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  1. What's wrong with folk

  2. Renault master tippers 3.5t 2015 onwards

    I believe they have the highest payload of any 3.5 tipper, according to parkers anyway
  3. Cowboys and insurance

    Un-insured cowboys and Highwaymen brokers......surely some parallels to be drawn there....
  4. Cowboys and insurance

    surely with today's technology the easiest thing would be for them to ask for proof of qualification, even most baby boomers can manage to take a photo on their phone and send it via email.... Simple solution to a storm in a tea cup
  5. DIY sharpening chipper blades?!

    does it go down the 5 degrees needed for cs100 blades?
  6. DIY sharpening chipper blades?!

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Makita-9820-2-Horizontal-Wheel-Sharpener/dp/B0000223JC This seems to be the best solution to me? any thoughts? do you think it will it be precise enough for cs100 blades? @Jase hutch
  7. Big "Dawgs"

  8. New website done by Steve Bullman

    is this with wordpress steve?
  9. Beer Money Firewood Set-up

    Should clarify I meant beer money as In i'm not planning to get rich and retire off it
  10. Beer Money Firewood Set-up

    http://zurrbind.de/epages/b9928fb7-d64f-4636-a2b3-48fcacdab713.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/b9928fb7-d64f-4636-a2b3-48fcacdab713/Categories/"So funktioniert´s" This system looks a winner to me, I can simply roll the packages onto and off my trailer saving loads of time. I'll have the space no doubt and I'll be doing a certain amount for my own use anyway so thought why not just do as much as possible and sell the remainder? The ruthless business man in me thought it may be an idea to only sell late in the season.....when normal sources have been exhausted.
  11. Beer Money Firewood Set-up

    is poly strapping a viable solution? or will the seasoning cause too much shrinkage and make them useless?
  12. Beer Money Firewood Set-up

    yea it will be arb arisings from my company that I will have charged to cart away so the front line cost of cord will be covered. my maths makes it around 15 barrow bags to the cord, the price of bags alone soon adds up....
  13. Beer Money Firewood Set-up

    I'll shortly be moving somewhere with bit of land, and I'll be installing a log boiler to make use of unwanted timber from jobs. I'm thinking of using the extra space and trailer/equipment to process and sell a few cube of arb arisings on the side, mainly for beer money and occupation as I don't tend to work much more than 3 days a week at the moment. The questions really are; 1. Does the going rate of around 200€ a cord (seasoned oak/beech) allow any margin for profit? 2. What would be the best way of going about it without a load of machinery? Loose trailer loads? Vented barrow bags? Any thoughts / ideas appreciated Cheers
  14. MOT changes May 2018

    I recently got told that my non starting kangoo was due to a glow plug fault by a renault main dealer, despite the fact that I know that that particular engine has no real need for glow plugs in our temperate climate.... They kindly offered to change the plugs for me................ for 300euro! Theres certainly not alot of common sense or logic in my experience.


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