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  1. ive seen a video on this site of someone modifying the factory fitted oil pump to pump more oil. For the life of me i cant find it but a google search shows forums with pictures of what to do.
  2. Have you changed the coil recently?
  3. More than likely the filter inside the tank has fallen off and its sucked shite into the pump like others have said.
  4. @Gav73 if the offer is still open, the ebay one turned up and its the choke version, the seller says the picture is of the non choke version but they are no longer available. So im after the carb if youre willing to let it go.
  5. After much trawling on ebay and enlarging every photo ive found one, Twice the price of the ones with the choke though. Thanks for the offer.
  6. The hole is deffinately supposed to be there, there is only 1 pipe leading from the primer into the carb, there is no return. From what i can make out it pushes air in to the fuel bowl and forces a little petrol out through the main jet to prime as it doesnt have a choke. The only way i can see for the primer to get full of fuel is the float isnt shutting the needle off fully and eventually overnight its filling up. Trying to find spare carb parts is proving tricky. The engine looks like a rv150 thats on some mowers but they have a different carb.
  7. Been gifted a used one that was leaking fuel from carb area, it appears to be leaking from the hole in the primer bubble. I dont think that this bubble should have fuel in it as it seems to be an air purge system as there is supposed to be a hole in the bubble. Am i correct in thinking this?
  8. Does it start and rev up and the blades still dont move? Usual problem of the blades not moving is the pin on the main drive gear has snapped.
  9. My pal did run his ebay account as a business account even though he wasnt, ebay forced him to do so because he was selling so much of his deceased fathers stuff he opened a shop on there so it was easier to list, sort and keep an eye on. He put a good clean 084 on there and it sold for £600 plus £25 postage, 2 weeks later the buyer got in tough wanting to return it saying its bigger than he thought and was worried about using it (changed his mind) as a business and distance selling regulations he had to accept the return by law. The saw arrived back and it had done 2 weeks solid sawing, the guy who bought it had a free saw for 2 weeks and obviously got all his big logs cut up.
  10. Hes pulling your leg, let ebay decide the outcome. Big mistake sending him pictures of it apart though. When ebay ask for evidence or somewhere you can write about the case, state that parts needed to be removed to service like it was stated in the sellers description of needing a service and its then it exposed the saw as fit for the scrap.
  11. I saw that one and was instantly drawn to the clamp on the inlet manifold which doesn't look like its fitted correctly
  12. Send it back, its not as described, it doesnt start and run brilliant as once its warm it cuts out, which t will. Make sure you open the case as not as described and you will get your money back. it may take 2 weeks but you will get it.
  13. Yup, thats no good. piston is scrap and cylinder will be worse on exhaust side than it is on inlet side, it may clean up with a bit of work but it may not. I assume you bought it off ebay. If you send it back they may be a honest seller with no knowledge of the lean seizure and refund you. If they advertised it as spares or repairs hoping this was their get out of jail card because they knew of the lean seizure and you tell them that the piston is scored they will know youve had it apart and will inform ebay of this and then they dont have to give you your money back if it goes to ebay to settle the dispute.
  14. on re assembly the oiler spring sits in the cut out in the clutch drum, the line on the top of the drum aids re- alignment
  15. is chain moving when pulled? ive seen one that was left ticking over with brake on for half an hour and everything around the clutch melted and stuck together.


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