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  1. It sounds like they needed the Sheffield Council to sort it out.
  2. We didn't kill him ! It is considered bad luck to burn elderberry wood indoors. Dropped leaves seem to kill off anything which is not well established under the tree and they manage to grow in the most awkward places like the join at the bottom of a wall where they are hard to remove. They also cause purple stains on the washing when starlings have been eating the berries.
  3. Mine's only a 135 but a couple of pumps on the primer bulb usually sorts it, same after it has been refuelled. As above, it's all guesswork if the model is not known.
  4. That will do for a deposit. Not refundable though.
  5. If they are fetching good money it can go.
  6. I can't fault my 135 after the initial problem of the oil pump drive sticking on the crank and causing it to run the chain constantly. I cured it years ago just by rubbing the inside of the drive with wet and dry and greasing it liberally. They are now onto the 135 mk2 and at £168 they are a bargain. You could go even cheaper and get him a 120 for £125
  7. I'd look at something with easy start next time I buy, like the Echo CS-352ES.
  8. Mine is a 12mm little end bearing with no decomp, don't know the year of manufacture. I've seen quite a few and a lot in pictures with decomp valves but it's no problem starting it and it's a good saw.
  9. I have an 044, does yours have a decompression valve fitted ?
  10. It's the maximum recommended for the saw so you should be fine. You will probably not notice any difference in daily use.
  11. I used snipe nose pliers wedged in the pawl while my mate held the side cover and I turned it with a screwdriver through the pliers handle as a lever. He had somehow managed to remove the cover with the brake engaged, something he will not do again in a hurry. There are Youtubes on the subject, this one shows the modified scrench at about 2.50.
  12. Porn It still doesn't last any longer though. I think he's gone back under the bridge now anyway, can't believe it's gone on for 3 pages
  13. peatff


    There was an upgrade kit for them sold by Stihl, don't know if it is still available at the subsidised price.
  14. I would copy and paste the replies from the same thread in general chat but I can't be arsed.


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