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  1. Hi .. noticed you had a thread about tw150 rads. mines just gone too. what did you do in the end? ta warren 

  2. warren

    Knights Place Farm

    Sat Nav will not find it. It's in the slip road on the A2 from strood after the waterworks. Exit onto London bound A2 and come back via Cobham turnoff if necessary. Tip site itself .. surface is road planings. Go over the bridge. Turn left and call at the café which is in the stable yard (at the end) if your first visit.
  3. Tbh. No idea. Seems a waste to waste it. Yes I could get 10years of firewood from it. Where/how I sell it after is another question. So many questions. Bloody jobs giving me a headache already.
  4. Gents .. I've got 6*90' sweet chestnuts to come down . All straight. Be a shame to log it or worse biomass it. Is it worth getting a mill in?
  5. Found this at the edge of a field .. someone suggested it was burls .. my thoughts are that it's epicormic regrowth that's been nibbled back by livestock .. will perform a biopsy to find out soon .. if nothing special at least it's a natural bowl. So .. if it is nothing special how would you go about 'cleaning' it up (thinking of Arbor plane disk)???
  6. Dear auntie arbtalk. As a tree surgeon.. at the end of the day I'd tip my logs off and run indoors for a shower... Now I find myself carefully taking them off the truck and stacking them and reaching for the PVA and a paint brush ... Help ...I don't know what's happening to me.... I find myself watching videos of strange men with monotonous voices talking about and caressing wood. Is this normal?
  7. should i try this ... or run a mile ??? (berberis) Was thinking of resin .. but it's all witchcraft to me
  8. warren


    Thank you 7d. ok. As it happens i cut the hedges of the chairman of kent woodturners yesterday (i didn't know he was until i saw the lathe in the shed and asked his missus) .. anyway he suggested i stop the lathe and 'spot' sand the marks out then go up the grits to remove the sanding marks ... it worked. Previously i was just holding the sandpaper against the rotating bowl. Now gotta get the tenon off without a jam chuck or cole jaws.
  9. warren


    by the way, i'm fairly sure that the timber is yew not cherry. yep - now that's just embarrassing :) Thank you all. I was loaned a lathe last week and this is my first one. Seems simple now once someone explains that you use the tool to get a completely flat surface and the each grade of sand paper is to get rid of the previous grades marks. I've really only sanded skirting boards before - so this is a whole new bowl-game (!)
  10. warren


    Tis is all very new to me. So no i wasn't dampening it .. tomorrow i will. Thank you.
  11. warren


    When do i stop? Seem to have been at it for hours and still looks like it needs more. This is cherry and I've gone to 150grit. Do i keep going til the marks are gone with the 150 or lower then use finer grit? And around the knot ... will sanding polish the dull bits (end grain?) out or do i need to do something else? Ta
  12. I'm a tree surgeon (no shit sherlock). I want to buy a lathe to turn bowls from the stuff i cut down (as a hobby to start with). Would hmrc throw a wobbly if i brought one through the company to use up my tax dollars rather than give it to them ???
  13. I used too .. but as we all know it just composts and they end up with a lot of mud eventually.
  14. So you wont want these then ...


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