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  2. Will Heal

    Red Creek Fir

    Thanks reg, I enjoyed that, greAt video
  3. Graham

    Red fungi.

    Not my pics. My thought is G. resinaceum but may be well off the mark.
  4. Today
  5. I guess it will depend on amenity. For example, if it's a coppice with standards type woodland and the coppice was cut down, then as long as it regrows, there will be little, if any, loss of long-term amenity/change in the character of the woodland. However, if the standards were cut down there would be a loss of amenity/change in character of the woodland. The offence is one of destruction, and destruction isn't just about total death/removal of the tree, it's also about loss of amenity. The stump and regrowth may technically be protected but would you have TPO'd it, has it lost it's amenity value. Is the coppice regrowth a standard tree.
  6. Mick Dempsey

    Red Creek Fir

    Nice, worth 26 minutes of my time, admittedly Serbia v Switzerland is not too absorbing. re. The cedar stump from long ago, reminded me of this photo I have on my wall. Thanks for posting.
  7. Steve Bullman

    Beech dismantle. Getting the timber down

    Works here. Thanks for sharing
  8. lurkalot

    Makita recall

    Perhaps this, http://www.makitauk.com/news/details/601.html
  9. Mark Bolam

    Beech dismantle. Getting the timber down

    Plays for me ok on PC and iphone. Bill you need to upgrade from that Nokia 3210 I reckon.
  10. spudulike

    Makita recall

    Probably that pivot pin that is always failing on the 7900 but don't know for sure.
  11. RMB68

    UA5 Training

    Hi all I completed my UA5 (5.1/5.2)in 2015 and I now need to refresh it.Do I need to do both sections again or just 5.1.Ive had conflicting info from a few people.Thanks RMB
  12. woodwizzard

    Makita recall

    Anyone know anything about a recall on makita 6100 and 7900 saws? Dealer close to me mentioned he had to send some back, some he had sold and a couple of new ones off the shelf. He couldn't remember exactly what it was for, but thought it was brake related.
  13. john p

    Beech Dismantle with crane

    Cherry picker and a crane save so much work, would have been rubbish doing that on spikes and rigging it all down
  14. westphalian

    nothing to do with wood

    but, i don't do any other social media, i'm a sad twat and wanted to share this. new trailcam in my garden https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOqsIQKfBIk i love foxes even though i lost 2 chickens this week before i made the entrance hole in the fence slightly smaller i bated a pigeon
  15. SamTree

    Beech dismantle. Getting the timber down

    Bummer. Ill try sorting it later. Cheers
  16. Darrin Turnbull

    Red Creek Fir

    Beautiful at times . Especially the drone footage. Thank you for sharing
  17. Mark Bolam

    Beech Dismantle with crane

    Beast. Needed a guitar based rock tune, like.
  18. Rough Hewn


    Cows arse is the correct translation 🤦🏻‍♂️
  19. Gary Prentice

    Potential landowner liability for 'anonymous' felling in CA

    Is there actually a duty to replant if the trees coppice? Another thread, on another forum , concludes that if a TPO tree is felled and then coppices, the new stems are then protected.
  20. openspaceman

    Show us ya birds !

    Daughter of one of my customers did her thesis on raptor DNA and using it to prosecute cases of birds eggs taken from the wild.
  21. Jonny69

    How to grow my business, how did you grow yours?

    My fault on the poorly worded question, it should have read. How much money would a person have to take from a business per year for it to be considered "real money"?
  22. westphalian


    I’m andrew as well[emoji4] Well, in no hurry and as the branches are off no more sap on the cars and washing line. I might leave it. But with no leaves the sap will stop flowing?
  23. westphalian

    Show us ya birds !

    Aren’t woodies a bit big for them? One once pinched a collared dove I had shot when it landed in the stubble
  24. gary112

    MS 362 issue

    What oil did you get
  25. openspaceman


    There seem to be a preponderance of we Andrews on this forum This is much as I was saying, not only is there less sugar in the sap in winter there is also less sap so whilst you want to dry the wood as quickly as possible you want to do it at a rate that the moisture is moving out of the wood to the surface, in summer this happens too fast in the absence of humidity control.
  26. westphalian


    Blimey first French now Spanish. Is shittyas like grassyass?
  27. openspaceman


    Tail of the cow, it's the way the stain looks sh*tty as it runs up the end grain, phrase was taught to me by the veneer buyer I used to fell for
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