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  1. Cheers Barry, do stiga do a battery range ?
  2. I've noticed recently that quite a few people are recommending stiga chainsaws. Arnt they Italian made, so I wouldn't know what spares are like. Maybe Barry [email protected] could have an input.
  3. My wife likes making campfire stew in the slow cooker, but unfortunately I just cant get on with it, it has a peculiar taste, so I tend to stick to either beef or lamb stew in slow cooker.
  4. I'm loving size of that lock and push plate on that door. They certainly don't make them like that anymore.
  5. I can really recommend the makita ea4300, it's a brilliant little saw, ideal for what you want it for. I have no experience of echo, but a guy on another forum really rates stiga chainsaws, but I have no experience of them.
  6. Hi, has anyone ever made a plywood canoe from plans or kit ? For xmas my sister bought me some plans for a self build canoe. So if it's of interest to people I will document the build here as I go along, although it will take me a while. Meanwhile any help or tips much appreciated. Especially to do with oars or paddles as it hasn't come with plans for them. This is what I will be building. Cheers H.
  7. Things like this really irritate me. Someone buys an house with a tree in the garden, someone gets an illness, blames the tree, bye bye tree. Someone buys a house next to a farm, complains about the smell, bye bye farm, . Why don't people think before they buy. There are many more instances I could think of as well. It's just barmy. In this instance , it looks like it's a dormar bedroom, I would be looking at the insulation in the roof, ventilation, what type of heating system is installed etc. I would look at conditions inside the house before looking elsewhere.
  8. Sorry to hear about your loss stubby.
  9. Completely agree, I work for the NHS and see this on a daily basis. There are many stories I could tell.
  10. I have an Oregon one, like chippyles, had it years. No problems.
  11. One of the things that has got to me the most, is the amount of NHS staff working from home and the abhorrent way nursing staff and other frontline workers have been treated by their managers. For me, if you work for the NHS, then you should be still going into work as normal and not relaxing at home pretending to work. My sister has just handed in her notice, she was working non stop on a covid ward where the management wouldn't even step foot onto the ward, but were very quick to blame those who were if anything went wrong. The NHS really does need a massive shake up, and the management ought to be ashamed of themselves. As far as the nightingale hospitals go, I wouldn't of built them. I would of shut down the junior and infant schools, and turned them into mini hospitals. They have ready made wards (classrooms) and offices. They would be local and serving the community. There would be no travelling, and it's a lot easier to get staff for smaller buildings than it is large. Each village has it's own doctors surgery, so transfer those doctors to the new mini covid hospital.
  12. I know pretty much sod all about cars, but for me, if that's what you want, then go for it.


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