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  1. Think I would get the same money for it selling it by the tone as unprocessed arb waste for firewood What do you think?
  2. How much do you get for g30 size and how do you dry it?
  3. There is about 5 acres of softwood that has been felled for timber and they have left all the scraps
  4. I dont have a lot of experance in this job so sorry I dont know what you are both saying
  5. I have a lot of softwood waste that I can process into firewood and make small money from for a lot of work, or I could consider hiring a wood chipper and putting it through the chipper If I did that my questions would be 1. how easy is it to sell as chippings/ sawdust? 2. how much a cubic meter I would get for this? 3. what is the volume comparison (cubic meter) of firewood to sawdust/wood chip?
  6. Well they seam to manage selling kiln dried logs sent from eastern europe and russia, so someone is doing something right!
  7. Sorry I can not help you but can I ask what you paid your supplier last time?
  8. Did you not think he could be a competitors
  9. To be honest all I was thinking was to make my own out of old central heating oil drums out of the scrap yard Not purchasing a proper thing
  10. I did some research on google and found nothing I phoned a couple of local charcoal makers up and they did not know The best thing I have seen is while driving up the M74 and just before you come to the Ecclefecen junction, to the left there is a timber yard with a green corrugated steel building inside the yard with chimneiys coming out of it with the smell of burning wood. I can only presume this budding is a timber kiln and I have been told the company is called North west timbers I have a phone number for them but I can not get an answer So that is the best I have seen on how a log drying kiln would work powered by burning the waste timber Dose anyone have any better ideas please?
  11. Hi there I am looking for some of those small netted firewood bags The type of bag seen hear at ASDAs https://groceries.asda.com/product/logs-winter-fuels/homefire-real-wood-logs/910001176250 I am bagging up about 400 of them Anyone know of a good supplier please


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