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  1. About 4 times much as you Think then
  2. They do a back handle version of the 'wee' echo, ECHO CS-2511WES 1/4 Drive Sprocket Powerhead Only [No Bar or Chain] WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK ECHO CS-2511WES 1/4 Drive Sprocket Powerhead Only [No Bar or Chain]
  3. Yep, thankfully well toilet trained! The incident with the roomba spreading shyte all about the place was high on my list of concerns!
  4. Apparently we have 'treated' ourselves to a roomba robot vacuum cleaner this year.... At least it will stop her complaining about the dust and chainsaw chip on the floor, which WILL be a treat.
  5. @Big J I've a 100M2 stone house in Brittany so similar size/climate, We've got a log boiler which does all the hot water and keeps the house between 18-20c all day. Since 1st Sept I've gone through 5.6M3 stacked. So I project I'll use around 15M3 in total for the year. Just an idea of the numbers if you were less of a big jessie! 😁
  6. Any update on this thread? I assume the Kolibri mentioned is this one? Skylotec Kolibri Click Harness - Honey Brothers Ltd HONEYBROS.COM Skylotec Kolibri "Click" Harness 2D
  7. Ikea bags are about £2.........and last pretty well
  8. That's the situation I use mine for, i don't fancy my harness/pelvis holding the weight of the dodgy tree (should it decide to succumb to gravity) via my strop
  9. Get yourself one of these; from about 3.10sec in Ive got one, really good, you can regulate the pressure needed and just clip your Krab into it.
  10. Isnt the large heavy fly-wheel and paddles to push chip in fact rather old hat tech? My Old dosko seems to have these and is as old as methuselah
  11. No Mention of the fact that we found a foundation Garment capable of supporting a truly full-some set of fun bags in the lay-by and one of the crew snaffled it for their own amoral purposes..... I have my suspicions......
  12. It goes a truely impressive height when you blow the shoot off the top
  13. As somebody said, it may not have been the content of the political threads themselves, but all of a sudden you realise the company you have been keeping may not have been what you thought.
  14. All well and good on smaller items, but when we think of it as buying a new car, buying from your local Nissan dealer even though he's charging 20% more than than another registered dealer 300 miles a way is surely madness? Similar numbers in the OP scenario i think...


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