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  1. I can't see how big the branches are but for a guess I would say four to five cube in each. There is way too much work and dangerous to do it free. We have found out in the past also typical hedgerow tree will be riddled with nails. I would get him to pay you at least £300 each tree and get timber free.
  2. sycamore. will dry v.quick and burns great. sometimes when it seasons has a black dust like soot on the outside
  3. No fab operator just put new 12" teeth on his bucket and picked up sticks and twigs like a rake . can't beat an expert well done mark harrison for a fab job!
  4. stobart had been collecting chip from us at 10 a tonne now they say it must be 3 a tonne as plant shutdown. We have had this before anybody got any good alternatives to try for 80mm chip??got about five artics still so they know we probably will use them
  5. No the weight of the tw was needed to pull out up the slopes with a silage trailers full of chip in deep mud.
  6. Our two plus a friends old tw have done better than newer tractors would ever do in wet woods this week
  7. Yeah fab chipped two artic loads in no time today
  8. had a friends 22 tonne machine in this week windrowing the brash up ready to be chipped for biomass. fantastic, a little machine wouldnt have coped. joy
  9. Are u wanting price per cube for cut logs or timber in the cord length. The driver we use we work it out by tonnage he gets about 24t on his wagon. give me a postcode and I can ask a price
  10. Got some good big butts jon at yard shame your too far away mate
  11. Looks good ian. used any or have any ideas how you can use our slabs. have they turned out to be ok
  12. Just to show the ash those people who wanted some what the stacks are like
  13. Have ash at our yard 48 a tonne collected or could supply in cubic metre nets cut into 8" logs for 70 a cubic vented net including the net.
  14. We can supply ash from our own forestry work wholesale in cubic metre nets
  15. We are situated in the Midlands at uttoxeter and have a few slabs about the yard you are welcome to call in and see if what we have is Any good. Don't want loads of money just make me an offer if there's anything suitable . We are trying to clear the old milled stock. Yard open daily 8 til 5 Mon to Fri Joy Bring wellies!
  16. Our lads are using 441s with smaller bars . More power
  17. Thanks for everyone who got in touch I think with all the names and numbers it's all allocated Thanks Joy
  18. Great ..bring your wellies next time and you can have a root around again. All the best .joy
  19. We also have larger diameter sycamore at another location felled January similar price . Joy
  20. Might have some surplus ash that we have felled coming up in a few weeks it would be £48 a tonne at rideside. All processor size 3m lengths between 6" and 14" diameter the majority being 10" Located uttoxeter PM me and I can keep a list of any interested parties once I have my few hundred tonne accounted for. Thanks Joy
  21. This time of year is the best for I.d trees the silhouette shape the buds the twigs bark. Then when they do come in to leaf it's so much more easier
  22. I would choose the right bag as it definitely looks more in. So steve are you saying the kindlet bag is better value cause it's more stacked tighter??


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