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  1. I also would be very interested in a lightweight bolt together version. Don't do much milling, but being a chippy, one would certainly come in handy from time to time. I also own 2 mills which I bought from TCF engineering, so I would gladly recommend them and buy a router sled from them.
  2. Been raining all night here and its still at it.
  3. Clarke Jones are pretty decent, but you can take your pick with the small ones as I'm sure there basically the same machine, just different colours.
  4. I'm in same boat as you Dave, sounds an interesting piece of kit. Cost ?
  5. As others have said, you're looking at £1800 or there about, especially when you take sourcing the glass etc into consideration. I wouldn't make the glazing bead personally, I would just use some off the shelf stuff . Is it supply and fit or supply only ?
  6. I've been working at a local hospital for the past 6 years on the NHS as a maintenance joiner. For the past 5 years I've been asking for an apprentice, I've heard more excuses than anything. I have 30 odd years of woodworking behind me so, could easily give someone a great grounding in joinery. But I just can't get anyone interested in getting me an apprentice. I am so willing to share my knowledge but the management is just not interested.
  7. Another vote here for the makita ea4300.
  8. I know big j asked about them on another thread, but I was on the A64 yesterday and passed an old farmer towing his cattle trailer with a ssangyong musso pickup. Must admit I did quite like the look of it.
  9. They are really good. That's some awesome skill.
  10. The problem with self build, is that you still can't have exactly what you want, as it's still dictated by planning / building regs etc. My parents built their own place 30 years ago, a small bungalow on a small plot of land. They had to buy the land at market value ( no getting around it) and then make compromises on the style etc to get permission. They then had to pay the going rate to various tradesmen to get the building completed. When they had it valued once completed it was worth more than they put into it, but this is normal with everything. But they still did not have what they first wanted Because they had to make compromises, again no getting away from it. I myself, want to self build a proper log cabin, and unless I could build one then I wouldn't self build, because what is the point, I wouldn't be getting what I want but what someone else is wanting and allowing me to build. I eventually will probably do it on a small scale in a woodland at some point. I can see and understand some of big j arguments but in reality there is just no getting around planning /building regs, prices etc, and in some cases these are totally understandable. Cheers H.
  11. Some interesting replies there chaps, much appreciated.
  12. I had a ea4300, brilliant little saw with plenty of power and easy to start.
  13. That's a really nice table, what finish did you use.


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