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  1. getting your beef up by 22% is a much as you can hope for at your age.
  2. Get the bags from safety lifting gear. blue waterproof, drawstring. Cheap too
  3. Ive got the ACE style 1.6t too, cant see any really difference to the original
  4. Bit of a revival, How much wood could one man reasonably expect to fell, split, load and stack in a day, by hand. At the minute I'm in alder and sycamore around 12 inch Dbh, few branches. But I also process arb waste mainly for my own use. I'm guessing 3 stacked cube a day?
  5. Seen them done in brest with a cherry picker and slasher/Bill hook
  6. I imagine air flow would be more important than heat
  7. Wow do you have a massive house or poor insulation? or like to sit around in your underwear!? We've a 4 bed stone house, and have yet to use more than 0.5m3 in a week, heating and hot water
  8. Every time you touch the log its effort. Split on the ground with a nice long handled axe, so that your toes are safe. If its easy splitting, no need to even turn the logs upright split them where they lay. Use the time saved to sharpen the axe at the end of the day.
  9. Start with the simple things they always say.... Bloody clutch spring had gone, chain brake off and off she roared....Farmers.... Very little smoke, not surprising considering how many hours i spent cleaning the system whilst not having the slightest inkling to take the chain brake off, live and learn. Thanks
  10. I can understand why people leave tree work behind, its overly romanticised. I've worked outside my whole career, but nothing is quite as miserable as swaying around at the top of a slimy sycamore in high winds and pissing rain, trying to slide branches down avoiding Mrs Miggins precious bloody hydrangeas.
  11. I think i read somewhere that 80% of people who qualify are out of industry within 5 years. Just passed the milestone myself (at 30) recently and can understand why.


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