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  1. im not sure how it works but on an episode of bangers and cash they had an old rusted out complete wreck of a cooper s mini on that was a very rare one (sold for 20k) and Derek the owner of Matthewsons the auctioneers drilled out the rivets on the vin plate and removed it saying that all the unscrupulous restorers who were viewing the car needed was the vin number to copy the vin plate and re register a shell.
  2. Ive been using the Stihl comfort harness on my new FS560 for a couple of hours and i dont think the harness is ideal for this weight of strimmer, is the Husky Balance harness still regarded as the best out there.
  3. It was going up daily at my local BP (east yorks) its got to 199.9 and its stayed there for 2 weeks now. So no increase for a fortnight. Something fishys going on.
  4. There is a guy on here with a leather jump suit, motorbike helmet and a ladder thats not afraid of getting into tricky jobs, he may pop along with advice but its a while since we last heard from him.
  5. out of curiosity as to how different the stihl 2 blade is against the oregon 3 blade i picked up a stihl 2 blade cheap on ebay and ive tested it on the FS400 this afternoon, i can safely say i will not be using the oregon 3 blade again.
  6. Happens all the time if you dont keep up on checking the valve clearences every 20 hours use or so. It will be pretty much a write off, valve guide will be knackered, valve seat will be dented so a new valve wont seal and as these are parts of the cylinder it makes a uneconomical repair, piston will probable have half the valve stuck in it, con rod will possibly be slightly bent. 38mm dia piston is a km90, 40mm is a km100 and 43mm diameter is km130.
  7. ebay purchase? I'll be 99 percent sure the piston is scored. As above take exhaust off and check the state of the piston before spending any money on anything else.
  8. The way it used to work was to direct you to the official GOV.UK site and then your reference number wouldnt be accepted so you ring the number and this is the scammers, they then take the reference number and start calling you by your name and give you your address because they have your details registered under that reference number, they then try and get you to make the outstanding payment by debit card over the phone. Then once theyve got the payment and youve hung up they go to town and take what ever else is in your account.
  9. Ive a 4mm three armed mulcher on a Stihl FS400, it batters most things put in front of it but i wouldnt attempt to knock down anything like 1 inch Blackthorn with it. I dont use the mounting cup as i like to skim the blade across the ground so everything is cut at ground level. It does wear the cutter down but a quick sharpen with the angle grinder every half hour keeps it sharp.
  10. ChrisNewport


    no, i mean the flywheel side.
  11. ChrisNewport


    MS260 with a good few years behind it, id be checking the flywheel side crank seal.
  12. The ergo spring is as weak as piss and will fail when you need the blower the most, from what i was told that too much fuel mixture was entering the cylinder and creating too much compression (kind of hydro lock) if you missed the pop on choke or gave it too many pulls causing the ergo spring to fail. go on ebay and search for bg86 spring and see how many have been sold, it tells you all you need to know how weak they are.
  13. The 86's are ok if you pull out the ergo easy start system or what ever they are calling it now and replace it with the conventional starter. If youre buying from a half decent dealer they will do it for you foc.
  14. for how long whilst it was running? the clutch will get hot if it was running a while with the brake engaged and any crud in there will soon start to smoke.


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