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  1. Nice mate I'm actually thinking of a poly tunnel myself now due to size
  2. Hi mate, I've not received any details yet. Also, your inbox is full [emoji106]
  3. I'm going to be building some kind of open hay barn style thing to season my logs under so I was hoping you could all post pictures of your methods for inspiration!
  4. LittleLogCo


    I know this is firewood but does anyone deal much in coal? I use logs and coal at home as its our only source of heating, and the coal seems to give the heat a bit of a boost I prefer the house coal to the home fire ovals which is a bonus as its cheaper. Wondering if someone could recommend a south west wholesale coal dealer or the cheapest place to go? Thank you
  5. I'll always want the timber for myself it all goes tits up! Yes I think there could be a market for it round here so why not give it a go
  6. Thanks mate that's exactly what I'm hoping to do. Kleen kut aren't far away so I think I'll give them a go. Cheers mate
  7. That's pretty much it mate. Just thought I would run it as a business to avoid upsetting the tax man, and to have my name to something. It's just finding the wood!
  8. I've not actually sold or delivered any yet. I like my own company so a day spent chopping and splitting timber is my ideal day. Just me and the dog
  9. I am EX14 so quite a way lol thank you for that, the details would be nice. I have access to a fork lift truck if that will be enough? The three acres is just a bit of clearing, I'm hoping enough to stock up and dry for a year before I actually have a go at this without it really costing a lot.
  10. I already have a full time job, the logs is something I enjoy doing already as I rely on logs for heating myself. I'm not expecting to earn a living out of it, just to sort bump up my wage. Where would I go to import logs? Surely if it was as simple as that, more people would be doing it?
  11. Hi all, long story short I have basically been given approx 3 acres of woodland to "help myself to", I also have space for storage (or rather to build a shelter for storing/drying logs) for free, mixed with a keen interest, I would like to enter into the firewood business. Once this three acres has run out, where would I source a constant supply of cordwood? As for kindling, is it better to buy bulk bags of processed kindling, or source the timber and process it all myself? Any help/tips/info would be greatly appreciated.


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