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  1. peatff

    Husky 560 chain brake problem

    You need a welder to stick a small nut to it so you can grab it with some grips and wiggle it out. Weld a washer on it first through the hole then the nut on top. Grab it while it's still hot and it will come out easier.
  2. peatff

    Echo CS281-WES melted exhaust cover.

    The bearings only need a minimal amount of decent quality oil that's why the mix ratio in the fuel is so low nowadays. I'd just cut the frazzled bits off the cover and carry on using it till I got a replacement.
  3. peatff

    Echo CS281-WES melted exhaust cover.

    What does this mean? The oil is in the fuel not under pressure.
  4. peatff

    Homemade BigShot

    Fishing line, M14 nut and a catapult.
  5. peatff

    New groundie

    Are you using veggie chain oil ?
  6. peatff

    cleaning veg oil!

    It was just an idea, not necessarily a good idea though :D. I have had some success cleaning stuff using one of the oven cleaning kits from Tesco, Lakeland and Wilko and other places where you get a bag to put the shelves in, pour some cleaner in with them and leave them for a couple of hours. Plastic is at your own risk I've only used it on metal.
  7. peatff

    cleaning veg oil!

    Veg oil attracts mice and rats as well Just leave them out in the garden and let it get eaten off.
  8. peatff

    after a pressure washer

    I have a little Nilfisk 110 that works well enough for car and bike or patio cleaning, 120 is a bit more power. It all depends on how industrial you want to get. We used to use a proper steam jenny on fork trucks when I worked for a living and that would strip paint off anything if you got too close.
  9. peatff

    Aspen 2 oil

    I've got a couple of old saws that were run on pump fuel and are now on Aspen 2. One (Stihl 036) has had a new fuel pipe and a carb kit as it was dodgy before I started using it and the other (Stihl 044) has had nothing since it had a new piston fitted as it was seized when I got it. I run my old Dynamac on Aspen 2 with no alterations but a tweak of the L screw. It says in the manual that it needs 25:1 mix but it keeps going.
  10. peatff

    What's on your bench today?

    E clips last years just don't muller them getting them out with too big a screwdriver.
  11. peatff

    Best Chain for a 236/435 ?

    I bought a couple of semi chisel from Northern arb and they have been fine. They cut and sharpen alright no problem.
  12. peatff

    Job description/What they mean (Just for fun)

    Never checked the oil either
  13. peatff

    Hi everyone need some advice?

    My 135 was from WOP as well, a friend of mine bought one a couple of weeks ago and that needed fettling as well, good price on there.
  14. peatff

    Trouble with my 560xpg

    That's a plan, leave your ear protectors off as well and all your problems will be solved, you'll definitely not hear any rattles anyway
  15. peatff

    Hi everyone need some advice?

    It's a scratching the chin emoji wondering why the elation at helping someone with a problem. Phone emoji don't show up sometimes. Why would I be giving the finger?


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