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  1. My friend had one and every time he fixed one thing another went wrong. It never ran well.
  2. How the hell do you hear that when the saw is running and you have ear protectors on The gasket doing the work is trapped between two layers of metal how can it make it leak? Oil will find the path of least resistance eventually, having colourant helps you spot it sooner and tells if it's oiling the bar so can only be a good thing.
  3. It's a petrol electric hybrid, a bit like the Toyota Prius of the saw world.
  4. The plugged line is a tank breather
  5. I don't use a vacuum, the opposite is my favourite. I use a blow gun on the compressor but make sure you have a mask and face/eye protection. Blow down before you start stripping.
  6. Bolt too long and has a shank
  7. That's my old climbing saw. Wasn't plastic invented then ?
  8. I resemble that remark and feel it is an insult to people who OOh look dicky birds....
  9. I was looking at splitters and settled on an ebay purchase from woodmanstore, a Black tools 18t splitter. It works in horizontal and vertical and is a good strong tool. I haven't found anything it will not tackle yet. If it doesn't split it minces the wood. My friend gave me a piece his home made splitter wouldn't touch to test it and it just cruised through it. There is a 2 way head with it but the wood gets trapped in it and has to be pushed out so I am looking at a modification. It is towable but they do a 22t model with suspension which would be nicer on the road.
  10. peatff

    Bar wear

    Wouldn't that cause it to cut a wider kerf ? It would cause it to cut round corners like having one set of cutters sharper.
  11. Wife and I were walking across a field with sheep in it a few years ago and she noticed all the sheep had disappeared. We turned round to look where they were and they were following about 10 yards behind us roughly 60 sheep in a big V formation. It was funny. Glad he's got something sorted, money back is a result.
  12. No it's almost back to perfect, it's just not how you want it to be 😀 Fence it and chuck a few pigs and goats in there it will soon look better.
  13. Never tied it, I cut wood that's been dumped down at the farm by a local tree surgeon and some of it has been stood for years but normal chains work fine on it. There has been Hornbeam in with it but I think the hardest wood I come across is some biggish Hawthorn. The worst thing for the chains is going into the ground or sometimes you get a stone in the actual wood. I've been using the Northern Arb Rotatech chains because they are cheap and they work well for the job.
  14. If there is it's not going to be the MS391, that's a farmer, home user chainsaw. More forestry oriented would be something like a Stihl MS362 if you are going the Stihl route. Holding their money is not a very good reason to buy a saw once you cut with them they are used and anyone will only pay what they think it's worth, you don't have a verified service history.
  15. With the twin spikes roller chain catcher in place do you need to unbolt it to get the clutch side cover off ? Scratch that, I just looked at a kit with the roller and it just pushes through the inner spike.


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