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  1. Luckyeleven

    Tree Pruning Graphics

    I did these, not perfect but may serve?
  2. Luckyeleven

    Chainsaw refresher, a scam?

    Always upgrade, do a higher course, it will still refresh the lower tickets.
  3. Luckyeleven

    Releasing knot from rope

    solo rigging possibly....
  4. Luckyeleven

    CS100 Lack of Power

    Evening all, My little cs100 is suffering from a real lack of power (even compared to normal) It was out on a job 2 days ago and performed admirably. Now it has very little power and blocks/stalls on branches that would normally pose little problem. Fuel is the same as before so Im sure thats OK. Anvil gap is a touch on the large side but has been for a while. It starts up fine. Air filter seems ok. Any ideas where to start trouble shooting? @Jase hutch
  5. Luckyeleven

    Iveco propshaft bearing...

    Reckon they're called 'timber' or 'rubber' blocks mate, buy a big bit of either, and make it small enough to fit in the hole.
  6. Luckyeleven

    The Wee Chipper Club

    Id rather pull 200kgs once, than lift 2,000 branches 30cm higher
  7. Luckyeleven

    The Wee Chipper Club

    the thing about it being on tracks......makes the infeed even higher
  8. Luckyeleven

    Naked model in the garden today

  9. Luckyeleven

    First World Cup memory..

    2-1, we'll make it look like hard work
  10. Luckyeleven

    How to find a yard

    Move across the channel, land is about 9% of the price
  11. Luckyeleven

    How many hours do you put into your business?

    working anymore than needed for a happy life is losing in my book
  12. Luckyeleven

    Site upgrade

    HAHA! we can all see newtons pink member!
  13. Luckyeleven

    Life’s small pleasures.

    partial to a blompkin these days....
  14. Luckyeleven

    Greenmech CS100 chip size

    Really depends on what you're chipping... birch twigs will still be twiggy. cedar, lime comes out looking like shreddies
  15. Luckyeleven

    How Fit? Well Fit?

    Your body is designed to carry a certain amount of weight around, whether that's fat or muscle is irrelevant.


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