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  1. Left Handers Suffering Yet Again

    I'm just surprised you admit to playing golf with either hand, what kind of person are you ?
  2. Left Handers Suffering Yet Again

    I set fire to my overalls crotch using a 125mm angle grinder, a tool which I am comfortable using left or right handed just by unscrewing the side handle. Making a left handed chainsaw would be a major redesign process for the manufacturers and would probably make left handed saws prohibitively expensive.
  3. Ms200

    You'll struggle to find another carb that will work with the MS200 and where is the plenum chamber ?
  4. Ms200

    Chainsaws are not flying round a track through the cooling air and their cylinder fins are in a cowl, they need all the help they can get to stay cool. How much more performance do you need out of your MS200 ? Was your go kart air or air and water cooled ?
  5. Insect bites...

    Permethrin spec sheet here, it doesn't sound good for cats. Here's a list of different bites and what they look like
  6. What's on your bench today?

    036 was flooding and being a pig to start so I had another look at it today. The fast idle position on the choke was not opening the choke flap enough so I bent the choke linkage and the throttle a bit as well and it's different altogether now firing up and picking up nicely.
  7. bandsaw not working? whats wrong?

    You don't need to swap the switch just bypass it and switch it at the wall. I did it with my pillar drill when the zero volt switch failed. Two thin bits of metal to join the spade connectors together and if it runs you know it's the switch. If it's clunking it's not the switch. You only need an analogue tester set to something like 10,000 ohms to bridge the contacts and watch the needle jump up then come back down if it's still good. If it's bad the needle stays up as it's not discharging.
  8. App not updating / not available

    I am still getting the bubble and if I go to login I get Access Denied This forum is currently not available, please try again later. I wondered if it's because my phone is old and the latest Ios update is not available for it.
  9. Show us ya birds !

    We get a wren in the lean to most evenings, comes in and looks round all the eaves for insects then either get comfortable or leaves. When the young ones fligged they all came in with her and they were hopping into everything looking for the way back out till I opened the door for them.
  10. App not updating / not available

    Still same no topics bubble.
  11. App not updating / not available

    Just deleted and reinstalled the app and it just has a bubble now with no topics under it. Tried to sign in and is now says access denied. This forum is currently unavailable, please try again later. I read on the PC mostly so not a big problem and the mobile site view on the tablet is quite good.
  12. Cracked cylinder finns

    As long as they stop before they breach the cylinder wall they should be fine. You were lucky to spot the crack through all that gunge
  13. Husky 235 won't start

    I always use carb cleaner to clean carbs when I strip them, fire it through all the channels and fit new diaphragm etc. Do you mean easy start?
  14. App not updating / not available

    My iphone 4s just says error domain = tapatalk... when I try to open a topic.
  15. What's on your bench today?

    That's like this seized 044 I just did. It was full of greasy sawdust and the flywheel side needed a shovel to clean it out it was so full of something like soil you could hardly see the ignition coil, don't know what it had been cutting. Brake cleaner and air line then a paint brush to get in the corners and it looks like somebody loves it now.


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