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  1. Luckyeleven

    Work abroad

    Means he's an online vampire
  2. Luckyeleven

    Husqvarna 346

    Go on then, what's the attraction?
  3. Luckyeleven

    house renovation forum

    I had a similar experience, although I have the advantage that ALL of my first attempts at plastering fell off the walls in great big plaques. The evidence has been destroyed!
  4. Luckyeleven

    house renovation forum

    Nice idea for a new forum. I'm currently renovating a house in France where we have a 'carte blanche' to do more or less what we want. Most rules and regs are much more lax as the photo of us doing the roof demontrates!
  5. Luckyeleven

    Log Drying Kiln

    It would be for my own 15 cube a year, but just thinking out loud really. The idea being that with really very simple components and no electricity, it could maybe knock a few percentage points off the humidity before winter.
  6. Luckyeleven

    Log Drying Kiln

    At the risk of a slight derail. Has anyone got any thoughts on a wind turbine directly powering a fan inside a polytunnel for the purpose of drying logs?
  7. Luckyeleven

    Schliesing 485ex any info out there?

    Curious rather than interested would be more accurate, as we both now that over here 2nd hand gear is waaaaay over priced and I'm sure a local would be happy to pay 95% of UK RRP.
  8. Luckyeleven

    Schliesing 485ex any info out there?

    Wheres the forst for sale Mick?
  9. Luckyeleven

    What can I tow on a cat B licence?

    What sort of combinations give the best payload for under 3.5tonne combined? I've a kangoo and a 1.1tonne trailer.
  10. Luckyeleven

    Show us yer log store!

    Knocked this up over a couple of days.... slate roof by father in law holds about 5 cube believe it or not.
  11. Luckyeleven

    occupational health of arb

    I think he's implying that there is Irony in the fact that those two paragraphs contradict one another
  12. Luckyeleven

    the 'todays job' thread

    It's also good for getting a top to land close to the stem.
  13. Luckyeleven

    The Wee Chipper Club

    Any plans to put a 23hp on the cs100? @Jase hutch @Pete B would be a beast.
  14. Luckyeleven

    Firewood humidity level

    Girth is the important factor dear boy!
  15. Luckyeleven

    Firewood humidity level

    Size of logs here is far too large IMO


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