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  1. My Isuzu did the same changed scv that sorted it. I bought one off eBay get the number off fuel pump and get the corresponding one was about £70. Garage took an hour to change it.
  2. Just When you think no one else can go in 2016, wham. Good news, wake us at club tropicana, Drinks are free!
  3. If its anything like here then any Norwegian gardener that owns a claw hammer, has a box of staples and has splashed out on a set of wire stretchers will now be giving themselves the self titled fencing contractor spiel, Charging a stupifyingly high rate for something they have absolutely no qualifications for
  4. this happened around our area in the late 70s early 80s, The driver had loaded the machine before knocking off for the night, someone else had gone onto the machine between him knocking off and starting next morning and left the jib sticking up , the driver was still told to, DCM .afterwards.
  5. Unfortunately have a silverline, never had any issues and is about 6 years old bought for £30.
  6. of course there should be no reason for poor work, the point I was trying to make, is accreditation in fencing,livestock fencing in particular is negligible,
  7. I would ask, do you have any accreditation in fencing? The answer is no, no one has there is none, two people may vary widely on their idea of good work, Now I'm not doubting that the work done originally was poor, or that your work will be to a satisfactory or high standard, But I've a real bee in my bonnet about this, absolutely anyone can call themselves a fencer, with no accreditation, no qualification, no experience, the only pre requisite is to own or have access to wire stretchers, have a maul hammer, and a bucket of staples to use up, I know fencers who do things differently to me, now some of them I class as poor work some good, some excellent, but not one has any kind of accreditation. I think it's all about opinion I'm afraid. I mean I'm a fencer, and own a chainsaw, could I call myself a chainsaw operator
  8. I'm surprised the fa, going for him, after the scandal of allardyce being involved in alleged illegal payments, I would expect the press to.rake it up.again, I have to say I wouldn't be surprised to learn that, allardyce, redknapp, venables, and of course Ferguson were all.at it.
  9. If grazing put on sheep cattle.
  10. Mensuration? Thats women's stuff, better off keeping out of that:biggrin:
  11. gnfencer

    Euro 2016

    I think England deserve credit.... No reports of fan trouble after the fantastic result. Can someone check on Clive tyldsley this morning, poor man last night might have been too much for him.
  12. gnfencer

    Euro 2016

    Ian Wright, Rio Ferdinand, John inverdale, David Cameron, Gideon Osborne, Eggs rascal, your boys took.one helluva beating
  13. gnfencer

    Euro 2016

    I think you will lose, Please!
  14. gnfencer

    Euro 2016

    Let's hope a repeat of the 2010 world cup.


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