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  1. I am an NPTC chainsaw assessor and I am required to hold FAW in order to carry out assessments. Ironically, it doesn't specify that it must be + F but that makes it more industry specific - crush injuries, major bleeding, Lyme's disease.
  2. Any spaces available on a 3 day First Aid at Work course ideally with +F. In the past I have arranged my own course and booked a trainer but all the people I trained with last time have moved away or changed jobs. Based in Oxfordshire but willing to travel. Cheers, Nick
  3. I didn't do the work but I know the tree well. I am trying not to be too critical as I know it is all too easy to jump on other Arb work. It was probably a lapsed pollard and 1 of the major scaffolds failed showing signs of included bark, but I personally don't believe this justified the pruning that was done, and it was very hasty without a chance for a more considered response.
  4. Recent strong winds caused damage to this mature horse chestnut tree leading to remedial pruning. I would be interested to hear people's balanced honest opinions? Photos show the tree before, following storm damage and after pruning.
  5. I see Gustharts stock Rock Exotica karabiners, I wonder if they make a D shape autolock that fits in the Hydra?
  6. Can anyone suggest a wide backed karabiner that will fit through the eyes in a Rock Exotica Hydra? I am currently using ovals (Petzl and DMM) which fit fine but it gets a bit congested with the spiderjack, but my Stein and DMM non ovals won't fit. Thanks
  7. Here's a video of a guy who made his own jig that uses the hydraulic log clamp to angle the cant over. Very neat but probably beyond my fabricating skills.
  8. Is anyone sitting on a jig for cutting feather edge cladding or shingles that they could be tempted to sell? I have a couple of jobs coming up cutting cladding. I normally just cut parallel square edge or waney edge cladding but one of the clients are keen for feather edge and I would like to be able to offer this in the future. It is for a woodmizer LT40 but I know a number of other manufacturers make them. Ideally it needs to clamp to the bed and be able to angle the cant over every other cut. I have seen a few home made jigs but I don't have the time or skills to fabricate something. Cheers Nick
  9. Has anyone got pictures of this sort of setup or similar 50mm ball hitch on the clevis. I know I can turn the clevis bar upside down to adjust the height and a rough measure against my shin suggests it should be about the right ride height give or take.
  10. Right, I want to tow the alpine on my ifor flatbed trailer behind the Valtra for short journeys between sites on the road, but still want to be able to tow it behind the Hilux for longer journeys. Options are 1. Swap pick up hitch with clevis bar and replace the 50mm ball hitch on the ifor trailer with a ring hitch. What weight are drop in clevis pins rated to tow? Are there different diameter ring hitches, would it be compatible with a standard ball and pin hitch on the Hilux? 2. Fit a pin with 50mm ball to the clevis bar, but I can't find any that are rated to tow more than 2000kg 3. Get a 3pt linkage tow hitch with 50mm ball, this is arguably the best option as towing height can be adjusted, but it is not legal on the road! Any other suggestions would be welcome.
  11. I haven't really had any problems with my Tajfun processor but I can add my vote to Kilworths being a pleasure to deal with when I have technical queries or need parts for the alpine etc. Nick
  12. This is the other option. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hydraulic-Flange-Separator-Integral-Hydraulic-Spreader-Fire-Rescue-Expander-Tool/143226989346?hash=item2158fe6b22:g:BiAAAOSw7upcwCUf It has 14t spreading capacity and appears to have wider jaws but it's starting to get into more serious money and might not be the highest quality, plus there is the uncertainty of delivery timescale and import duty. Still, it is a fraction of the cost of the hydraulic felling wedge sold by Clarkes and others for effectively the same thing.
  13. The proper mechanical wedges only have a spreading width of 80mm so very similar. If backing up with conventional wedges which we would be you could open the cut, wedge, insert the jaws further, open the cut more, repeat. Can't be worse than beating high lift wedges till your eyeballs bleed!
  14. Has anyone tried using something similar to this to act as a mechanical / hydraulic felling wedge? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Portable-Manual-Hydraulic-Pressure-Flange-Expand-Expander-Spreader-6T-Tool-Box/192872522144?_trkparms=aid%3D555018%26algo%3DPL.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D57477%26meid%3Db2d89e1ec0384e508967dc377055791f%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D5%26sd%3D273395688795%26itm%3D192872522144&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851 I have a load of big beech and softwood to fell on tonnage avoiding pheasant pens etc. and would like a fancy mechanical felling wedge such as the Koller or Eder but can't justify the £580 price tag. I have thought about a low profile bottle jack but there is all the extra time and waste of timber cutting the notch for it This has a 6t force and a maximum opening of 77mm. Can anyone give their thoughts or suggest any potential problems? Ta


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