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  1. yeah seen that yesterday and again this morning on breakfast news - they are really predicting another 2010 bad winter, saying they will know more in June, but Bring It On! we have over 1,000 tonnes Ash sitting at our yard, I didnt know what 1,000 tonnes looked like all in one go, but I do know! Lets hope we all have a good winter joy
  2. Jon a friend of ours saved cost of stone and has done an old fashioned trick of filing the trenches with small bales straw instead of stone he has had some success with this but also tried using a couple of silage trailers of conifer chip off us this has also proved successful he said. albeit only done 2 years ago but has worked so far plus he has saved thousands as it's tenanted land. joy
  3. Yeah could just the wagon drivers now aren't supposed to have anything sticking out onto the curtainsides just thinking really of the stability of the load I suppose
  4. re: bag sizes they are from bag supplies on their website it says they are 92x106x100 but some of ours have stretched big. We would only recommend putting 33 on a curtainssider as they don't stack particularly well.
  5. Can supply vented cubic metre nets ready for loading onto Artics 33 bags per artic, collected exworks at £75 per cubic metre including vented net. All Ash hardwood cut at 8" logs Call the yard for details Joy 07971 220186
  6. That's why us smaller forestry contractors find it hard to compete ...you can't you either work for them for the worst rates..done that..or try smaller woodland owners direct
  7. It does go to 1 customer the likes of Tilhill euro forest Scottish woodlands etc
  8. The listing are sometimes split from what is to be felled and standing sales to buy and cut etc. you have to buy the total what is quoted it's a put your best bid in type system and haulage would be the last thing to do.
  9. It's all mixed up after moving from top yard down to process sing area I would say most is about 5 ft to 6 ft long most 2 x 3 4 x 2 6 x 2 and some 5 x 5 and 6 x 6 bit 3 x 3. tbh if you want it come down this week else next week it will be cut up. I'm sure you can get something to make something nice out of it all. joy
  10. visited our friends at fuelwood this week they showed me the new transaw capable of doing 19 cube an hour looks a great machine.
  11. Mon to Friday open. weekends by arrangement
  12. Yeah it is nice but only had 1 chap who wanted some it's been in yard 7 years a chap came I showed him the spalted beech but he refuted that it was as he couldn't see it much on the top of slab and wanted the pieces planed and cleaned ..We are a wood yard not a furniture makers storehouse. shame if any body wants to come and look collection only and just give us a nominal charge to cover loading etc . Thanks must go by this week yard open daily 8 to 5
  13. oak beech cedar only ian leach came and took some now being cut up
  14. Just like to thank everyone at greenmech for the hospitality factory tour and demo of the chippers on Tuesday. very good thanks guys we shall stick with greenmech hope to upgrade late this year. thanks joy
  15. Can supply green ash cut into cubic metre nets for £75 collected our yard at uttoxeter
  16. We have ash £48 a tonne at our yard. but having problems getting hauliers to do odd loads give me your postcode and I can ask another driver I know for a quote. guess it's going to be 250 haulage which on a 24t loads adds about a tenner so 58 delivered joy 07971 220186
  17. Got two small poplar burrs saved when I was cutting firewood one is 6" other about 18" long . shame to split for firewood. If they are any good for turning and I don't know would poplar be too soft you can have free collected from yard. give me a ring or PM joy 07971 220186
  18. I think the feller shouldn't have left them in that state even if we were asked to just fell we would leave in a safe manner. just keep nibbing away bit at a time
  19. Must admit we thought second hand values would be bad but as a workhorse to get the lads into the woods and still have 5 year warranty it wouldn't need to tow really so price wise if we were to run for five years plus not to bad
  20. hallmark tractors near us are pushing a Ford ranger lookalike called great wall it is 14k abd has 5 year warranty sounds good on the leaflet joy
  21. boom eco really were good contacts unfortunately there hands were tied on transport. but thanks for all replies a good contact made with Stuart at boom eco they seem a good company to deal with. thanks guys joy


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