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  1. Sure thing mate, never neglect your flaps.......!
  2. Top tip about the blower mate, I found out the hard way....had to take cassette out to clear the blockage! I always stick the blower in there now!!!!
  3. Brushcutter with clearing blade, no bending down and getting needles down ure neck!!
  4. That's what I was thinking mate mate! I got a fair bit to split myself just trying to justify another tool!!
  5. Cheers guys! I was thinking of aiming at the "we will keep the wood" brigade who after having a go with a blunt axe could give me a call! Lol! I'm based in Cornwall.
  6. Cheers mate! Don't need any doing, am looking into if it's a viable business idea!
  7. Not being negative at all mate, first hand experience is priceless! 90psi does sound a little lame to be honest, not alot of poke for the size! Will probably stick with me hilux for the time being then!
  8. Hiya! Anyone offer a mobile log splitting service? Any call for it?
  9. Thanks mate, thought they have flywheel issues! Might hold out for an iveco!
  10. Hiya! I'm looking to upgrade from my hilux to a 53 plate transit crew cab tipper, 90psi (bhp!?). Any known issues? Clutch and dual mass flywheel?? Cheers!
  11. Thanks mate! It's up for £3000:)
  12. Always the same story, wanna buy something it's top dollar, wanna sell it and suddenly it's only worth peanuts!
  13. Thanks guys! Seems like it's too much hassle selling stuff as everyone wants something for nothing! A did advertise it for £3500 but got fed up with stupid offers so will just keep it! Was going to fund sommit bigger but will stick with it, I'm fed up with giving good kit away!!
  14. Thanks mate, seeing as no one wants to pay a fair price I might just keep it!
  15. It dosent have an hour meter but the guy I bought it off said he used it for 6 hours, I have used it for a maximum of 2 hours! It's really like new!!


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