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  1. The OP is my brothers pickup. Stopped by traffic police at willerby near hull. £100 fine dished out and a telling off. However on been told he needed the bag strapped down my brother asked if it also needed a cargo nett over the top to be told that wasnt necessary just a strap to hold it in place as in the event of a accident it would hold the bag in the back of the truck. Our kid didnt bother pointing out that a strap would hold the bag in but the logs would probably still leave. Think he was more worried about them noticing the brake light he had out. The trailer was all fine. Caged ifor with a cube loose in the bottom and two bags sat on top of it. Neither bag protruding the cages was acceptable. They wouldnt let him leave till he either strapped it down or emptied the bag down to below the sides of the pickup. So he filled the passenger sea footwell and the back seats up with logs and was on his way. Lesson learnt straps now been used. Might even buy a cargo net.
  2. Lad that works for me just had his done engine bought and fitter for £340
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/172465761643
  4. Should be able to get a decent engine for alot less than that.
  5. http://glenfarrow.co.uk/services/biomass-boilers/
  6. 30 1.2 cubic metre loads a week on average since early september. Up about 6/7 loads a week on last year.
  7. How many cube are you putting through it a year ash? Is it a shipping container? Was it hard to do your self?
  8. Can someone give me a idea of cost of instalation typical drying times. How much your putting through yours how much it costs to run ie is a log one better than a woodchip one and rhi payment received. Looking at one just wanted some feedback really. Oh and who is best to get to install one. Cheers
  9. What a game thought the aussies had it then what a knock from kohli Great tornament up to now with at least four players who will possibly go down as all time greats. Kholi root williamson and smith. Nice to see a yorkie and a adoptive yorkie in those four. Lol
  10. Carnt beat blowers waffling about seagulls. T20s great carnt wait for india australia tomorow
  11. Nothing at all on market for leather jackets apart from one agg spray but its nasty definatly not for a garden. Google nematodes there a organic solution but soil temps need to be around 10 degrees. We have a lawn with a serious leather jacket problem and i spent a while re searching this last week
  12. Sod the laser im more impressed with the operator-less saw. That i would buy.
  13. http://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/181987291963


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