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  1. Hi, Looking for a Freelance climber for work in south east Kent, Must have cs41 and your own rigging kit. Ideally have a few years experience in reductions and take downs. Also interested in climbers with just 38/39 for reduction work. I run the business with my brother so will be working as part of a small team. If you could pm me your rates and availability Many thanks Richard Bradley
  2. Hi, Wood still for sale Chestnut £20 per ton Ash, Birch, Maple £35 per ton I need to get this wood shifted fast cheers
  3. Hi, I have for sale: 31 ton approx. of Ash, birch, Maple. Cut to approx. 3.5m with a diameter 3" - 15" 21 ton approx. of Chestnut cut to approx. 2.5m with a diameter 3" to 15" Cut winter 2014-2015 Is stacked off a forestry track, no lorry access only tractor and trailer. Timber located in Chilham near Canterbury, Kent. Thanks Richard
  4. If its 20 year old broad leaf with lots of scrub etc. 1 man will take about 2 1/2 weeks. No man cuts a chain a day and if he did it would still take 2 weeks. 10 chains to an acre amazing how large a chain is when you measure it out. I'm working as a two man team with a telehandler with a log beak to burn all the brash in 22 yr old nut at the moment and takes about 6 days but this is with no hand burning. Timber is extracted every other day so were not tripping up over timber stacks. I've worked on a rate of £1500 an acre before and worked out at £75 a day and had to take all standard trees and edge trees in 35yr old coppice. A good by the ton rate would be £23 a ton still would work out at about £1600 an acre if its a 70 ton block. Try going on a day rate but you will have to work hard to please the land owner as you will have the odd slow day where not a lot happens. If your paid £150 a day you need to at least be cutting 10 ton a day and be a cutting god to be worth that on your own. In the end road side ash is only worth £40 a ton roadside after buying, cutting and forwarding. Hope this helps.
  5. Thanks guys Will try it out hopefully with success cheers
  6. Thanks guys I'm not sure how to check if their on single acting. Im near Folkestone I don't wont to play about to much to prevent damage Thanks
  7. Hi I have recently bought a New Holland 5635 to replace a Ford 6610. However I am having trouble with the rear spool valves. I run a small Fmv crane on a 6 ton trailer which I just used to plug in to the 6610. But on the new Holland it wont send oil through. I don't know if im just connecting it up wrong or may be the oil flow is to high for the valve block. Also I cant run a hydraulic top link at the moment seems to be sending oil to the spool valve ok and looks pressured up. The controls in the cab seem to be the same as the 6610 just pull back on the lever and it should work. New Holland has two pairs of valves that I think work vertically same as the old 6610. Any help would be great Cheers
  8. Hi, I have a FMV crane on a 6 ton trailer. The trailer has swing down support legs. Did Anyone use these trailers back in the day and could explain how the legs actually worked, as mine have been modified so are not original. At the moment I drive up on to the legs to support the trailer which works well but I will need to make them adjustable on un level terrain. Cheers
  9. Thanks guys My insurance company explained it well just wanted your opinions. I will need to get employers liability insurance then for sure. If a sub contractor causes property damage will they pay for the damage? This is my main concern. I need to trust someone to carry out the work as I would to avoid such damage. Cheers just never done it before and want everyone to be protected.
  10. Hi, Looking to start using sub contractors/freelance climbers. Will I need employers liability insurance? I will tell my public liability insurance who they are with their details etc. Also in the case of an accident who is liable? I will be responsible for site safety. Can anyone enlighten me on the professional way of using sub contractor's? What are freelance climbers charging per day with their own gear? I have already had a chat with my insurance company but thought you guys may be able to explain it more clearly. Thanks
  11. Thanks guys was just after a industry rough figure for cutting an acre of large ash coppice, in the south east of England. Its a clear fell, cut at stump site, top to be burnt for a land owner. I am not extracting and its my tractor. Cheers
  12. Hi guys Im working for a land owner being paid £1500 per acre to cut at stump the site is clear fell. The site is large mixed coppice with large ash maidens. There are 2 of us there with a tractor and grab but is still slow work. I think this rate is a bit cheap what could it go up to? At my estimate there must be at least 150 ton per acre Thanks
  13. Hi guys Is a buck rake any good for burning up brush in the woods? basically pushing it to the fire. Thinking of getting a push off buck rake so can easily get the brush off again. Has any one used one before in the woods? cheers Richard


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