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  1. I swapped all my machines over to Aspen one by one when they needed a full service. I changed all the carb bits and rubber hoses, i buy Aspen in the orange can. I run Echo and Stihl gear and it works just fine. Only machine is a Koritz strimmer thats still on pump fuel and stihl red oil as i cant get parts for to change it to Aspen and daren't just try it as im afraid the fuel pipe will crumble and then the machine will be useless
  2. I recall a story on here of a team of three guys shoveling week old chip off a truck and all 3 ended up in hospital.
  3. Ive just been reading that people are up in arms about this saying that there will be thousands of more deaths on the roads due to this, an upside down caravan on every corner and a trailer in every ditch. Pre 1997 i dont recall a mass of trailer and caravan accidents.
  4. The KAT needs to run very hot for it to work efficiently, ive seen these exhausts glowing red and smoking ages after the saw has been turned off. The insulator pad and foil is there to stop the plastic from melting, if you leave it there it will do no harm when you fit the non KAT exhaust.
  5. HI, Welcome. Is that the KAT version? If it is throw that lot away and replace it with the nornal exhaust, one like this. Exhaust Muffler For Stihl 017 018 MS170 MS180 Chainsaw 130 140 0600 | eBay
  6. Are these blades any good? Its first time ive ever heard of them. Ive a good few self seeded black thorns to cut out at just under ground level 1 inch dimeter. Last back end was using a ms181 on a 12 inch bar but it became a struggle but it managed what i needed to do.
  7. Just recently on our local village facebook page there has been umpteen people asking if there is anyone in the village who fixes punctures on bikes. It infuriates me that people cant do this a very simple task for themselves. Basic knowledge of any small repairs will soon be a long gone thing.
  8. How important is the paint on the inside of the crankcases, the area where the bearings are? Ive rebuilt saws that have had scratches and gouges in this area due to broken up bearings and such like but never one like ive see today that the paint looks like its had paint stripper on it. Ive removed it and its all back to bare metal. Would this be ok to rebuild like this or does it need some sort of paint on?
  9. Ive never done any milling in my life but i would say the oil and fuel needs to be filled from the same side.
  10. Its not just gasket it will need though, if i were doing it it would also get cylinder gasket and crank seals, and new crank bearings as there is no point putting the old ones back in since youve got it apart. It all adds up very quickly.
  11. Not restarting once warm is IMO an invite to remove the exhaust and have a look at the piston, its a classic sign of a lean seizure.
  12. To make good money selling parts you need to be getting the saws free and not sell on ebay. I was watching a MS361 for spares or repairs on the bay as ive got a new P+C on the shelf and deeply regret seling my 361 years ago. It went for £240 plus £20 postage. About 3 weeks later a business seller listed loads of 361 bits and a picture of the saw they came off, the saw was the one i was watching, so i added up all cost of the parts, deducted the cost of saw an all ebays fees and he was making about £40 if everything sold. Guessing there was 5 hours work stripping, cleaning and listing. Now if he had got the saw for free that would make it worthwhile.
  13. Its been running far too long with the brake on, looks like the brake band has snapped just in time before it melts the plastic around it completely and the saw becomes unusable. I i wouldnt be surprised if the roller bearing cage is also damaged along with needing new clutch springs. Is it your first chainsaw?
  14. 80-1 id be whipping the exhaust off for a peek


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