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  1. Bandsaw blades

    Great thanks I have got one ordered not many seem to sell that size,the tuff saws website is simple to use which I found great cheers
  2. Bandsaw blades

    Hi I have been trying to find a 3/16 blade at 93ins but I can't find one any where my bandsaw is a record bs300e can anyone help please cheers
  3. Carving book

    Hi I've got the carving a bear and carving a eagle books by Jamie doeren there really good with step by step instructions and pictures
  4. Echo cs5500 parts

    Hi all could anyone tell me where I can get parts for this saw in this country(UK)I can only find some parts in America thanks Sent from my HTC Desire 626 using Arbtalk mobile app
  5. Quick practice bear.

    That's great what do you use for the eyes? Sent from my HTC Desire 626 using Arbtalk mobile app
  6. Christmas Day alphabet game

    Roman Sent from my HTC Desire 626 using Arbtalk mobile app
  7. Look after your pennies

    Totally agree with you starscream,miserable buggers
  8. Carburettor repair

    Great thanks lads I'll keep you posted on how i get on cheers
  9. Carburettor repair

    Hi there just bought a repair kit for walbro wt500 carb on a husqvarna 225h60 hedgecutter has anyone done one of these if so are they relatively easy and do you have any tips as it's my first cheers
  10. How to start

    There's a couple of books on bears and eagles by jamie doeren which are quite good
  11. The new guard dog

  12. Husky 45 choke lever

    Hi no mine has orange top,didn't realise they were virtually the same il have a look for a 40 one thanks for your help
  13. Husky 45 choke lever

    Hi I'm tryin to find a lever for the 45 can't find one is there another saw which would also fit that saw cheers
  14. I need some help

    Done good luck


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