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  1. Looks a good machine what sort of money you looking at
  2. Oh right will check tomorrow on laptop and see I am in process of changing name on Web so my Web designers may have done something
  3. Thanks jon . Yes me and the team will be at apf. See you then 👍
  4. Thanks guys hope 2016 is a good year for everyone
  5. Just had my new trick sign written in the new name which I shall be trading as from 1.4.16
  6. No can't print payslips on hmrc plus no facility at the moment on it for workplace pensions I'm looking at xero at the moment
  7. Might be too far I can take it uttoxeter st14 5er if any good
  8. Most hauliers deliver firewood in 3m lengths diameter mostly 6 to 12 inch is common. Oversize diameter 12 inch plus. Sawlog is usually sold in multiple of 7 foots and about 10 " plus diameter. Smaller diameter usually goes for chip
  9. Been trading as a partnership with my ex for 15 years. Now sole trader with my employees carrying on as before just different name.
  10. My new truck. Awaiting sign writing in my new trading name of Joy Lane and Sons which I shall be trading as from February
  11. We have large diameter oak and are slabbing some for a customer in next week.
  12. It's no problem just put the palax and browns next to it. Already done a few bags . Easy.
  13. Always sell by volume. Get a moisture metre. Have some liability insurance. And good luck.
  14. To buy in timber contact a timber haulier or big company like Tilhill or euro forest both national forestry companies or a local forestry contractor
  15. Will take more when we have a shift about and make space
  16. Wow 50 tonnes of timber keep us busy next year for our economy bags . Thank your driver for us nick put it just where we wanted it.
  17. Yes I'm sure I'll get more than my money's worth . Thanks again
  18. Great load thanks nick and can understand how long it takes to load massive pile tipped out . Thanks joy. Highly recommend price and service
  19. It's alright mark it was a personal issue that to be honest I am getting over thanks
  20. I don't trust anyone anymore since having a right scumbag do the dirty on me a person off arbtalk
  21. But we do use the nets as when the customer neatly stacks the logs it makes the 1 cube you have sold him.
  22. Oh sorry I thought when you put nationwide distribution? ???
  23. Are you setting up a nationwide firewood sales company or Web? Good luck


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