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  1. Have I heard this right, your mate got £150 from the bloke for groundying and you are only getting offered £200 for dropping the tree and cutting it up ? Has he got his money yet ?
  2. peatff

    Homeowner Slightly Larger Saw - Stihl 260 or ???

    He found you could only take so much away before it affected the reliability of his cars and the drivers got pissy though.
  3. peatff

    115mm vis-a-vis 125mm grinder and discs

    It will only be a different size guard, the disk centres are same.
  4. peatff

    What's on your bench today?

    Near Hallowe'en
  5. peatff


    It takes dedication, I do it with hand cream as well
  6. peatff


    That one should be in the "how not to" column, did the chain actually go round ?
  7. peatff


    It will not do your chains any good running them on knackered sprockets if they bottom out.
  8. peatff

    Work on a footpath - Signage, pedestrian management etc.

    Is there a footpath on the opposite side for pedestrians to use if you close that one off ?
  9. peatff

    thorn resistant gloves

    I was given some lined Arco leather gloves and they stop pretty much everything apart from the most vicious thorns but not enough gets through to do any serious damage.
  10. peatff

    What are your biggest pet peeves?

    That's my super power finding hidden dog turds with my feet.
  11. peatff

    Huztl 372 kit build

    No it's from Lidl
  12. peatff

    Whats this wood?

    The split surface looks like Beech I think.
  13. peatff

    Are there any other women out there?

    And quite a few snails I see as well :D. Hello Nat.
  14. peatff

    2018 Summer V 1976 Summer

    We went to Skeggy for a day in 76 and the beach was a sea of ladybirds. August 09 we were in Mablethorpe and there was a similar plague of ladybirds. There was a fence round the campsite and you could scoop them in handfuls off the top of the fence.
  15. peatff

    Whats the weather like near you?

    Monsoon season here I think, it's still hitting 30°c in the greenhouse on our back garden during the day. That's without heating and even the wind is blowing warm. It's near Morecambe, a Wise man once told me.


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