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  1. Hi John, am just buying an older TN5500 with Uniforest 35 and front forks and, given that's a somewhat unusual configuration, I was wondering if perhaps it's the same one as in this post. If you think it might be, it would be great if you could get in touch as I am struggling to identify the fork type for attachments. Thanks! 

  2. I know the dimensions of the chipper but wondered in your experience which Ifor Williams plant trailer it sit most comfortably on ?
  3. Any recommendations for a mulcher attachment for a mini skid steer ?
  4. So that would explain why the oil is clear on the level viewer before it’s started up again. Would I be right in presuming that the moisture that’s condensated has settled at the bottom of the tank and by draining about half a pint it would have eliminated the water ?
  5. I have an issue with my timber trailer hydraulics. Over the winter months it’s stored in a barn and brought out again in the spring when drier conditions allow timber extraction. The hydraulic oil become contaminated due to condensation while inactive. So is it better to drain the system and leave it empty or top it up full to the limit and take out the excess prior to use. The tank is plastic.
  6. Has anyone any tips for removing the hydraulic oil from the hoses of a small timber crane. I have drained the holding tank but the oil in the hoses doesn’t drain freely. Can it be forced through with an air compressor. It needs to be removed as it is contaminated.
  7. Has anyone any suggestions for tyre valve protection for trailers that have wheels without built in protection?
  8. So this chap was stopped by police for unsecured load. Seems a bit harsh as the load is contained within the bag. What are your thoughts ?
  9. Thanks for that. Would certainly save a lot of hassle that way ?
  10. I have some milky hydraulic oil that needs changing. How do I flush all the oil from the lines that go right to the grapple on my crane ?
  11. Can anyone recommend radio ear defenders that will fit on a petzl helmet that have am or dab radio or a combined forestry helmet that has am / dab radio ?
  12. Anyone use a Kelfri 2.7 t Kellfri timber trailer. Looks useful but wonder what it's like in practice.
  13. Anyone offer some feedback on these. Look really useful.
  14. I have been given some 46 grade hydraulic oil. Can I use it on my valmet / valtra tractor or is it too dense ?


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