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  2. like yourself, started with an M7, and moved on to an HM126, on a trailer, ok it wont quite go where the logosol went, but production is way higher, quality about the same, a lot less wastage and sawdust, and uses a lot less fuel, no 2 stroke to mix, no chain oil to fill up......water and fairy liquid !, and the biggest bonus, its a lot quieter, all the tricks you learned oin the M8 still apply on the bandsaw, the only advice I would give above other things, check the you tube videos from independant users, and when you build it, read the manual cover to cover to start with, and do it like it says, especially when setting up tracking and levels.......woodlands are great machines, but have quirks, ........my M7, it now only gets used if I have to break something to big down to fit on the bandmill, or for special wide slabs for tabletops
  3. wish my 357 was heated grips model so thats a cracking deal for one.
  4. They stole it simple. Had exact down to the T happen with someone sending a very expensive reel to Shimano nie on a £1000 ultra well packed as pride and joy then got same as you. Bring it up on social media Twitter and Arsebook and keep reposting
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  6. eggsactly that, just carry on, if you get stopped it will be for something else and the tax business will not feature. I taxed the bike with 3 days mot left and see that has been extended . I'll get it tested in the week if I have time as last thing I want is to have to work on it in January.
  7. Easy, just put a little note on the windscreen saying "Tax in post"
  8. Lol don’t worry yourself about what I’ve been doing.
  9. Funny that, as it seems that you're more paranoid about whoever it is trying to control our every move and needing to fight against it, but from what you've said it sounds like you've been following most of the rules or guidance that we've been set to live by even though you don't agree with them.
  10. Good boy 👦 You are going down the ifs and buts route again. pubs were closed by the way until yesterday and I never said everyone is out to get us. I think this virus might be making you a tad paranoid. Warm cup of cocoa shut the curtains, stick to the rules and you will be ok. Sleep tight.
  11. I shouldn't have to, I've paid my money (as far as I know) and want everything in place. Why should I do any more? It's that sort of attitude that lets these government agencies get away with it, if I hadn't renewed my road tax and got a tug I'd get shafted. They want to get their house in order.
  12. Typical of some of the ijuts I have had to deal with on eBay that have no comprehension of what an Auction is.....you bid, you buy, you pay.....simple, it isn't a lifestyle choice, you aren't in Primark!!! Joe is a good bloke, he may have been a bit premature but knowing him, he will have it!
  13. Doesn't surprise me. We have had a few parcels destroyed, apparently, due to shipping out things like marker spray and boot wax! Its OK to ship them in a parcel force van but not a royal mail one for some reason! We have learnt the hard way. I dont think we have ever had a lost parcel returned to us even though every parcel has our address on an A4 sheet of paper inside.
  14. Print it out, take your phone, or show the evidence to the magistrate. Either way you won’t ultimately have an issue.
  15. There is a lot of this going on, been waiting for a MS200T top end for a while now, nothing I can do about it, it is what it is and will fit it when it lands. Not making life easy but can't change it so don't worry about it! I duck and dive, get inventive on priorities....not much else you can do!
  16. Hawthorn hedge height reduction | Rose Tree Care ROSE-TREE.CO.UK When Kettering Conference Centre, formally Kettering Leisure Village (KLV) had a problematic hedge they called...
  17. I will keep believing those who are professionals in their field. Those who are still saying we should have locked down earlier and we should still have tighter restrictions in place, these are medical experts who advise the government but their views fall on deaf ears as the government want us back out at work. You just keep believing that everyone is out to get us. I would rather listen to experts than someone down the pub who just uses their 'common' sense. Over 11,000,000 infected and over 500,000 dead, imagine what that would be if most of the planet wasnt isolating for the last three months, 10 times, 100 times more?
  18. On the plus side, JackP is out there doing his best to earn some money, making mistakes and learning along the way, rather than just moaning - not all bad.
  19. Nepia gave the long answer, I thought I'd give the short one.
  20. 190,000 new cases yesterday, compared to 160,000 last week, seems like its climbing to me. Im talking globally mainly due to those countries not who arent imposing a proper lockdown. It is declining in the UK for now.
  21. You are totally not getting the other view that things are not and never were as bad as made out. You create if and but possible scenarios to justify the current situation. I’m happy to think for myself that’s been my argument all along. By the way I’ve had zero as in not a penny off anyone since this started. I stand by what I say as in total blind obedience by the public to state instructions without any question are not a good thing. listen you have an opinion as do I. You are obviously more than happy to follow the rules etc. You do that I’ll do what I am within the current limitations imposed upon us.
  22. Old thread- does anyone know of Loler inspector Leeds/York. ? Thanks
  23. Well, true to form, I’ve had no reply from the guy who initially wanted it, so now it’s up for grabs if you are interested Joe?
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