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  1. Nice one whens best for pick up
  2. Hi can i ask is there any of this left
  3. Hi there I'm looking for anyone selling coord around the ln8 post code area (lincoln) I'm more than happy to pickup myself as my usual supply has dryed up. Thanks and happy new year to u all
  4. What a fantastic opportunity all i need to do is get my tickets sorted out........................ So now I must go and sweet talk the wife to let go of my wallet lol
  5. Do what I do find ur local pallet yard and ask if they have any scrap pallets I get all mine for free.
  6. So I'm scraping around to gather funds so I can get my tickets all sorted and my old 32's may have to go. Got two of them one with chain break and one with out both gonna have to go as spaires/repairs. One without break on is my first every saw and has served me well takes a bit of time to get it going but she dose run. One with the break on brought that so I could rob the parts off it but never got round to doing anything with it, it will strike up but won't run. Will put some pics up tomorrow of em both. Oh and there both on 18's
  7. That's OK was thinking that myself as I would only be able to pick a few ton at a time but hay worth an ask thanks
  8. Hello I'm very interested but I'm near Lincoln 80 miles away would u pos have any picks
  9. Hi all ive got 50 nets of kindling on offer was looking for £1.80 no vat per net can deliver localy to ln8 3nn Packed net size is H 45cm L 30cm W 25cm Kindling is made from pallet wood and all is done by hand yes i know im mad
  10. good point lucan forgot it was unseasoned
  11. if u put say 10kg in each net then u should get 100 nets per ton so a 25 ton load should get around 2500 net i would say on average but i could be wrong
  12. Just had a look as I've got a 55 plate transit tipper recall is on the euro5 2.2 engine models I'm OK as mines got the 2.4
  13. will come with dust pan and brush in hand lol just let me know where and when and i will be there
  14. Can I come down with the saw ring it up saves u a job then


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