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  2. get the logs and branches to woodturners....... waste nothing over 5" diameter.
  3. Thanks for the advice on Blackthorn. I was aware it would sucker and can throw them out quite far into a field, it didn't occur to me that shoots inside a hedge would die but that makes sense. I guess I could cut out most of the sycamore and elder on my side then just plant hawthorn in the gaps or maybe a row of it. It's not laying it but it might be in better health if anyone ever does.
  4. Simples then sell more than 2m cubes a time , more profit in a day than doing the usual 1.5m loads we do. Will be impossible for us to reach the 20% in the north ,the logs will reach what’s in the environment, we can get them down to 15% in summer but it just goes back up in winter to around 20% and that’s with two years or more storage and then 10-8 months in a barn.
  5. Only grief my 05 gave me was clutches , retired it this year with a 178k on it ,chassis was solid and engine and box still fine but sills where not! Just used as a yard log truck now.
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  7. I used to work for a guy with a Serra Bavaria, which had 6" wide bands. Lovely machine. We used to run about 6-8 bands on a rotation, he had a theory they needed to be rested after being used and sharpened, if they were used constantly would develop small cracks in the gullets and shortly afterwards BANG! Doesn't half make you jump when they let go.
  8. Post as many pics as you can tomorrow. What you've done so far and the rest of it. Personally I'd avoid planting too much blackthorn. It produces a lot of deadwood and the root has a habit of killing off stems that aren't getting enough light and shoving others up somewhere else, usually where you don't want them. A bit of sycamore isn't a bad hedge species mixed in with other things but I wouldn't want a whole hedge of it and big stuff gets very stiff and can be tricky to lay. Whereabouts are you?
  9. I was a bit late orderng coal this week so had to go to the shops for a days worth of coal. Got Lidles £4 for 10kg... I won't be getting that again, a reaonable heat but so much ash it smothered the fire (had to empty the ashpan twice a night, normally its once every other day)
  10. Yes, it would be right to target the end user to ensure that they are burning dry wood. You can sell me wood at 10% moisture, say a tonne a month, but then dump it on my drive. Some months it might stay below 20% moisture, but this week, I'd be lucky to bring any wood from outside that wasn't dripping wet. The retailer cn do al thy want but at the end of the day the customers actions keep the wood dry or not. However, political comment, the governmet isn't interested in what is right just interested in the bottom line and how they can profit (and they will, simplest that costs go up so they get mre VAT) (look at recent policies - and not so recent - of 'can't fix it, tax it (Sugar tax, plastiv bag, Scottish minimum alcohol pricing , cigarette duties, beer duties...)
  11. The first question they asked was "where ya bin?"
  12. What we need is regulation put in place before anyone is allowed to use a Bandsaw. If it broke at the weld then (in my limited experience) its either; 1, manufacturer error. 2, over tensioned. 3, incorrect alignment 4, end of its life, ie re-sharpened a few times. @Big J will have the correct answers though.
  13. So I decided to lay a hedge adjoining my house today. The hedge is very tall because it's full of sycamore and elder. Quite nice for privacy but it's happy around the bottom and my dogs keep going into the farmer's field next door and have been on the road from there. So wanting to improve the hedge anyway and being too tight to buy wire netting I decided I'd have a go at laying it. I did some hedge laying about 10 years ago at agricultural college and did some reading. It's not looking good though. I've done about 3 meters of it and don't know whether to continue or not. Here are the problems - •It's that overgrown on my side (I've been here a year, I wouldn't have let it get like that) that it's nearly two hedges running beside each other. Farmer's side is gnarled up hawthorn that's on its last legs from machine cutting. Upon starting to lay the hedge I realised my side is about 80% sycamore in the process of becoming trees. Lots of elder in it too that I've removed. •My plan was to just lay my side and leave the farm side of it but I don't think that's going to work. •Farm side has a rickety old barb wire fence that won't keep cows out if the hedge isn't layed properly and I didn't really want to go offering to put them a new fence in (which I'm good at and know the farmer well enough, but I didn't want the cost). I'm not sure if I can just lay one side and have it turn out good. And in just laying sycamore, ideally most of that needs to be out and hawthorn layed and some new plants put in. I'm wondering now whether I'm better just cutting the sycamore down to the actual level of the hedge, cutting off the pleachers I've layed and letting them coppice. Maybe I could plant some Blackthorn and let it sucker a bit to fill the gaps along with the coppiced stools. If both sides of the hedge were mine I wouldn't worry too much but I think I'm going to wreck the hedge if I carry on trying to lay just one side which is mostly trees. It's dark now so can't get pictures until tomorrow. I'm sure I could do an ok job of it if I was a bit more confident and was prepared to do both sides and fence it off. I don't think how I've gone about it though is going to work.
  14. Short means less load space and less chance of overloading!
  15. I got told to keep a stop solenoid in the glove box to replace a busted one at crossroads or lights!
  16. So glad I got out of the firewood market, all the faf involved for such little end profit!
  17. We have a couple of very large Elms which have just died of the disease, are not rotten and still standing. Around 30 inches in diameter. I would quite like to convert them into flooring with the Lucas Mill. I have been successful with Ash and Beech flooring. Do I need to treat Elm differently? Do I plank it immediately after felling or wait a while, does it need strapping down more tightly in the sticks, is quarter sawing more important. etc etc, Any advice would be welcome.


    Nah its in the right thread!
  19. Guy near me runs a 3655 and a I know where there was a 3690
  20. Just do a search on here probably around 2010 for the original solar kilns then thermal solar around 2015. Nothing really to see but a polytunnel with sloping roof and a concrete floor to allow a fork lift to move the IBC containers in and out of the polytunnels.
  21. You are very true with the statement! Bad news travels further than good, the internet is generally full of had reviews and disgruntled folk! Rarely do people post things like "Yup!, Never an issue with mine!" Or "faultless service and value for money!" Or just the basic "no probs!" To be fair, the garage have spoken to me along the way and I would try to use the same people with whatever truck I get next! Far better than the last Ford dealership I was involved with. The truck too, has been comfortable and reliable apart from this saga. On balance, things have been okay, just frustrating. It seems that there may be issues with a wiring loom in the rear section. This may have caused a certain amount of misdiagnosis locally, that being said, a Scottish friend said straight away that he had been told that there is an issue with the rear looms!
  22. I thought I covered that one with "keep your head down" Would the Cert bodies not be interested in policing this? They are the ones who will profit so they will want maximum compliance. Not sure what powers they might have though. I honestly think the presure should be on the end polluter not on the fuel supplier. We could provide perfect logs kiln dried to 10% but if they are then burnt by a numpty on an open fire mixed with fresh logs from the garden (or telegraph poles as I saw today) its all a waste of time. I dont know the break down but from what I see I suspect the majority of air pollution is made by a minority so they are the ones that should be targeted. Not easy I grant you but far fairer.
  23. Hi yep all set up as should be and yes snapped at the weld as I am totally new to band milling it’s all a learning curve that’s for sure I need to spend a day with someone who has been using a bandmill for a while I think
  24. Just as well you didn't go out in heels.
  25. Just been out to get some tins for evening drinks, drive down the lane to go to Tesco and get pulled by the old bill, normal routine, were have you just come from, where are you going?. I've just come from home and I'm going to Tesco, blah, blah, why have you stopped me?. We've had a report of a bin being set on fire and a white van was seen leaving, well it wasn't me guv. They call for a description of the bloke, 6' tall with piercings to his nose and eyebrow, I'm 5'8" with no piercings, off on my merry way.
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