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  1. 5kw wood burner

    As an installer it would have to be clearview,Woodwarm or Charnwood!
  2. Firewood under Threat

    The problem in London is 70% of wood burnt is on open fires!
  3. wood burning stove

    If it's a Defra stove you can burn logs! That's the whole point of a Defra stove, Firefox 5 is non Defra, Firefox 5 Cleanburn is Defra, which one is it?
  4. I've got a 40 ft shipping container and I'm looking to make a kiln, reason for moving onto a kiln is that the shed I currently have I've got to take down due planning permission! I've seen some posts about making kilns from 20's, but wondered what the best set up for a 40 would be What's best to insulate? The container will be powered from a generator what size do I need How many heaters and what type, also what extractors? Cheers all.
  5. Any kindling for sale Leeds area

    Hi all as above I'm after some kindling any a pallet or so!
  6. replacement stove firebricks/liners

    Use it all the time it's fine!
  7. Yet another reccomend me a wood burner thread!

    There are loads of great stoves out there and loads of rubbish, the difference between apart from build quality is CONTROLABILITY! That's what scents them apart, As an installer the best I recommend and install the most are Esse Dunsley Jetmaster Burley Acr Morso All great stoves
  8. Lovenhelm stoves

    It's a Cleanburn lovenholm made by Hunter, not the most efficient stove on the market, controlibility will be an issue.
  9. Small stoves for house

    Hi A, have doc j changed recently 225mm but we tend to work of 300mm
  10. Pembrokeshire firewood producers

  11. Stove size

    Esse 200 xk Defoe! We fit them all the time, i have one great controlability.
  12. Fuelwood splitta 400 hire

    Hi all, does anybody hire out the above in the West Yorkshire area?
  13. selling logs in bulk

    Hi Simonm, I'm pretty local to you and could be interested but you'd have to look at your prices!
  14. Smoke-Free Upside-down Fire

    It seemed to work for me, creating a hotter fire quicker! the kindling burnt first getting very hot with no logs to dampen it down on top.
  15. 200T what's it worth?

    What a joke! Who would pay that:confused1:


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