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  1. peatff

    what to do with lanky trees

    But how will you feel if you don't ?
  2. peatff

    Idea For A New Gadget

    Get a retractable clothes line from Argos
  3. peatff

    Pull start not pulling smoothly

    It shouldn't have affected the pull start whatever happened to the bar as the clutch is not engaged at pulling speed.
  4. peatff

    Death of the silky..?

    I think if it needs a gob cut it's time to get a chainsaw out. I don't possess a Silky but I use a small bow saw and anything over 3" it's chainsaw time.
  5. peatff

    Stihl Combi Cans!!

    The idea is to take the screw tops off and replace them with the self sealing pouring nozzles permanently.
  6. peatff

    Stihl 201tcm kill switch intermittent

    Spring, it's like a coiled bit of metal Watch chainsaw guy he'll explain.
  7. peatff

    Truck Sat Nav

    Waze is a good app to have on the phone with user traffic alerts.
  8. peatff


    You might not be able to hit them with Spam if they have a good filter in place
  9. peatff

    dead dog in a tree

    Google "Stuckie the mummified dog" you'll get lots of hits.
  10. Try cleaning it and you will see the join. Brake cleaner and a brush will soon reveal what you are looking for.
  11. peatff

    Sachs Dolmar wont start hot..Help needed ?

    That's a rear handle not a top handle Try resetting the carb to manufacturer standard, screw the H & L screws in then something like one and a quarter turns out on each. It could be running weak on the L circuit.
  12. peatff


    Once you've used it to shoot people it's no longer a legal weapon and is classed as a firearms offence. Unless they are inside your house this is going to get you into trouble.
  13. peatff

    Whats the point of wasps?

    A couple of years ago we were out at the seaside and a woman with a kid in a pushchair (covered in ice cream) were being pestered by wasps. She stopped and got out some baby wipes to clean the kid up and had to do a runner into a nearby shop as the scent of the wipes attracted a whole swarm of wasps, the air was thick with them. How neither of them got stung I will never know.
  14. peatff

    Micro pulley or zigzag?

    What's prussocking ? According to urban dictionary it's getting dicked over by an out of shape alcoholic. I'm not a climber unless you count ladders but I've used Prusik and Blake's hitch and both worked for me. If I was going to do something serious I would spend the money and get the best for the job, zigzag or whatever is the favourite at the moment.
  15. peatff

    Quad question

    I watched a quad with a little trailer on chewing a furrow in a rugby pitch and they towed it off with a Mule, it must depend on the operator a lot of the time.


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