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  1. No problem it is a bit confusing I suppose . Rohan runs the forestry side and has his team.
  2. No you met my hubby rohan . Brian is my manager who runs the firewood business he was working at the fuelwood stand demonstrating the transaw.
  3. Still selling well Jon . Brian has been delivering all week and weekend is busy also so all good. Plenty of hardwood and softwood in stock still all seasoned so we are doing all right and more sticks going out as soon as they come out the kiln they are sold. All best joy
  4. Can we see a bud/twig for definitive answer
  5. Pics of yew boards 2" thick
  6. [/img]Got these 2 prices air dried for 2 years both over 6' long 18" wide at narrowist but will check. Open to offers Joy trying to add pics..
  7. We used to always have a small metal tin of rhoddas clotted cream sent to us in post at Christmas from a cornish relative ..lovely
  8. We billeted alot of our beech from a large tree job and are cutting it now for sale in to logs it's bone dry stacked outside with a top sheet on
  9. We just looking and boss thinks it's the wrong sort of pipe to use it doesn't allow for the twisting movement when saw cuts
  10. Horse chestnut and oak are packed with tannins that gives the blue colour especially on a metal blade like log splitter
  11. Can supply hardwood in nets but short on softwood. Ours are 2.60 a net plus vat collected from our yard
  12. All gone now but even just the 4" or so we had was enough for the a50 dual carriageway to get gridlocked
  13. Yard busy still set up the snow plough to keep wagons loaded and able to come up and down the lane
  14. Fastrac been great no problem. Well maintained that's the key get a good one and keep on top of it if it was yours you looked after it. We could do just 200 nets no problem We are Midlands. .uttoxeter
  15. We have seasoned ash can do an upto an artic load 2500 nets 2.60 a net plus vat Thanks Joy
  16. No money in that Jon. We are keeping up but as I say only managing to keep a few hundred in stock as it's flying out daily.
  17. Wish we could get on top of our stock as soon as we do 500 they go
  18. Burning some nice ash 12" logs got loads still so I thought I'd burn something decent for a change instead of keeping all the best for customers I usually burn pop or conifer. Real nice side to slowed sales. But wholesale sales busy as ever.
  19. Yeah Steph we found we didn't sell alot of softwood last year but this year we sold loads
  20. I had a call yesterday ..hello do you any seasoned hardwood I have just had a load delivered and it was sold to me as seasoned at 25% mc and it's wet through I can't burn it....I said yes we have some air dried outside at 26% mc or some in the poly tunnel at less than 20% it's 95 a cube...gentleman response...well I'm not paying 95 a cube ill stick with the stuff I've got. I don't think people have any spare money we are still in recession and monies tight.
  21. I have a few customers like this. People who find the central heating contributes to their breathing problems as I was told the other day said customer had gas central heating and he said it gave his house a dry atmosphere so he preferred his stove burning away.
  22. But don't not have a dog just because you may have the pain eventually when you loose them I have lost several dogs over the years and the good times and comfort they give when you have them must mean something. If we all didn't have something for fear of losing it you might as well never do anything. Each new dog I have had has different personalities a new friend. Just my opinion Joy
  23. Firewood now isn't a viable everyday fuel I don't think it's now only going to be a lifestyle choice. No more forestry grants for woodland improvement means the government almost gives importers a green light.


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