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  1. I've started to buy the new ryobi gear. It may be cheap but it does the job for me ( hospital maintenance), but still got my metabo gear for heavy duty work. Only problem I have now is 4 different types of battery to buy.
  2. Have a look at a dolmar / makita ps32, lovely light saw.
  3. Sounds like you have some interesting projects in mind mark.
  4. What size / make bandsaw you getting mark. Does this mean you're getting busier.
  5. Can you recommend any good books on type of timber, I must admit, being a joiner/woodworker my knowledge of timber is pretty woeful. Cheers.
  6. Hi, I'm thinking about setting up a proper website including domain name, which I have never done before and also have no idea about how to go about it. From briefly looking on Google, I'm impressed with go daddy. Is it easy to do, or am I better off getting someone to do it for me, as like I said I am totally out of my depth with anything like this. Sorry for the rambling. Cheers H.
  7. Steve, how the hell did you learn all these types of timber? [emoji4]
  8. I've got one on order at the moment from shavey, getting an orange one for carving, then at a later date getting a blue one as a bodging about saw.
  9. After years of working as a chippy on building sites, getting fed up of the daily grind, and then having to answer to gaffers that were fresh from college, never having done a day's work on the tools ,telling you how to do your job, I went to work for the NHS doing maintenance joinery. The management is absolutely horrendous, and that is in every department. Everyone is just there for the take, for doing as little as possible. I could tell some right horror stories about wasted money. Anyway, I'm nearing 50 and getting more grumpy about things as time goes on, so keep thinking about saying sod it, moving away and just working for myself. I know I will never be rich but at least I would have a better way of life, and give me more freedom. So for me staff woes runs from the very top to the very bottom.
  10. Hi Steve Are there any plans for some new arbtalk t shirts, I never got round to buying any when you first brought them out. Cheers
  11. That's bad Saul, I'm over inbetween Barnsley's and Doncaster, so I will keep a lookout for anything over this way.
  12. Jacket potato done in Microwave with cheese and beans at tea time or a good sausage / bacon n egg butty at breakfast.
  13. Possibly hand sawn to correct depth then wide chisel / axe / debarker etc out. Then possibly sanded.
  14. Only just started experimenting with different oils, but as most of my stuff is for outside, (carvings /benches etc) I'm tending to be leaning more towards decking oil.
  15. That looks really smart. Be good to see more pics. I love to see pictures throughout the construction. What did you use to finish it ? Oil ? Wish I had a workshop that big.


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