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  2. One of my subby climbers managed to feed an innocuous garden ornament into an ST6 tracked. The blades shattered, puncturing the wall of the chip chamber which doubles as the hydraulic tank. Here in France, this is a 3 month+ €7k repair PLUS the hire of a chipper until the replacement GM arrives. Painfully, this ST6 was actually provisionally sold, with a deposit taken on the day of the accident which was it's last job with the owner. I thought I knew misery until I heard this from Jerome. Stuart
  3. Not at the same time, I agree... Although it probably drives around with that in it 🤣 I doubt it weighed 700kg as a tree. Ignore the bigger logs, they were from something else but it was all under 6" and would have been chipped. It was only half the tree too as half of it had been cut off level with the road. It was probably 16ft to the tips as it was under the household powerline! The tipper had no issue tipping it either and its a scissor so I doubt it had too much weight
  4. scbk


    2 old ladies meet up in town. The first old lady, Doreen, says "Hello Mavis, did you come on the bus?" "I did" replies Mavis "but I made it look like an asthma attack."
  5. scbk


    The wife just rushed in, all smiles, saying she found her wedding dress and she can still fit in it. I haven't the heart to tell her it's the marquee.
  6. 2450 & 1850 but not at same time lol. So with driver about 700kg of load. Thats not much for an arb truck. A 20ft tree is easily going to weigh that. I recon I can see an easy 1t+ in that pile. Your pic seems to have plenty of logs in it too. From memory that model has what look like odd shaped springs.
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  8. I remember hearing that one told by James Nesbitt on Murphy's Law some 20 years ago!
  9. Its fixable, Fear Not, i will crank mine up in the week n see if anything comes to mind. K
  10. Wet and miserable outside is a good enough reason for me too. Got mine on again this evening. That and a good old bit of Roy Orbison really hits the spot!
  11. Of course not. What even is Global Warming? It's just a figment of Greta Thunberg's imagination. [emoji12][emoji12][emoji50]
  12. Rich Rule


    Did you hear the one about the dyslexic, agnostic, insomniac? He would lie awake every night pondering the existence of Dog.
  13. Baldbloke

    Elm timber

    Definitely does, which is why I limit the storing and burning to our biomass situated in an out of the way steading.
  14. Jack.P

    Elm timber

    Work in progress....
  15. The seller did turn up to show me how to start her, but he wasn’t any more successful than me. He said he’d never had starting issues, never had to bleed her or use the enrichening slide that is built within the fuel pump, even on frosty mornings. A brief spin up with the throttle pedal trapped with a piece of wood was all that was needed supposedly. Maybe I’m too trusting but I do believe him and think some shit must have been dislodged on the 50 mile trip home on my hard sprung trailer. I’ll follow the ideas over fuel delivery gratefully received from you guys and try to see if I can discover the problem.
  16. max21


    No Yew. Please contact to arrange tipping.
  17. Hi, Any ideas on this fungus, at the base of a privet. Consistency like jelly.
  18. Tommy_B


    If life gives you Melons, maybe you're dyslexic
  19. I had the same in my previous house, 3/4" and only had 22mm pipe. The normal fix is something called Plumbers Mait and a 3/4" compression fitting and use lots of force to do it up......sealed up in my case and terminated in a fully metric new bathroom!! Plumbing is OK, the biggest issue is getting to pipes and fittings in restricted spaces.
  20. Dunno about soft ass,looks like he might bite your ass
  21. That’s it in a nutshell, just ordered another mate for a 461.
  22. Dont think i,d want to tell the dog i was stopping the fire anyway🤣
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