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  1. H-A

    Stihl MS200t

    Just refreshing my memory looking through my old posts as I am rebuilding a couple of 200t saws for a friend, had forgotten about that bearing tip.
  2. Well done Steve, it all looks great, I can't imagine the stress you have been through. H-A
  3. H-A

    Films scores

    633 squadron Dambuster The Great Escape H A
  4. H-A

    Shinny toys

    We call are local one "Spit and Polish":001_smile: H A
  5. I thought cut off saws were Skill saws. https://www.google.co.uk/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=skill%20saw I would always buy a Stihl disc cutter. H A
  6. I have only once had a bad bit of snaking, trailer load of 20mm ballast. I just eased off, and it settled down luckily, then stopped and shovelled some of the ballast forward to put more weight on the tow vehicle. Problem solved towed well after that. Glad you walked away from it, it is a nasty feeling when it happens. H A
  7. H-A

    Bye bye

    I thought it was just me who noticed that. David Dimbleby was talking it down before the results were even in. Not sure the BBC could talk up the football though:biggrin: Time to watch Rugby. H A
  8. this is quite good H A
  9. H-A

    bloody mice!

    i was told that chocolate covered rasins are the best bait, I got all the ones in our kitchen with normal rasins. H-A
  10. They wont budge from Strictly:biggrin: I go for the easy option 4OD, watch at my leisure. H-A
  11. H-A

    bloody mice!

    I had them eating the bird food, quite tame got close enough for a good picture with my phone. I dont think you will ever get rid of them, its their bigger cousins that I get rid of. H-A
  12. I had one client who said "if you need a wee, would you mind doing it on my compost heap", she said it would help it rot down. At least she realised that we all need to go. H-A


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