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  1. Thanks, that's the type of product and packaging I'm after.
  2. It would be a very large quantity needed for a national promotion subject to a trial on fifty outlets.
  3. I think other people are doing the same product under the same name (although the box may be printed in a different language)
  4. Can anyone give me details on any suppliers of Flamers apart from Certainly Wood. Also if you have any pricing details a pm would be appreciated.
  5. Just seen this thread and I don't know if this has already been mentioned but my son has just bought one of these,
  6. After receiving the usual 'are they the big 2 cubic metre bags? ' phone enquiry about the bags I advertise at £22 each mine would be a mirror with TO*SER written backwards on it!!
  7. It is nationwide distribution, it is a one two maybe three time hit so potentially 3000 pallets plus of each.
  8. I need the pallets to be packed efficiently for national distribution.
  9. Hi Jon, I thought of Joy but thought I would put it out there for best quotes. It could be 3000 that I need.
  10. i am possibly looking to purchase 1000 + pallets of kiln dried logs and the same of kindling with repeat orders likely. If you can supply please pm me. Price, quality and terms paramount.
  11. Well today's the day that your odds of winning the jackpot plummet from the exciting ( almost a certainty ) 1 in 14,000,000 to 1 in 45,000,000 of winning the jackpot. Looks like it's going to be carry on chopping and sawing
  12. If anyone is after ibc's in the Derby area I have some for sale ( 07500668866 )
  13. Had a break in last night situated near Derby. Ignored everything except my chainsaw MS261 and strimmer. I will put more details on tomorrow. Reward offered for perpetrators head stuffed and mounted.
  14. Who's going to say it first then:biggrin:


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