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  2. Hi all I'm looking for a climber for 1 day asap , just a quite tall spindly ash that wants felling , man van and chipper will be there , jobs in Cheadle Hulme. Good rate of pay. Please text 07807069365 Thanks :)
  3. Efco were good saws, think you may have a 'friday afternooner' build. K..... Try a new spark plug in it, as could be breaking down at temperature, 3 quid rules it out.
  4. Might want to get Straight shot over the cheaper made bark box. They dont have the covers fall off like the bb and built way better. Dyno proves better performance too. Just so you guys know of other options. Egan Performance Saws EGANPERFORMANCESAWS.COM Buy the famous Egan Performance "straight shot" mufflers to unleash the potential in your Stihl chainsaws, improving their...
  5. Might want to get Straight shot ones in stock too. They dont have the covers fall off like the bb and built way better. Just so you guys know of other options. Dyno proves better performance too. Egan Performance Saws EGANPERFORMANCESAWS.COM Buy the famous Egan Performance "straight shot" mufflers to unleash the potential in your Stihl chainsaws, improving their...
  6. Kemar

    Big logs

    I am in West Bromwich West Midlands. Any tree would do. Thanks
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  8. Thomas01

    Thomas Acland

    Site is a residential address with a drive, please (if possible) reverse onto drive and tip load onto driveway. There may be a car on the drive please ring door bell and request car is moved before load is tipped. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the shop manual Wonky.....much appreciated.......i'll have a good thumb through that I don't think my model 261 has an adjustable oil pump....MS261-C
  10. Thanks David. Yes I've got that one on the list asusming it is this one I'll update my records to include that interesting bit of history. I've love to see the owners manual. I've been the lookout for one for some time.
  11. Hi Gareth. I take it you are the gentleman from Devon/Cornwall area, I can give you my Ranger serial number 'TR14307' I have owned it since Jan 2015. It is fitted with an auto box and was featured in a YouTube video clip, painted yellow and green. I was told that it spent most of its life at the tate and Lyle sugar warehouse in Greenock but couldn't confirm that. I use it around the garden for moving my plant and equipment as it is very manouverable having 4 wheel steer. I also have an owner's manual for it if anyone is interested.
  12. I see. They changed how they want it explained. When I did the course there was a separate question on estimating the weight of the log, where a species correction factor and a safety factor (the 1.3) came into play. Then for the load at the rigging point it was 2x and 11x log weight. 14.3 is a much easier number to use. I'm really good at my 14.3 multiplication table.
  13. More good news if you can trust the bbc. ( don’t know why you wouldn’t) Covid deaths down by a quarter in just one week. Something is working.
  14. And here it is. I’ve yet to listen to it but he was a bright bloke so I imagine it’s pretty good. Aldous Huxley -- The Ultimate Revolution -- A Blueprint to Enslave the Masses : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive ARCHIVE.ORG Aldous Huxley gave this speech to a Berkley audience, in which he admits that his novels such as Brave New...
  15. Thanks for the sanity. interestingly, Huxley gave a talk about the powers that be’s plans for the future, I will try to dig it out
  16. You only have three options for a sub 750kg diesel chipper which are, Timberwolf 230 Greenmech quad chip 160 Greenmech 150. All will be around 25hp. If you already got a timber wolf then get a demo on a new one and just run side to side to see how much difference there is. Unfortunately the only way to get more options for a sub 750 kg chipper is to look at the petrol ones, which should also be cheaper.
  17. Different manufacturers seem to concentrate on different areas/size chippers. It's rare to see anyone using a 6-8 inch American chipper and the Europeans look to have abandoned the 10-12inch market. We are not that brand loyal. We have a vermeer bc1000 and 230 Xl, a greenmech 1823, tw 230 plus the two big old tw 250s that we are looking to sell. We have had a tw 190 and quikchip 222 in the past and our grinders are currently both bandits.. Although we have had a Vermeer and greenmech grinders.. All have done be the job.
  18. Thanks Blah Safety factor I thought it 5:1 but apparently it 10:1 for the ropes. The 11 is the anchor force but also factor of safety as well is 1.3 so 14.3. See photo.
  19. Economics tell us millions of pensioners is bad for public finance. I think it’s the biggest bill in the country and it’s the old it kills..... but that’s not what this is about it’s about a fast tracked vaccine.
  20. Dave I'd like to find out more about your Turner Ranger. I've been doing lots of research and I've put together a list of known survivors complete with registrations and chassis numbers where known. I'm more than happy to share this information with you. Gareth
  21. Hi I also have a turner ranger and was wondering if anyone knows what driveshafts were fitted, I have broken the rear right hand shaft looking from the rear of the tug, it measures 11 7/8" long and has a 19 spline on the inner end and a 23 spline on the outer end. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  22. What concerns me more, is that people haven't realised that they've been giving up their 'freedoms' since long before covid-19.
  23. That's what climbing ropes are for; you make a little nest for your saws to sit in. 😉
  24. Thanks Matt, do you only use split chestnut? Shame, Holsworthy probably a bit far for you!
  25. Why is everything so polarised today ? Even if we dont meet in the middle, we should acknowledge that there is a middle ground. Take the Covid death toll now, Some people will say it is all fake and no-one has died from it and some will say that it is totally true and every single one has died from it. The obvious truth is that it lies somewhere in between the two and we will probably never know accurately whereabouts. If you believe either extreme to be true, then you are probably kidding yourself. Same with the vaccine. Some will say it is a deadly bioweapon and it will kill half the population and some will say it is totally 100% safe and everyone should be forced to take it. Again, its blindingly obvious that this isnt true, so the truth will lie somewhere in between. Seem as Britain has already vaccinated pretty much everyone at risk, then why not stop for a bit and wait and see what happens. The risks from Covid if you are fit and healthy and under 40 are pretty much non existent. There are very few things which are proved beyond all doubt, even in a court you only have to provide proof beyond all reasonable doubt, so people asking for proof one way or the other arent going to get definitively. You will always have to look at the evidence and decide for yourself. No-one should ever be shouted down, persecuted or dissuaded for having free thought. Personally for me, the way that the general population has been brainwashed into freely giving up their rights and accepting censorship so readily is more worrying than the Virus. We will get over the virus soon enough, but those in power dont seem to be so good at giving back control once things have settled down. I suggest you read Orwell or Huxley and put the world in context before being too judgemental on others.
  26. I am certainly not going to blanket believe it because some fact checking websites state it be true but I will have a good look at them later and see if the genome of the virus has been published, thank you.
  27. Come on. Dont you believe any of the following? Fact check: The virus that causes COVID-19 has been isolated, and is the basis for the vaccines currently in development | Reuters WWW.REUTERS.COM Social media posts have suggested that the contents of the vaccines for COVID-19 are not known, because the virus that... Proof that Sars-cov-2 has been isolated and purified - a Freedom of Information request to Public Health England - WhatDoTheyKnow WWW.WHATDOTHEYKNOW.COM There are many people who are of the belief that Sars-cov-2 has not been isolated and purified and so cannot be tested... I study viruses: How our team isolated the new coronavirus to fight the global pandemic THECONVERSATION.COM By isolating SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19, researchers can now work on developing tests, treatments... The Covid-19 virus has been isolated many times - Full Fact FULLFACT.ORG Claims that the Covid-19 virus has not been isolated, and therefore tests for it do not work, are unfounded. The fact that they can test for it and now have a vaccine for it surely prove they know what they are dealing with?
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