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  2. spudulike

    Troublesome Ms261

    Glad the compression is where it needs to be tbh.
  3. Gerbutt

    Ms150 high jet.

    How do you get the limiters off on the carb Spud? I may as well have a go before I get a new one!
  4. forestboy1978

    Bloody hell, but I am impressed, & from 1992 too

    Agreed. Formidable woman.
  5. Khriss

    Which Chainsaw for Forestry

    ...me too- comes from having shorter legs k
  6. gensetsteve

    How much kindling for a cubic bag of wood

    6 pallets 126 nets on ea pallet can deliver in the morning 😃
  7. monkeybusiness

    Poole Borough Council case

    I don’t see a problem personally. The trees appear to belong to the golf course, they appear to have the relevant permissions in place - what’s it got to do with the neighbours?
  8. Pete W

    Show us ya birds !

    I have a couple of feeding stations at work, one is on a wall top where I park the van. If I'm a bit slow getting out, the chaffinches, blackbirds and robins will be queuing up waiting for their grub. I have a triple container feeder that hangs outside my workshop that attracts all sorts, but on that it's the Marsh Tits that are the most brazen. If I go out of the door everything else disappears but they just give a look and carry on stuffing themselves
  9. adw

    Which Chainsaw for Forestry

    You pensioners should out in the potting shed, or pottering around the garden, not playing with this quality low emission machinery, i have this vision of you being a short fat chap working in his "shed" bit like me really! i think your a dying breed Steve.
  10. Harry_L

    The Wee Chipper Club

    Great thanks, ill have a look
  11. Mark Wileman

    Facebook video. Graphic accident

    As Mr Bolam says, go small, go home. You could get all fancy strapping the two together and try to fell the lot under control (assisted fell). But keep it simple, climb as high as you feel comfortable and then go higher, that is the safest place to take a top! Wishing the guy in the video a quick recovery.
  12. Ok, born off the back of a recent post.....how many people have broken a relatively healthy double braid rigging rope in the field? I'm not talking winching out the Land Rover with a Matbro bogged up to it's axles...but genuine 'relatively ' well thought out rigging scenarios that have pushed the calculations a smidge too far and resulted in a broken rigging rope *. * I repeat....a healthy double braid
  13. Smidges over £90 for X39 from amazon at mo.
  14. Khriss

    Poole Borough Council case

    I think there was another case of conifer abuse down there last year on some council land, k
  15. buffalo606

    Dmm wire gate karabiner

    What is the thread size? And what length you go for? (got an eBay link?) I only just managed to get the ones supplied to bite on the Dragonfly but it bent the plate a bit as it was tightened up so feels a bit of a bodge.
  16. Mark Bolam

    Dmm wire gate karabiner

    I’ve relegated the Vault to the back of my harness and gone back to a large caritool without the gate. Good bit of kit, just didn’t like the way I couldn’t high clip the larger saws.
  17. No apologies needed [emoji106]
  18. Ratman

    Show us ya birds !

    I think theyre one of funniest, cheekiest yet most friendly of the little birds out there. Closely followed by the young blackbird, had a few tame ish blackbirds this last couple of years hanging around on the bench and table outside backdoor waiting for us to handover the mealworms. [emoji38]
  19. Big J

    Starting a new venture

    Join the Association of Scottish Hardwood Sawmillers. Loads of smaller scale mills across Scotland. Training days, sawmill visits and a plethora of other benefits for £100 a year. When I was up there, it was literally the only advertising cost I had and I got loads of work through the Association. Secondly, no certificates specific to milling. Just make sure you have your basic chainsaw ticket and ideally emergency first aid at work plus forestry. Thirdly, on a butt that size, you've around 215 hoppus foot in it. It'll take around a day to cut, so a rate of £300-350 would be reasonable.
  20. Conor Wright

    How much kindling for a cubic bag of wood

    Have sold a combi deal for a few years.. 40 nets of logs and 5 bags of kindling.. I do notice some return customers have used it all whereas others, maybe they keep the fire in overnight, have a bag or bag and a half leftover.. years ago I sold old fertiliser bags of logs to a lady on a weekly basis for over a year.. one day I asked her could I get some of the bags back, presuming she must have a shed full of them. Oh sorry lovie, I have none.. I cut them up and use them to start the fire. Anyway the point being.. everyone's use is different so after all that I guess you're no wiser!
  21. Wonky

    Poole Borough Council case

    Seems to me golf course wants rid, and gets rspb to get a licence, which they did. But prolly someone not very experienced got it, and golf course fells trees and laughs then says not our fault. but what ever happens it will be a small price to pay for those trees 😤
  22. spudulike

    Which Chainsaw for Forestry

    I didn't take it that way and know the industry is in a state of flux with new technologies coming in to counteract the emission laws and the OEMs getting more and more protective over their industry and is a shame they don't train their people in a better way but guess with many it is learning because they are TOLD to rather than WANTING to.....big difference! Personally, I will be OK whatever occurs and this latest chapter in my life, doing what I do is an interesting one.
  23. Today
  24. kcstevens

    What's everyone's favourite chopping axe?

    That was meant for Baldbloke sorry
  25. Yeah but they class it as a maul i think, not a splitting axe. Looks a weapon tho [emoji106]
  26. kcstevens

    What's everyone's favourite chopping axe?

    There is a bigger fiskars
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