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  1. A fire might occur where the following conditions are met: The pile is large and core temperature reaches 150 F or higher. High summer temperatures and pile heat encourage evaporation of moisture from the setup. Lack of uniform moisture in the pile leads to dry pockets, i.e., combustible material. Wet organics are compacted in the pile, perhaps due to inadequate turning and churning and possibly due to lack of adequate coarse bulking material. This leads to pockets of anaerobic decomposition producing methane gas. In summary, dry areas (combustible material) plus heat plus methane gas result in flash point which result in fire ignition.
  2. Back when the trains ran on time and the chippers, chipped....
  3. Any ideas on cause and treatment of these problems with my fruit trees? They showed similar problems at the end of last year but have been fine until about 2 weeks ago. They all seem in good health otherwise and have put on about 60cm of growth. Maybe I should call a fruit tree spraying specialist?
  4. Mixed 50/50 with grass clippings and turned to keep at 50-70c you can break it down in about 8 weeks
  5. Chicken net was the first option but I'd like the ducks to be able to stick their head through to eat the grass both sides, dont much enjoy strimming!
  6. Does anyone know how to go about adding extra horizontal lines to stock netting? I need to bisect the bottom 2 holes to keep some ducks in. I have in the past simply pulled some extras lines and hog ringed them in place but its a bit of a bodge and its at my gaff so it would bother me for the rest of my days! There must a way of knotting around the verticals with a smaller gauge wire to add lines?
  7. DPM plastic is pretty tough and durable
  8. Is that in addition to your right said Fred tribute band?
  9. Ive had the same issue with the fuel filter on my CS100, soaked it over night and blew it out with the compressor. Works a treat.
  10. whilst you've still got some you won't.......
  11. I've just split and tested a few bits of SC from the stack, (cut and stacked less than a year ago) its at around 23-26% I put that mostly down to the relative humidity we've had here (Brittany), it seems like it started raining around October and hasn't stopped since.
  12. Tbh for ease of splitting, growth rate and burning i think its hard to beat, My burner will take 60cm logs and I can easily split chestnut at that length, the pile builds up pretty quick. I stack on pallets uncovered until a month before use and can almost guarantee that if its stacked before Easter it will be around 20% by October .


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