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  1. s.varty


    only with raspberry jam
  2. s.varty


    This will take the heat off you jack, me last week stocking up at tescos , just in case of the food shortages after brexit
  3. s.varty


    Never knew that steve , thank god ive never mentioned my arms deals with iran
  4. Straight to the point , but spot on
  5. Thumbs up for the terrasaur blade . best £150 ive spent in a long while
  6. This looks promising, ive been looking at a tool that cuts big roots in post holes without blunting, size (12in) is a slight problem but I see they also make a 9in, maybe someone makes a 4in?.
  7. Hi eggs, I got your private message , but im not into that kind of thing, I don't care what underwere you,ve got on or the fact that I can call you carol, thanks for the offer but im a married man mate!
  8. Didn't get her number by any chance did you ?
  9. I bought 2 from amazon for £30. I use it for cutting roots or tops of stumps for fencing. So far I found it a really handy bit of kit in the right situation. Cant see it being much good for pruning and as khriss says a silky would be better for that.
  10. spot on , gypsies and travellers are worlds apart
  11. s.varty


    doubt it would of pulled it on any ground to be honest mate, with the axles so far back and all the weight on the drawbar .
  12. s.varty


    Well spotted that man
  13. s.varty


    Amazing what these mules can tow
  14. some seriously good bits of kit there, not so sure about the horse though.


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