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  1. Stop doing it then😂
  2. So you think the OP is not intelligent enough to realise what caused the damage and to avoid doing it in the future, you have a low opinion of him in my view Hoss.
  3. I don't need to pass a course and I like my saw enough to not torture it. The OP will learn from his mistake and if he has any common sense he will not cut off any body parts in the process. He now has enough experience not to run the saw hard with the brake on so he can choose his own course of action.
  4. I have half a dozen Rotatech chains for my 135 and have had no problems with any of them. I just use them till they get blunt or hit something then sharpen probably 4 at once with the Lidl electric bench sharpener. I did have one with a tight link once but it soon loosened up in use, no big drama.
  5. peatff

    Stihl recall

    I've repaired a couple of TS 410 machines, reluctantly. The chaps who used them were not who paid for them so were not too concerned with their welfare to say the least. Concrete dust kills them, if they were blown down occasionally and the filters changed they might last a bit longer and don't allow any neat petrol on the van it will get poured into the saw and used till it seizes then all knowledge of it will be denied.
  6. Always put your barrow near your muck and the best way to keep flies out of the kitchen is a barrowful of warm manure in the living room.
  7. That has been hot 😱 Put a new band on and try it then don't ever put the brake on to start the saw again.
  8. Which bit is broken ? Tension slide is available on L&S for pence
  9. If you read my sig I'm a weekend warrior and not a regular but I do cut some decent size wood and if the mature trees you are working on are any age they need something more substantial than a 435. My 135 is only on a 13" bar and any decent size mature trunk gets treated to the 044 or MS460 with 20" bar. The ebay dogs are a bargain, please rush me 2 sets HUSQVARNA CHAINSAW 435 440 DOG SPIKE LARGE ----- BOX1466 Open Box $210.95 Buy It Now +$16.95 shipping from United States Almost gone 46 sold Watch
  10. You need a bigger saw, what size bar are you using on the 435 ?
  11. It's a 41cc saw, why do you need more bite ? If you just want to pimp the saw that's fine but you don't need any more leverage or you'll just labour it. I have a 135 and the standard dogs are fine I don't think anyone pimps little Husqvarna saws. Get some 2mm plate and cut your own is my only other option.
  12. The standard mix is 50:1, 80:1 would be less oil
  13. I've had mine forever and really like the convenience of having spare chains to swap over and save a few till I have a sharpening session doing 4 or 5 at once. I do use files to sharpen on the saw while cutting.
  14. Is that set to 0° ?
  15. Gumtree is pretty good as long as you are not too optimistic with your pricing. Some ask as much as you can get a newer model like a recent Husqvarna 236 seller was asking £150 but you can get a new 120 for £130 at a lot of places.


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