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  2. And there must be better things you can buy as tax losses/investments. Machines? Building materials?
  3. Sooner is always better, the stress it causes you which rubs off at home and in the work place isn’t worth it
  4. Mate, just get rid. You'll never look back.
  5. Amen. My 2003 LDV (only 30,000 on the clock!!) might look a bit pikey, but the micro digger it carries is brand new. That's what makes the money. I don't cry when I scratch my 57 plate Ranger or 09 Corsa van either. Or the Merc Vito (51 plate) All bases and requirements (eco, tow vehicle, 4WD, tipper, panel van) covered for under 10k. Cheap enough to fix myself, and rare I have issues as I look after them. Plenty of spare capacity also.
  6. Mark J


    Those words just brought back a load of unanticipated memories. Cheers. 😎
  7. Hi there. Looking for some advice on how to collect tree data electronically. Mostly for BS5837 and standard tree reports such as health and risk. At the moment I record data on paper and type it up afterwards which is tedious. I seen a thread before on this but can't find it now. Thank you in advance.
  8. And did those feet in pleasant time...
  9. Mark J


    I hear China has offered to buy Hawaii from the USA and re-name it Huaweii just piss off Trump
  10. J, I do sympathise but are you getting work done? I imagine broadly speaking yes. I've tried to chase down ideal vehicles before and the answer is that for people like us with higher/more versatile than average demands, they don't exist or they do exist and they're mega rare/expensive/old/whatever. I'm much happier now I've got better at accepting imperfection and get 95% of stuff done fine. Drive old shitters and accept they'll get hit/scratched. Justify it to yourself however you want. Fit in with local style maybe. Think of yourself like George Orwell in Down and Out. Slum it for the experience. A Delica would probably be an excellent introduction for you to the notion of cheap vehicles being good.
  11. Who the hell wants a 6m hedge! Reduce it n retrim. K
  12. Today
  13. You're in the same boat as me. I'd use the Berlingo for 80% of my work usage, but a pickup is attractive for financial reasons, as well as being a backup family vehicle capable of towing heavy when I need it.
  14. I don't, as I'm semi retired from sawmilling (forestry now). When I sold the chainsaw milling gear, I bought a Trak TTS800 sawmilling with the wide head. That comes with it's own issues though as trying to keep a 60mm blade cutting straight over a 1.15m throat is tricky. All I can suggest is that someone needs to build a heavy duty slabbing mill, using a tensioning system on the bar that prevents flex. It would need to be a mill that is mounted on rails, very solidly built and designed for cutting 6ft diameter trees. As it is at the moment, it's far too easy to flex a long bar in a chainsaw mill and it's inevitable that you get some deflection.
  15. Yep like a mustang😂 joking, kinda. It will likely still be a pickup for the tax and vat benefits
  16. Fair enough. I suppose that if you're no longer doing tree work, there are more practical and comfortable vehicles as a daily driver.
  17. Not the other end of the scale at all, in fact I’m looking for something different myself. Not because I’m unhappy with them. Just that after 10 years I fancy a change
  18. Yes and no. I have the Berlingo, which is quite small, but the width of something like the Sprinter is a particular issue at this time of year when backing up as many of the lanes are narrower than the van once the hedges grow out. That's OK if you're going forwards, but then if you need your mirrors going backwards, all you see is hedge. Mostly ferns to be honest. The VW Transporters only tow 2500kg max. Haha! You would say that. If I'm a Navara hater, then you're the other end of the scale. It's a fair point though, as it is a different truck entirely.
  19. Old style pole saw and put the hedge cutter head on, works a treat
  20. Sounds like he can then. That’s a fair wage.
  21. With 3 extensions you are going to bend shaft, I run a tanaka tbc230 with 1 extension and main tube shaft gets a slight bend after a lot of use.
  22. Put your past experiences behind you and go test drive a Nissan
  23. Have a large trunk to get rid off ASAP. free if collected from pe129nl or could arrange delivery locally, can be loaded up with a digger Greg 07767385160
  24. Narrow 4wd van. VW. No idea about towing but power is probably good. You're the problem though, J. I suspect you'll be happier and just as productive when you decide that you can't beat them and should join them. You still have to back up in a small car when you meet someone driving the other way. You might as well back up in a big vehicle.
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