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  2. Irrationally angry some might say. you lost me on physician
  3. Rightfully angry and, physician, get bigger yourself. These systems exist because people play ball.
  4. Wow. Looks brilliant to me, that's looks like a long project. Congrats on finishing
  5. You’re an angry little man aren’t you. Grow up and get over it, you’re cutting off your nose to spite your face
  6. ****************ing don't. I've been struggling with this in my head for years. I spend a lot on fuel and a lot on fuel taxes but, like others, I consider myself to not be a tax collector.
  7. Thanks a lot. The nuts are from my tree. Do you know if it is likely to grow more like a tree or bush and should I be cutting off the growth from the root ball and lower trunk? Is the wild hazel called Corylus Avellena?
  8. Im not sure anyone’s a vat fan, but it’s there all the same. I’m a fan of being registered rather than not being! Every one of those £100 petrol receipts you get when you fill up are just an expense receipt to the non registered. To me they are a £10 voucher, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg
  9. If the nuts in your photos are from your tree, It’s a wild hazel. Not Turkish. Turkish hazel has a very strange looking cup, with lots of sticky bits. [emoji106]
  10. Today
  11. It has had some stem growth on the roots and trunk and I have cut them off as I didn't want anything growing from the root ball. I'd much prefer a tree than a bush. Is there anyway to tell definitely which variety of Hazel it is? Someone mentioned the Turkish Hazel before and this looks quite tree like from the Google images I've found.
  12. We all earn money as we have to make a living, but for many many years now i have said we only have it to play with for a very short time as our government and the powers that be only let us have the full value for very little time,, How long does a £1 actually last ? before the government has got it all back, we are taxed to the hilt in this country with hidden taxes on nearly all every day items/activaties !! So we are all tax collectors in a way but it just all ends up in the same pot and it aint ours, How many transactions does it take before the government has the whole £1 back in there safe keeping, as i am sure some one some where back in history decided joe public was not fit to have money !!! and that T - - T who decided income tax was a good idea should of been hanged,,,,,
  13. Possibly yes, but forget about the one on the motor if its tipping. (Round one same as starter solenoid) The one Bob pointed out is the likely culprit. There should be a part number on it. Most good auto factor or agri places will have one, if not they should have it next day. Bin and replace and you're good to go.
  14. there was a 6 year old boy his mother changed his name and dressed him in girls clothes told the school of her decision and threatened them with prosecution if they did not do what she wanted i do not think a 6 year old has the faintest idea about gender i think its down to the parents
  15. AlisonSquirrel

    Red Squirrel

    Looking for any barkmulch or woodchip to help rengernate the life back into our children's woodland space. Used everyday but the volume of children is having an affect on the floor. Lots of tree roots showing which would benefit from being protected
  16. I met Henry on my LOLER course, you couldn’t ask to meet a nicer guy. Whoever goes for this could do far worse for themselves. 👍
  17. My take on this is that is simply not right to allow anyone to decide so young that they need gender "reassignment", what will they want to be in another couple of years? When they change their minnds, and Vicky yes but no but yes but no Pollard springs to mind Never mind some of the fruitcake "parents" encouraging such nonsense. And the nutcases running some of the "enabling" charities. Both aided and abetted by the newspapers and TV, with the oxygen of publicty. And tought-not-sorry but the "if you dont do what I want I will kill myself" manipulation is fornicating the system up for the few with genuine problems. aka "the boy who cried wolf". etc etc etc the NHS is truely fornicating fornicated. P.S. The wife was just telling me about some young female athelete who damaged an ankle beyond repair, rendering her uncompetetive, she wanted the NHS to amputate the still servicable limb, and fit a blade or prosthetic, so that she could compete(and win) in the Paraolympics! F.F.S! Thank God they refused.
  18. Fair point lads. I doubt we’ll change it any time soon though. For the record I never said I was a VAT fan.
  19. Thing is Stu with woke fruitcakes like yourself enough is never enough, I find it had to disagree with any of HBDs post. I’ve no gripes with gay individuals or indeed if you actually want to wear a dress or are in fact a woman called Stu. But NHS funding this madness 🤷‍♂️ It’s just insane. Myself yes I’d love a full head of hair and to look like Brad Pitt but alas that’s not the cards I’ve been dealt. Should I go to NHS and say I’ve mental health problems and need a few procedures and a hair transplant 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️Some may do and I think that’s as wrong as what we are describing here. Deal with what life has dealt you how I was brought up. NHS is not a bottomless pit of money.
  20. I used a grinding and sharpen company near me, then get a bench grinder and made a jig to sharpen my 150 blades. Always took a couple of pairs to be sharpened cost me £20.
  21. Do you want to come and work for the best and be looked after at the same time? We are looking for climbers to join our team. Please only apply if you are reliable and committed. GREAT RATES OF PAY AND A QUARTERLY BONUS 33 DAYS HOLIDAYS A YEAR - WE UNDERSTAND R&R IS IMPORTANT TRAINING PAID FOR - PERSONAL GROWTH IS PART OF OUR CULTURE AND IMPORTANT TO US REGULAR WORK SOCIALS - BRINGING THE TEAM TOGETHER IS IMPORTANT TO US HRG Tree Surgeons has worked hard to develop a company culture, underpinned by our core values. HRG Tree Surgeons has a bold ambition. It is our aim to be one of the UK’s top 100 businesses to work for. To help us achieve that, we have made it our mission to create a company culture unlike any other in our industry. As a business and as individuals, our company values guide our actions as we go about our business. COMMITMENT TEAMWORK TRUST PASSIONATE SAFE Please contact 07753459704 or email [email protected]
  22. Three things: death, taxes and some peasant with a pitchfork eventually getting sick of the latter.
  23. Agreed - two things are guaranteed in life - death & taxes (or something like that)
  24. With regards yo the use of NHS funds, it's a difficult one and a case of weighing up the pros and cons of carrying out procedures. Do you take account of a child's strongly beld feelings and "beliefs" about how they feel, or dismiss them and tell the child that they're too young to know what they think or feel. From what I understand the decisions aren't made lightly or quickly and certainly shouldn't be as highlighted in the case currently in the news, but in pre-pubescent children there is an understandable reason for using those drugs sooner rather than later. If that child's wishes are denied and their feelings/beliefs continue, the cost to the NHS etc as a consequence of subsequent mental health issues could be much higher. Obviously they may change their mind in some cases, but they may well continue to hold the same feelings. Regarding the whole science thing, a male child with X and Y chromosomes will always have those chromosomes, will never be able to have a womb and will never be able to get pregnant. So I suppose you could say they will never be genetically female. However they may wish to be regarded and treated as a woman. Is that last big wrong and should her wishes as such be respected?
  25. I believe in live and let live. If a Male wants to go through gender reassignment or Visa versa, or a person is openly gay, then fine so what ? If that person is ok with me then I'm ok with them. What I don't want is their views rammed down my throat or the NHS to pay for it. It's a personal choice, you want to gender reassign, fine, no problem, but you fund it yourself. Your still the same person, and I'll still be right with you, but just don't ram your ideals down my throat.
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