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  1. Self locks when falling. Videos on YouTube. Can lock in place for working.
  2. It'll follow your (2nd) rope and you as it's attached to your bridge by the sorber.
  3. I have a butterfly harness that only has 1 bridge so I used a 10mm rope (thickest prussic loop I had) with fishermans knots through the webbing loops following the path of the metal shackles of the original bridge and added a ring on it ("I you like it, should have put a ring on it..ah ah ah") but I digress. The petzl ASAP Lock and sorber 40 (you have to have either the 20 or 40 sorber (lanyard)) sits on a semi static rope. I had a Yale imori rope available so I used that. The ASAP Lock attaches midline and follows you. You can lock it off for work positioning with the push of a button. My main line is ddrt with a zz and rope guide. I dabble with srt but don't like the really taught line right in front of my face which to me just seems very vunerable(?). It's stupid I know but that's how it is. Maybe it's because it's semi static and looks stretched as opposed to a static line that doesn't deform as much. P.s. it has been pointed out to me that a retrieval ball within the vicinity of the zz is verboten. Oh well. Don't copy that then. In fact don't copy anything in case it's wrong and you sue me (p.p.s. if you do .. I'm not worth much).
  4. The bungee cord has snapped on my haas. I don't know what it is technically to search for it. I've asked at chandler's (boat shops) but their bungee/ shock cord is little strands not 4mm thick rubber. Any ideas welcome. Thanks.
  5. @mark skyland. The petzl ASAP Lock gets the thumbs up πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ from me. Much easier than feeding an srt setup and you can lock if off when you need to. You almost don't know it's there (other than feeding the extra line about obviously). And a 2nd bridge helps with the crossing of kit. Thanks for the goodies too.
  6. Yep it's right for srt. I only had 1 bridge today reducing a big poplar and got twisted a few times when I changed tree sides. I've just added a second bridge (which will probably invalidate something somewhere) to see if that eases things. But yes rope management is a 'mare. Add in a rigging system and it gets really fun.
  7. So .. equipment manufacturers ... Are you getting this ... 2 bridges with further support for a fall arrester without being a full body harness for those unable to wear them...
  8. No, only 1 on a butterfly. Guess I'll have to plan my route around the tree a bit better (or accept it's a pita that happens)
  9. Oh well .. we'll see. Can't wear a fbh cos of a badly healed collarbone injury. Anyway .. today .. reducing a very big poplar with rigging .. went ok til you have to remove one of your 2 anchor points .. now what HSE? Keep crossing the systems on the bridge and having to reset them. System doesn't lend itself to trees.
  10. Cool πŸ‘ thanks. As it turns out, the asap lock was what I brought.
  11. Work & Safety Analysis Reports | IRATA International IRATA.ORG Work & Safety Analysis Reports,IRATA - Live,The Leading...
  12. .. and it's good for your business too .. as I've just added another 162 to your bank balance πŸ˜‰
  13. As a supplier and hopefully someone with more knowledge of the systems available across the irata stuff too maybe you can suggest things.????


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