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  1. Yeah booster seat will fit in a super cab not much else will tho.
  2. Terrano for me, swb. They take an awful lot of abuse and are very good off-road
  3. sorry couldnt see the wood from trees, all is clear now :thumbup1:
  4. yeah it is ive got a 08 wildtrax as my car/daily/tower etc and got a 53 plate white super cab for general dutys and shooting as it just picks up to many dings and scrapes etc im hoping I can convert it for £500 quid including making some greedy boards. ill chuck a pic on in a bit
  5. yeah I took my tub and wish I hadn't lol. 2 holes in the chassis that you can put your fist in, im going to try and make the existing body tip and keep cost right down as you say mines an 2003 so not worth bugger all but if it works then id rather fire chip and logs at this ol thing than something much newer.
  6. ive got the same vibration pretty sure its prop centre bearing aswell, ive got the tub off at the min converting into a tipper (hopefully)
  7. did you sort your vibration out in the end mate
  8. Chopperbob


    I recently had the fire brigade turn up at one of my evening burn ups was nothing but brash was plenty dry enough wind was in my favour (well to start with any way) they had been called by a local who was concerned that the field, hedgerow, trees and power lines were on fire as you can imagine they made a speedy entrance, nothing was on fire except my pile. after having a look about and a head scratch they decided my fire was fine but would be able to sleep better if they dampened down around it to prevent any spread, but this time the fire was 1/4 the size it was and was burning away very neat and tidy. no chance of anything happening had fires there for years. they were more concerned about were this waste had come from, what is was, who put it there etc. I explained it was trimmings from around the land they were standing on they said under no circumstances should we be burning trade waste this includes tree work arising's brought back from jobs or allowing other people to bring waste to burn. they said even though they are the trimmings from here this is a farm a farm is a business!!! they excepted that this was my own pruning's and a 1 off and not 20 tree jobs in a heap they said they are positively seeking to prosecute people who "burn up" as its very rarely legal saying that I doubt they would have the money to take you to court as there was only 4 firemen on duty that Friday night due to cut backs!!!!
  9. That's a bang on suggestion, I think I'd look at doing something like that. Never going to get damaged so only has to be very light duty. If you want to paint hit any scanby areas with a knotted wheel on grinder and blast a coat of 2k over it. Easy to spray. Could do all the way round the body with it, then panel dented bits out. Look like new
  10. How do you intend on applying the paint buddy, brush or spray Bob
  11. I am often guilty of working weekends etc maybe time that should be better spent, but when I'm instructed about a certain event or trip it's not really negotiable. if She gives me a bit of notice about the shindig - weddings etc don't normally get booked for next week normally tons of notice. then I go,admittedly not always wanting to but hey ho HAPPY WIFE HAPPY LIFE Once you get there you usually find you have a good time and enjoy your self and welcome the hair letting down session
  12. Mdh Arbhire worth a shout, but unsure his biggest chipper
  13. That sounds to dear to me if you want to wholesale some out in bulk but you may be lucky, I know they are slightly over but we class an ibc as a cube, and we sell at £80 a cube hardwood inc local delivery. So at that money there isn't enough left in it for anyone to make any money. Bob
  14. Of course there is, but like most things comes down to price. If there is still some meat on bone for the next man then can't see you having a problem selling.


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