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  1. peatff

    Sachs Dolmar 133 Bar Help

    If you did go the Stihl bar route it might be simpler to open the slot in the bar than to find 8mm studs. There is play in the bar slots as they locate on a wider section at the base of the stud.
  2. peatff

    Spare parts online: any recommended sites?

    Plenty of UK sellers on eBay, click the UK only button under your search and filter through the Chinese ones you'll find L&S and ajgardenmachinery, tree_and_grass_spares, garden hire spares all based in UK.
  3. peatff

    Sachs Dolmar 133 Bar Help

    Chainsawbars.co.uk might be able to help you with your enquiries, try contacting them.
  4. peatff

    260 chain running on.......

    You were just unlucky I guess. On the woodpile the other say I cut through a thick piece and rolled it over and saw green baler twine running all the way through it. If it had been wire I would have been swapping chains.
  5. peatff

    260 chain running on.......

    I read the first post again and see my misunderstanding of the situation. When BB says don't think that he installed the wire as a bodge I mistakenly understood it as someone else had done it I now see the error of my thinking.
  6. peatff

    260 chain running on.......

    It's not holding anything on all it's doing is pushing up the cup washer, how does that help ? I honestly can't see what it's there for.
  7. peatff

    260 chain running on.......

    What is the fence wire actually doing there ? I can see the clip under it
  8. Levis are using hemp in their jeans material as well, if these things catch fire will you be so relaxed you'll not be bothered.
  9. peatff

    Finally got myself some IBCs

    A friend of mine had some and didn't want the plastic inner containers but his lad cut the tops off them and put some lagging round the cut edge, filled them with water and the kids had a great time .
  10. peatff

    Stihl 201tcm part number.

    Where is your diagram from? the list of part numbers is at the side of the picture on diyspareparts.com.
  11. peatff

    What's on your bench today?

    That L&S part number 27 looks like the one I'll get some ordered. Thanks all.
  12. peatff

    What's on your bench today?

    Is the MS170 tank neck same as the MS460 ? The ones I've seen have screw caps not flippy and the retainer on mine is different to the one in the picture. I called at the Stihl dealer and he will only do a complete cap so I have gone the DIY route, bent a bit of welding rod round the end of the string and pushed it into the neck and it does the job for now.
  13. peatff

    What's on your bench today?

    The plastic bit that fastens onto the end of the string and wedges in the neck of the tank. I can't even find a picture of it. I will nip into the local Stihl shop next week and look on their parts list.
  14. peatff

    What's on your bench today?

    Question - can you get the bit of plastic that stops Stihl fuel and oil caps from falling off when you undo them? They are missing on my saw and it's a pain and I can't find them anywhere.
  15. peatff

    A stupid something

    I have 3 round of tree trunk stacked on top of each other to split wood on. If I lift the top piece there are always worms between them. I clear them out and put them in the compost bin yet they will be there again next time.


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