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  1. Never seen one but I've read about them. They are a bit of a mythical beast like the twin cylinder Solo saw
  2. It's called stand off or intake reversion, open the exhaust up a bit with a drill and put the air filter back on
  3. A bit of side to side play is usual but that looks decidedly wobbly. Does it click when you lift the piston straight up ?
  4. I've had a few bits from Garden Hire on eBay and not had problems. Worth a punt at £18 I'd think.
  5. A bit of chain oil in the drum shouldn't make much difference it will soon burn off with the friction, I'd have changed the drum at the same time. What is the sprocket like ?
  6. My grandson's iPhone was on charge in the kitchen when it just started to swell up and blew the screen across the room. It was a few years ago now but still makes me nervous of leaving things on charge if I'm not there.
  7. How thick is the oil you are running ?
  8. Do you mean use it in a saw running on pump fuel ? I've never had problems doing it with Aspen2 and it's pretty much same.
  9. Someone on opeforum made some in aluminium.
  10. Shouldn't be any duty on anything as low as £25. Threshold is something like £135 including postage.
  11. Do they look like the MS362cm or use the same carb ? They are the same colour an that's about all.
  12. Find out what kind of connector it is then you will probably get one for a couple of €. It looks like it might be a Molex type connector. Workshop manual shows the whole part as a trigger unit part number 1140 430 1000 Stihl MS 362 M-Tronic Parts List - CWM CHAINSAW-WORKSHOP-MANUAL.COM Stihl MS 362 M Tronic Chainsaw Parts Diagram
  13. Are you Buster Gonad by any chance ?
  14. That makes you 68 doesn't it. I was 70 last Sunday and I can start any of my saws in 4 pulls. That's MS460 to Husqvarna 135, toe through the back handle and a steady pull then a couple of quick ones. 044 sometimes takes a couple more on choke but it runs well. I do struggle for breath sometimes due to TB in my 30s but if you pace yourself and don't overdo it you get there eventually.


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