30 press ups without fail. Now I have 2 dogs I want to get out doing more hill walking.
  4. Fury for the win, then I think he might retire. I don't think there are really any decent challenges for him.
  5. Thanks for the replies, I will look into the Eufy system.
  6. Hi, I'm after some recommendations on half decent CCTV for the house. I've looked at yale, Swann etc but haven't a clue about what to get. I don't want anything fancy that involves uploading to cloud or anything, just a 4 or 6 camera package that saves to a harddrive and can be viewed on a PC. Cheers.
  7. I could well be wrong, but I have doubts about it being solid oak. I would be very careful leaving it outside regardless of what finish you use. I think it will just have a spray laquar on it. I would sand it and put yacht varnish on it, for the best chance of it lasting outside.
  8. I remember that mark, didn't the landlord of your yard demand back pay of rent arrears immediately after you got back to work or something ?
  9. I have passed a few in the doncaster area these past few days with no diesel.
  10. Some nice work there shavey. Did you manage to avoid falling down into the ditch? [emoji16]
  11. Couldn't you enquire about going back to kew, and gaining qualifications there ?
  12. Weren't keen on it really. It did me as soon as I realised it was just a variation of Restoration workshop.
  13. As someone else said, a belt sander would do the job well. Or how about splitting it along the join then running the 2 halves through a planer / thicknesser then rejoin the boards.
  14. What bugs me, is that I'm thinking about buying myself a small van ( Nemo, fiorina) due to getting my new dogs (Huskies), the Van's have a small 1.3 ltr engine yet they get charged at £280 or whatever but the car version is only £30. How is that fair when it's the same engine ?
  15. Scaffolding boards don't really plane up smooth. My preference in planers is metabo, as I have their planer thicknesser, which I have no complaints about. As for routers, I prefer makita. I have 3 makita routers, for different purposes and all work brilliantly. One is on its last legs , but will get replaced with another makita.


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