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  1. I used to work for an incredibly straight laced, shave every day, kinda guy. One time a job had to be delayed due to the presence of a very large (and obviously quite amorous) shire type horse in the field where we were supposed to be installing some post a rail. Upon relaying the days events back at the yard. He made everyone choke on their brew by asking "how many hands was it?" Was the sheer surprise of it coming from him.
  2. As my other half is involved in this kind of stuff in a general kind of way, she often re-assures in slow soothing tones (using very simple words) that the average Joe has nothing to fear. They spend millions researching ways of monitoring people and finding ways to trap or con them. They are not likely to risk exposing their secrets by snooping on @Ty Korrigan's grinder history or whether or not you ordered an extra Naan with your korma. Mind you....i don't understand much of what she does, she could easily be in on the scam.....she is a bloody foreigner after all.
  3. prussic and a pulley on any bollard to pre tension
  4. Any job where the customers NEIGHBOR has a cat. Nothing quite like cat poo on a rope.
  5. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Snowballs-Cooling-Underwear-Men-Small/dp/B00HLDUOQY
  6. Must be terrible to have money....
  7. Pretty much what you've outlined Also whether my new chainsawpants make my bum look big?
  8. Yea just look back a page or 2. Several posts incinutating that asking groundies opinions is a sign of incompetence.
  9. Seems to be a dislike for climbers communicating with the ground guy. I'm always asking my groundies opinion, doesn't mean I'm incompetent or incapable. It's a different viewpoint and a second opinion
  10. Go on then, what's the attraction?
  11. I had a similar experience, although I have the advantage that ALL of my first attempts at plastering fell off the walls in great big plaques. The evidence has been destroyed!
  12. Nice idea for a new forum. I'm currently renovating a house in France where we have a 'carte blanche' to do more or less what we want. Most rules and regs are much more lax as the photo of us doing the roof demontrates!
  13. It would be for my own 15 cube a year, but just thinking out loud really. The idea being that with really very simple components and no electricity, it could maybe knock a few percentage points off the humidity before winter.
  14. At the risk of a slight derail. Has anyone got any thoughts on a wind turbine directly powering a fan inside a polytunnel for the purpose of drying logs?


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