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  2. I believe they nicked him for only using one rope.
  3. Known as ‘ Double Dogs ‘ .
  4. Gray git


    That's taken a while to come to court, wes talking to the chainsaw starting lad not long after the attack and he was saying the whole thing was so barbaric and like something out of a war film. 4 years for that is a joak!
  5. nepia


    Exemplary and brave behaviour for a 20 year old. Opinion on the others I hope doesn't need expressing.
  6. It's the fruits you see at this time of year, pink on the outside with orange seeds. The flowers are tiny white things in early summer. Worth noting the plant is toxic. I see a fair bit of it in gardens and native wood plantings but I don't recall seeing it wild, i.e. self sown. Steves example looks to me a bit like a cultivar of some sort.
  7. I asked the very same question last week Steve. Absolutely stunning tree when in full bloom at this time of year! Would never of guessed it was an ancient native tree.
  8. Keep the tree as furniture! Get it milled by a local miller, Send it to a decent wood worker who could stack and dry it, then make you some beautiful bespoke furniture, designed for your home needs. Then replant a few more trees in more sensible places. Everyone's a winner. [emoji106]
  9. Sawmillers.co.uk [emoji12][emoji106]
  10. Those are some good looking Saw logs. There's got to be a mill somewhere who would take them. Chip prices are £20-£40 a ton. Those logs are £100 a ton all day. (And it would be bloody near criminal to chip them!!!!) [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  11. 0000 660 0801 That's the pt # for out side spike kit which is the match for the inner spike. At the moment there seems to be no bigger version listed and you'll maybe have to go for a set from a 462 if you want bigger. I've used a set from a 064 to give a set with better "bite" . Just get the dealer to double check that # !
  12. Today
  13. Extinction Rebellion protester arrested after three hours on Big Ben scaffolding NEWS.SKY.COM The man, named as tree surgeon Ben Atkinson, spent almost three hours on the scaffolding before police brought him down.
  14. https://woodburningdocuments.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Waterford-101-Wood-Stove-Manual.pdf
  15. Also a bit of English burr. That won't be going for chip! VID_20191018_151828.mp4
  16. To follow up we've started knocking them over and I'm certainly enjoying felling between the rain. Here's a few pictures from the first week
  17. just go and buy the one you want ? if you listen to every thing on here your head will be up your arse ! both the 462 and 500i have been trialed on the continent for a while now and there has been a few 462s in the Uk for well over 12 months that where handed out by stihl uk for trials, i used a 462 on a FISA course at christmas and all i can say is, if i had,nt just bought 2 461s i would of waited till may and jumped on the 462s.
  18. Yesterday
  19. I am a gardener working full time currently but I’m about to take my cs30 + cs31 I am looking for some ‘work experience’ on a Sunday in the Hull area. Dm me if you’re interested.
  20. Thanks guys. Probably should have known that one
  21. No I really do love the tree and really just want to see it used for the beautiful wood it has grown to be. Truthfully, for almost 10 years now (photo was taken 3 years ago) its since grown and grown just too close for comfort and I'm regularly loosing roof slates, cracking windows and now in windy conditions it continually knocking the TV aerial and chimney pots off (see recent photo). Also for obvious reasons I didn't want to mention the subsidence and drainage issues to the council, but I do have building surveyor and cctv evidence of the damage this wonderful tree has caused to my dwelling due to its proximity. Also the tree protection officer (after numerous visits) did finally offer us the option to replace, seeing as its less than 2m from our residential dwelling and a 30% reduction would involve a rather lopsided looking tree!
  22. Hi no it’s not mine it belongs to the matey that shares our workshop with us
  23. What software are you going to....update of the existing or something completely new?
  24. Barrie, thanks for the shout out regarding TGMF, it's much appreciated. I actually put the forum up quite a while ago, but never really promoted or pushed it. At the moment it's pretty quiet and I've not added many features or addons. If it ever gets going I'll put some time into improving it, I know there's new software on the horizon, and that should be a vast improvement straight away.. Drop by and say hello, Ideas and suggestions always welcome .
  25. If anyone buys it I still have the remains of one I cannibalised to repair a mate's tough some of the plastic parts got eaten by rodents.
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