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  1. How’s that for blossom?

    Blooming lovely.
  2. Husqvarna Chain Snapped ! is this common ?

    I don't know about the chains but get yourself some gloves man
  3. Pro-Lite

    Just point to a reference where it says this and it might help clear up the confusion.
  4. Chainsaw maintenance Lanarkshire

    It just looks like a proper separate Woodruff key to me not one cast into the flywheel with the groove in the crank.
  5. 2 stroke

    Are you putting the oil in the fuel or up your bugle ? How did you associate the oil with the nasal beacon problem ? More likely to be a dietary or health problem than environment, eat more fruit and greens.
  6. Chainsaw maintenance Lanarkshire

    I don't understand how you can hear a misfire when you are pulling the start cord. If it runs alright when it's started it has no problem. What is your start procedure ? Video of one running here, is it yours ?
  7. Great new sharpening tool

    There's nothing wrong with my eyes but my arms need to be longer. I went to the Optician yesterday and my new specs will be here next week. I got my last pair in 2007 and still use them but the new ones are marginally stronger. 1.5 magnification from the pound shop is my shed prescription.
  8. Making the news today....

    Might work for people with a facebook account
  9. Ruined gloves

    You're supposed to let go when you throw it in.
  10. Royal Wedding

    Are you on HRT Vesp ?
  11. 4x4 pickup/van mpg's plus reliability

    New digital ones are equipped with this, Truvelo D cam there's one near us. Not many about as they are expensive.
  12. Favourite birds bats or bees

    My favourite birds to watch are Goldfinches, I grow teasels in the garden just to see them and listen to their twittering.
  13. A good mast year for Beech?

    It looks like it might be a good year for everything, our Birch tree has never had so many catkins. There were more catkins than grass in the mower last time out.
  14. Tree identification

    I cut one down in our back garden years ago, it grew from a sucker and was not long covering everything including half of next door's garden and too big for it's situation. Don't be tempted to try the fruit either, blackbirds love them but it's a trick.
  15. Is it worth holding out for the 462?

    You've got bars and chains I'd get a 461 unit only from Jones for £730.


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