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  1. peatff

    Chain oil

    I went to a local oil supplier last week for some hydraulic oil and noticed a sign on the counter, chain oil 5ltr for £8 Aztec oils at Bolsover. I picked some up and it looks nice and tacky.
  2. Mine has it and it's a Walbro carb, I got a rebuild kit on eBay for it. I don;t know what the other carb is but there is another one used on them not supposed to be as good though.
  3. A flying fox Stubby ? A Chinese meal if ever I saw one. Hold on that could cause problems.
  4. The snorkel on the top goes into the airbox.
  5. My 044 has standard filter and no decomp button, it's a 12mm little end and runs a 20" bar with no problems. It's plenty of power, I drilled a few 6mm holes in the baffle when I had the silencer off and it doesn't seem a lot louder for it.
  6. Chogi flu, is that like this Carnivorous that's going about ?
  7. Can I get one for the 135, it would be handy saving me moving round to get a better angle on the wood pile I reckon.
  8. You get a saw and an anagram what more could you want ?
  9. I've had mine a few years now, it doesn't get used a lot but it does the job when I need it to. I would have liked a good name top handle but can't get one as I am not a registered climber or they are too old and expensive second hand.
  10. Huztl.net do all the parts to build the 090 copy on their site but it's easier to buy the power head if you want one. They do MS660 copy kits as well.
  11. Huztl.net sells the power head on their website, blue with the Holzforma name on it. It has no chain brake though so it would be better used for milling.
  12. I'd have taken the corner off the cdi bracket on the bench grinder instead of grinding the case, but that's neither here nor there.
  13. The buildings are not made of wood any more so the fire is not going to spread like the original.
  14. Metering needle and diaphragm probably.
  15. There's a video in the advert showing it cutting wood but in the photos it's still back to front.


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