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  2. It's a great saw, I am really pleased with it. I can't recommend Mark enough, his service and interest in what I needed from the saw was brilliant. If anyone needs any saw modifications, don't hesitate get in touch with him. Its such a refreshing change to have someone show an interest in their customers.
  3. They really are, but currently coming in at 11k more than the CMC S22HD. Both have the same specs, not sure what the difference is for. Happy to pay the larger amount, IF I know why Used one before (see pic) and they are just as wobbly as any other MEWP at full reach haha but yes very good kit. Narrows to 0.8m too
  4. Glad your all ok, sounds like you’ve had a nightmare.
  5. Today
  6. He's like most of them, doesn't know if he wants a shit or a haircut...
  7. Hi. Suddenly the petrol in my Stihl KM94 RC (2-stroke) has started dripping out of the carburettor into the air filter. The machine still works (although I have had to remove the sodden air filter) but it is getting through petrol mix at a right old rate (and is probably dangerous too). The petrol leaks out even when the machine is turned off, lain on it's back and even when the tank is virtually empty. It's almost like some siphon action is at work. I've looked around a bit and all I can find is that either the meter lever spring in the carburettor has become dislodged (or too relaxed?) or an air vent (on top of the petrol tank?) has become blocked. Neither seem that likely though. The controls seem to work OK and as I say this continues to happen even when the machine is lain on its back. Has anyone experienced this and know what the problem might be? I've attached a photo in case it helps. It drips every 5 or 6 seconds or so. Thanks for any help.
  8. Hi. I planted this birch roughly eight years ago and it's now about 8m tall. It seems to be growing up at an angle (as opposed to upright). Should I be worried about this? FYI. It is definitely leaning the way you might expect when our prevailing winds are from the SW. However, it's not very exposed here and none of the other trees have grown up at an angle. Thanks for any help.
  9. Thank you, exactly what I wanted to hear. They're off the list now haha!
  10. I bought a couple of second hand Teupens a few years ago - incredible machines but an absolute nightmare to work on. You are essentially beholden to the UK service agent, who were the worst people I’ve ever had the misfortune of dealing with in my life. I’d never ever put my money into any Teupen machine again, and would think very very carefully about any large second-hand MEWP that is dependant on circuit boards to operate.
  11. In fairness, 1 has lowered theirs into the late £70's + VAT with trailer, guessing orders are low at the moment given the drop in work. I've thought about 2nd hand and doesn't seem worth the hassle. This MEWP is likely to depreciate to around 55k in 5 years from new so only works out as a loss of £500ish a month. Plus you get warranty and less down time (In theory). That's less than 1 job so I'm just biting the bullet. Don't wanna risk my life on something like this 2nd hand
  12. Fanny - I thought you were a tree guy. Should be the woman in the car needing the ambulance for driving into something so hard!!! (All joking aside, glad nobody seriously injured)
  13. I used a grenade at a friends house (that sounds weird and dangerous, lol) as he was using it to split his logs. It worked quite well on mid sized logs, splitting them into 2-3 bits. But you're right. I don't think it ever split in four. I bought mine on Ebay for a couple of pounds. If it's pants, it'll work as a paperweight in the tool shed.
  14. Good luck with the grenade. I only use a wedge on wood that is tough to split as it is not worth the effort if an axe will go through it. I found the wood grenade to be a very good nail. I t would split the wood but then would have a struggle getting it out of the chunk of wood it was buried in. It never split anything 4 ways either. Used to use it very occasionally when I needed s second wedge but gave that up years ago. Still as above, we all learn by splitting. I will add a voice wrt softwood. As long as the fire is hot (I.e. wood is dry and fire not slumbered) it will burn just fine and leave nothing in the chimney. It also dries quite quickly and not all softwoods are even too light. Dry wood has within a small margin the same energy per unit weight once dry, hence it is density that you want if you want a long burn (and physically large pieces of wood). The Lars Mytling book on Norwegian wood (my spelling might be a bit off) is a good read and very informative.
  15. Rotten run of luck, glad the kiddo is ok. (and everyone else of course)
  16. As others have said more information is needed really but if the trees are large and we’re there before the houses the argument the LA has is you brought the house knowing the trees were there. They are not going to allow the trees to be removed without good evidence the roots are causing an issue and a bit of uplifted driveway won’t be enough. You’ll need to get a tree report done which won’t be cheep and might not have the outcome you are hoping for. If light is an issue you could always look at putting in an application to thin and reduce the crowns of the trees but they are not going to allow a fell because your living room isn’t a sun trap unfortunately.
  17. Just to finish off this thread. After ten years of frustration I dumped the awful Stihl KM130 R 4-Mix Kombi and got a second hand Stihl KM 94 RC Kombi instead as recommended here. Up until today it's been great, a real breath of fresh air, usually starting first go even when hot, and easily powerful enough for my needs. Up until today.... but I'll start another thread about that..... 😞 So, thank you everyone for your input. It's been very much appreciated
  18. As others have said you need to provide a lot more detail. TPO's can be removed but only with extremely good justification. Loss of light is not one of them. You will need to have I would think at least a qualified arborist's survey and a survey from a qualified building surveyor which would have to show compelling reasons for removal or reduction. Bear in mind that in some situations removal of trees near to buildings can lead to problems with 'heave'. The housing association would also need to be in agreement with you.
  19. Unfortunately there are people like our local councillor. I've absolutely no doubt he will throw his full support behind whichever [email protected] takes over.
  20. Only just remembered about this. I believe the CT one fits
  21. 'Kinell Steve . Don't iron any shirts mate !
  22. Shit what a nightmare Steve. Glad you all escaped without serious injury.
  23. Wouldn’t have had it any other way!
  24. Blimey ! Thank Odin (I'm off Buddha this week ) that it was you that took the brunt of it ( not meant in any way to be a nasty comment). Thankfully little one and t'other half are pretty much unscathed. Mend soon young man.
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