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  1. Eh? The Royal Gwent has been NHS run since 1948 - exactly how old are you?🙄
  2. Bloke's an absolute bellend, no doubt about it, but surely it begs the question of why such issues are left to the likes of him and Nick Griffin to raise? Also, regards his ''racist'' anti Islamic rhetoric, by that token does that mean that the likes of Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins and Douglas Murray are ''racists'' too?
  3. Cheers, so any recommendations r.e models? Quite liking what I'm hearing about Makita tbh.
  4. Home use really, but I've got a fair bit of ground to cover. I realise the power to weight ratio won't compare with a 2stroke, but like the idea of using of straight petrol, plus the vibrations are less, no?
  5. Thinking of replacing my old Husky 240R with a new pro/semi pro model, and considering a Makita or Honda 4 stroke - anybody had any experience of either, or any 4 stroke brushcutter?
  6. I seem to be of a minority viewpoint when it comes to Ash in that from a personal standpoint I'm only removing trees that are obviously beyond saving. I planted a fair few acres of predominantly Ash some 12 years as coppice for firewood, and the majority are now showing varying symptons of dieback. If the worst case scenario comes to pass and we lose 95-98% of our Ash, it'll be a tragedy if the tiny percentage that are naturally resistant to Chalara are removed, as they would hopefully provide a reservoir of resistant seeds to repopulate the countryside. Ash, unlike e.g Elm, is a prolific seeder and if enough resistant trees are allowed to stand, re-population could be achieved within a comparatively (ecologically speaking) short space of time.
  7. Need a new saw so thought I'd pick yer collective brains. I don't use a saw day in day out as of old but still a frequent user, and need a good pro mid-range saw to replace my 346. Tempted to just go for a Husky 550xp but heard of problems with auto-tune, so what are the other options? Would consider Dolmar, Echo, Makita, anything else? Ta in advance.
  8. Cheers lads, some things to think about there. Woody P - machine will be at home so no need to be moved. What sort of HP to go for - is 18hp sufficient, or best to go for 20+? Is 4wd essential on machines this small? 2wd fine for mowing/topping, but what if I wanted to add a rotovator?
  9. Got a fair bit of orchard and rough grass to maintain, previously used a ride on but its died and really used to struggle at times. Rather than replace it, thought I'd go for a 2nd hand mini tractor - what do peeps recommend? Kubota, Iseki, Yanmaar or Mitsubishi, and what sort of hp? Like the idea of being able to add implements as and when I can afford to, budget about 5k max. Ta in advance.
  10. So you're equating the couple of hundred people who turned up to protest at state visits granted to the leaders of two of the most oppressive regimes on the planet with the quarter of a million who marched to voice their opposition to the democratically elected POTUS? Fair enough, you're entitled to your opinion - though IMO that's a textbook example of a false equivalence right there...
  11. Cheers for that Mark, thanks for your help.
  12. Not a fan of the orange buffoon by any means, but it's difficult to entirely rebuff the charges of hypocrisy levelled at 'the Left' after the recent anti-Trump protests. Like it or not he's the democratically elected President of the USA and, though open to legitimate criticism over many of his policy decisions, his actions pale into insignificance compared to those carried out by leaders of certain other regimes who seem to get a free pass from the permanently outraged - despite being responsible for some truly heinous crimes. Where were these people when Mohammed bin Salman - head, lest we forget, of a regime responsible for beheading over 40 people so far this year - was here in March? Where were the protests when Erdogan - a man who, amongst other crimes, has classed journalists as ''terrorists'' and had them imprisoned - was here for a state visit last month? Or does murdering Yemeni and Kurdish citizens rank lower on the scale of outrage than wanting to ''grab them by the pussy''?


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