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  2. nepia


    Don't think bamboo sprouts from top growth; it sure didn't when I chipped my own back onto the ground it had been growing in. If you put the roots through the chipper though...😣
  3. josharb87

    the 'todays job' thread

    What's the wifi controls Ian?
  4. topchippyles

    Advice Wanted - Best Timber for Building Windows

    Softwood go for douglas fir and harwood oak, idigbo, mahogany or redwood
  5. eggsarascal

    Road side Oak.

    About another ridiculous statement you've just made?
  6. Mark2

    Road side Oak.

    I could weep I really could.
  7. Today
  8. eggsarascal

    Road side Oak.

    It isn't his tree, I doubt he's got any say whether it comes down or not.
  9. Mark2

    Road side Oak.

    Say’s it all about trigger really !
  10. Hi - looking for some advice and opinions on the best wood to build some windows. The softwood ones in our current home are less than 10 years old and many are simply rotting away. Despite being reasonably well cared for. The Pine [Deal?] they are made from flexes and moves in the heat and cold - and it's not long before water enters the end-grain and the rot starts. The movement also seems to 'blow' the double glazing units with alarming regularity too. We didn't fit them - and there's no warranty or come back. I've replaced a couple with joinery-made windows made from Accoya. Brilliantly stable and supposedly durable - the problem is they cost a fortune. So I've resolved to make some more replacements myself. Windows have to be wood - not interested in uPVC or aluminium. They will be painted - but want to use a hardwood - or [like Accoya] a durable/chemically altered softwood. It needs to be readily available and not be so exotic as to cost an arm and a leg. Have researched and researched - and just got more confused. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  11. billpierce

    Beech Takedown close to Building

    Aye nice vid. Rigging look nice and smooth. Slightly relieved to hear it was a 2 day job, was thinking surely the days arent long enough to rig along that in day. Thanks for posting!
  12. Elaine Travis

    Show us your website!

    Here is one of mine: https://www.crewetreesurgeon.co.uk
  13. Chris93


    Best value trousers for ground work under £100?
  14. slack ma girdle

    Beech Takedown close to Building

    Hope you cleaned the gutters out while you were next to them. Good the see the the branches and logs running so no shock loading.
  15. Khriss

    New 880

    My ha'penny's worth , would be 3/4 throttle fr first tankful, an wear stripey socks just in case. K
  16. Stihl123

    the 'todays job' thread

    had a nice job on the last 3 days
  17. saintsman54

    Advice on woodland planting

    have a look on ESC (Ecological Site Classification), if you input location, soil moisture and a few other factors, it gives the suitability of various hard and softwood species. Its also possible to model how they would fare with climate change predictions. http://www.forestdss.org.uk/geoforestdss/
  18. gobbypunk

    New 880

    Hi should have said Fuel up not foul , but cool as new saw
  19. High Scale

    splicing used 16 strand

    You need to keep tension on the eye when you splice double braid to stop the eye bunching up like Liros splice in your picture.
  20. High Scale

    splicing used 16 strand

    Used 16 strand is not easy to splice but is possible, the trick is to keep everything smooth and take your time. I did this one last week, admittedly I took the core out as itsvonly being used as a tool lanyard.
  21. ForestryFinance

    Arblease how it works

    I guess everyone has different criteria - fair enough. I've seen stuff (granted maybe its more on the HP side) for £250,000 accepted by funders without any questions...suppose the easy answer is "it depends".
  22. kevinjohnsonmbe


  23. LeeGray

    Arblease how it works

    As previously said I was told I’d need it over 25k, first phone call just to enquire about terms/price.
  24. ForestryFinance

    Arblease how it works

    Needing to supply accounts usually isn't anything to do with the deal size, its to do with how much of an assessment the lender can make of the risk of the customer from the information they have from credit referencing agencies. If they can't see from a basic search of company or individual then they will either decline it or ask for accounts to support.
  25. High Scale

    Rock exotica akimbo

    I'll keep climbing on mine though.
  26. High Scale

    Rock exotica akimbo

    Apparently it won't get a CE mark as it's adjustable.
  27. Khriss

    Road side Oak.

    ....ummm, he wants lots of cash?? K
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