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  1. Do you actually need a rugged phone? When I was working on the building sites I just had a cheap as chips basic Nokia. Ok I could only make calls and send texts, but that's all I needed it for. So if possible I would go that route. Another bonus is I only had to charge it once a week 🤣
  2. Don't know how good they are but I know machine mart do a range of petrol power washers.
  3. That's brilliant, I wouldn't dare and attempt anything like that. I'm just starting an Olaf snowman.
  4. Keep the trees , demolish the houses, the trees were there first. Apart from the one at the back needing a trim, there doesn't seem any evidence of anything wrong.
  5. Have you seen the state of so called workmanship on building sites these days, its diabolical. There are very few actual craftsmen around these days.
  6. There is definitely a carving bar option, as I bought this version in orange from shavey.
  7. What about buying local and British and not bloody China, thus saving on the thousands of shipping crossings and supporting British companies.
  8. My take on all this is rather simple. Growing up in the 70s and 80s you got milk in glass bottles which the milk man collected (in his electric cart) and sent for recycling , we got pop in glass bottles which if you returned to the shop for recycling, you got 10p. If you went to the butchers, your meat was wrapped in paper. When you went to the chippy, you got your chips wrapped in yesterday's paper. My point is, back then we were being more efficient at recycling without realising it. But then clowns in high places etc started outlawing these practices which in turn has caused all the problems regarding waste plastic etc. So why cant we just turn the clock back and go back to what worked then. But people also have to change their mindset, they don't need a new phone or car every 12 months, school parents don't need to drive their children to school 500 yards away in their Chelsea tractors, what about actually walking them to school. I could go on but you get my gist.
  9. Any idea why the makita died ? I was going to get the rear handled version. Isn't the milwaukee mega expensive? Although milwaukee is good gear.
  10. That looks brilliant mark. Not got a clue about how you do it though.
  11. Very nice location, I would never get owt done, due to looking at the scenery. It's a wonder that them sheets didn't fold themselves in half whilst you were driving.
  12. That looks a lovely work cabin, and a real sturdy workbench.
  13. Have a look at the Triton superjaws. It works like a rather large vice, which will grip your logs a lot more secure and quicker than what you are using currently.
  14. My dad buys nothing else but rotatec, but it's only dirty firewood logs he cuts, nothing special, and then gets me to sharpen them. I normally buy Oregon or stihl.


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