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  1. I use save edge and find they work well and also seem to last
  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. Lets hope 2021 is a better yesr
  3. I prefer auto, so easy and relaxing to drive
  4. I believe you must know your limits and not to exceed them. I have just had 700 tons of ash felled in my wood by professionals as there is no way I would have attempted it. I will fell small trees on the other hand or ring up windblown branches. I have seen professionals make a real cock up when felling. Common sense, know your limits and plan the work
  5. I have been using chainsaws for many years, now aged 75, but have never had training. I own a woodland and still use chainsaws occasionally. However I know my limits and always call in trained operatives when it is too much for me. I wear ppe and always insure I have a good look at the job before I start work( this applies to any job that I do). I am very lucky that I am very fit and healthy and really enjoy working in the wood which I do most days
  6. I lost 5 in one morning. Hens were kept in a run with 4’ netting. On the outside I had an electric fence with three strands of wire at different heights. I let the hens out at 7am and went and had breakfast but did not switch the electric fence on. Checked them at 8.30am and they were all dead with there heads missing
  7. Tom Tom for me as well, always found them very good
  8. Dont think Boris will be PM long enough to do anything. He has a lot of enemies that will bring him down very quickly. Just hope Corbyn does not get in
  9. How easy is it to gain access to sweep the chimney, also looks and as availability of spares
  10. I wonder if we will ever come out of the EU. Can’t see it myself, but if we do I think the package will be more or less the same as we have currently. It will be in name only in my opinion
  11. 461and 661 are the saws for me
  12. Overcast with sunny spells at times


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