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  1. I know... They're far too big to be real fairies!
  2. Himalayan honeysuckle, Leiceisteria formosa (I'm sure that's not spelled correctly!)
  3. So if I get a wallet, can it hold multiple coin types? Or does each currency have its own wallet? Can one crypto currency be traded directly for another, and if so, is that trade liable for tax, or not? I'm not really sure about all this! If it's decentralised and anonymous, how is it taxed? I appreciate if it's sold for GBP etc, then you'll theoretically owe tax on any profit made from increasing value since you purchased the crypto, but how would the government know when you originally got it? Hmm...
  4. The first nature site is quite good Gary, or Roger Philips big book is pretty comprehensive and can be picked up cheap now too...
  5. Maybe the Armillaria was a more recent infection of a struggling tree, and the cause of the canopy decline?
  6. I reckon beech is a good bet, but hard to be sure. Have you looked into its history? Why does it have that name, and is it mentioned in any local history books perhaps?
  7. All very true, and I can think of very few hispidus related failures of apples, and it is a very common host/fungi combination around here. Far more likely is branch breakage from the weight of the apples! But one other thought to consider is that if major branch loss due to extensive decay looks likely, a bit of tip reduction (or propping) could save a greater loss. And the lesser need to lay down reaction wood could allow an aging tree of dwindling energy reserves to use its resources on something more beneficial, like compartmentalisation of the decay, or producing more apples, which may break the branch! Hmm...
  8. ... Is it a new pisstaking record?! Or does £45 for a silver birch stick beat that even?
  9. I have a fondness for their blades too. I've got one of the carbon steel ones that takes such a wicked edge, it's almost a shame to dull it! Although I do get to sharpen it again though, which is quite therapeutic...
  10. Fair enough, can't be too cautious I suppose...


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