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  1. OK sorry, the other one is kind of famous round here🤨 Just looked and his daughter took over the carving side but he's doing the tools for the job. Sorry again and good luck over there.
  2. Ayup Robin, still making spoons and bowls ?
  3. He's probably worn it out by now 🤣
  4. How did this get to be in climbers talk and not tree health care ? Is it the wine ?
  5. It looks like the same part for the MS660 so they should still be easily available.
  6. peatff


    Chain speed looks impressive at 24m/second.
  7. It was on my warranty that I needed to register to get the extended warranty, didn't you read your paperwork ?
  8. peatff

    Air die grinder

    Get a set of attachments from Aldi when they have their electric ones in again. The abrasive drum sander attachments with rough abrasive are as good as you will get for removing rust. Some on ebay worth trying
  9. I had 170 with the bullet connector popping out of the holder on the choke linkage. I used a small tiewrap to hold it and it stays in now, been OK for a couple of years.
  10. We seem to get Hart's tongue fern growing out of every opportune cavity round here, it adds a bit of green.
  11. My splitter has a removable cross knife and it gets removed a lot. That does look high for the pusher plate to be effective. The cross knife blades don't need to be as long either. I'm modifying mine when I get my angle grinder back.
  12. peatff

    New saw time

    Buy it or we kneecap you ?
  13. Some RAL2004 paint on ebay for about £10 with post.
  14. I can buy paint from the local motor factor mixed to match and then put into the aerosol for £15.
  15. peatff

    New saw time

    I bet they can't even buy them in at that price, someone cocked up on that sale.


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