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  1. 560 fueling issue

    If it's letting more air in it should do the opposite and weaken the mixture on any saw till the auto tune corrects the mixture.
  2. Coins in trees. Anyone seen this before?

    That was Nora Batty. Ena had a hairnet.
  3. Anybody want Andrew Arbpro boots?

    Put the size in the post, someone might want them.
  4. Boiler stove?

    If you get the right size stove it will do the job but if you get a 6kw stove and put radiators on it you are splitting the output. If the water takes 3kw you will not still get 6kw out of the stove just the total divided.
  5. Only a thousand years ....give or take

    I don't believe it ( à la Meldrew) you had to admit she was right with no argument
  6. The rear wheels were more of a hindrance than a help stopping the barrow from balancing properly. Here's some proper barrows although some have too many wheels for my liking, you sometimes need to run up a plank into a skip.
  7. Old style Lorry tarps

    There was never anything nice soft and oiled about lorry tarps, I used to sheet and shunt wagons before curtain siders came in and had more pulled backs humping canvas sheets round especially when they were wet or full of icy water. They were not oiled either just canvas. Our depot used to deal with specialised canvas services Staveley for repairs and sheets.
  8. Universal Basic Income

    I read it as £10,000 over 2 years so £5000 a year for not long. Most of the long term unemployed round here would just see it as extra booze and fag money. I intend to use the money to enrich the local licensing trade
  9. Tarpen

    Electric hedge trimmer specially designed for outdoor use, as opposed to those for indoor hedges ?
  10. Does anyone demand payment on job completion?

    Got it Mark, which wing of the house did they film this in ?
  11. Stihl MS291 Hard to pull Starter Cord

    Is the ignition coil catching the flywheel, like a brake pad ? Was it hard to pull before you experimented with the spring ?
  12. Tractor charging system

    Looking that way, will the supplier swap it?
  13. Tractor charging system

    Is the warning light working ? It needs it for the regulator to start charging. What size pulley does it have and does it charge more when revving ? Does it change with the temp sensor wire disconnected ?
  14. Chimney fire causes?

    That just sounds like not enough ventilation in the room where the range is. Does it improve if you open a window ?
  15. what TV/Film character do you look like?

    So Stubby doesn't look like Marisa Tomei ?


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