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  1. they are genuine ones as I fell out with them they got to go as job lot inc vat if they below cost buy them then
  2. I purchased 2nd wood chipper off entec chipp it 35 20 years ago we tried chipping slab wood blades concaved and very hard to change I believe similar to timber wolf .... then we purchased a jensen 340 five men ramming 20 tons of slab wood through in 4 hours most tree surgeons 3 .months work .. it's a beast of a machine strong built big blades that last . And just purchased a tr8 forst tracked done 200 hours very pleased puttin 30 foot popular trees 6 to 7 inch through blades lasts 65 hours I now soft but mucky:001_smile: ground and bit of dirt going through aswell it's well made let you now when we done a 1000 hours happy chippin
  3. I bought the second chipper built off enter long time ago was not impressed with it chipped slab wood at our sawmill blades concaved small blade and terrible to change . Then bought a jensen 340 chipper it's a beast of a machine 5 men ramming slab wood through done 20 tons in 3 hours most tree surgeons 3 months work .. bought a tracked tr8 forst beast of a machine done 200 hours good machine timberwolfs light to tow but not for me ..
  4. got some vented 0.75 1 and 1.5 cube vented log sacks if any one is interested also got a new set of blades for a 6 inch tunissen chipper. and 2 new sets of blades for a Jensen 340 pto 8 inch wood chipper any one interested call me on 07773354449:thumbup1:
  5. :Any on looking. For. A 340. Jensen. Wood. Chipper. Bades. And. Tuuisen. 6. Inch. Wood. Chipper. Blades. Tel. 07773354449. Also. 300 Secnd. Hand. Vented. Sacks. 0.75. Cube. And. 1.5. Cube. Sacks.
  6. any one lookin for potatoe boxes for storing firewood must be collected from np235bl if interested text me 07773354449 20 available
  7. thanks for reply matierals cost 4.50 in my area plust vat ht wire and good stakes thanks philip
  8. any one nows were you can buy a rough neck dumper or similar machine for carrying concrete on to drives and gardens .. and any idea how much stock fencing is per metre with creosote stakes 3 to 4 inch stakes 900 metres in total inc matierals 1 sqaure field straight forward and all prepared thanks Philip
  9. Vector being delivered in 5 weeks will keep you updated very compact but powerful machine let's hope it lives up to the standard thanks philip
  10. hi decided to go for a vector powerdrive 4 tons 1 man fencing machine got every thing on there . a few of the other manufacturers use canycom bases I went for a moorooka with kubouta 4 cylinder I have been told they are the tops as a friend of mine got a hire company and he hires them out to be abused he has little problems with them thanks philip
  11. thanks for your comments I was going to buy a vector till I saw the hd 180 1.5 tons heavier 4 grand more exspensive but we have tactor plant trailers to move about only the vector looks a light weight Bryce heavey duty thank Philip
  12. thinking about buying a tracked post knocker any one got a Bryce hd 180 or vector powerdrive or any other make which is the best thanks Philip
  13. <p>hi I see you have a tracked post nocker iam thinking about buying one what make have you got thanks philip</p>

  14. would any one now a price stock fencing per metre all flat 100 metres on a bit of a banking no probs with tractor . 1000 metres in total must be uc4 15 year guarantee or creosote stakes and strainers c8 80 15 wire and mild steel barb thanks matierals and labour or labour only thanks philip:001_smile:


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