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  1. get a timber haulier in, it will work out cheaper in the long run and less of a headache trying to source kit. we have specialist kit, but it took us a long time and alot of money to put it all together, but it does get used daily.
  2. I would second this. continual cutting is the best method. when at college years ago we had this method for couch grass yes it takes a year or two to weaken the rhizomes but it will work with perseverance
  3. ok fair enough but for employers trying to jump through every best practice fisa and afag I would not want to see one of my employees doing this. Each to his own indeed my father in law chainsaws without a helmet he has done for years the liability lies with him or you. but in an employed situation surely you can see my point.
  4. top handle are designed for work in the tree/climbing it's not just best practice yes afag guidance tells us this but complacency of using it single handed on the ground may be done and also the stance of the operator in a kick back situation would be different. yes ofcourse using it off ground is dangerous but once off the ground the situation of the climber makes a good climber more aware of danger on the ground you could be more complacent
  5. alton towers had a major accident today on the smiler ride it's shut tomorrow while investigation goes on I hear 4 people in hospital with very bad leg injuries
  6. Oh I see where your coming from...no I agree nothing to do with trees officers who would think that? obviously someone a bit green?
  7. You just did I was just reiterating don't do this and thereby don't rely on ppe it's there as a safety feature not to be an excuse for lax h& s
  8. Yes well if you use a top handle on the ground then your a numpty I also would imagine you see no problem in using a unguarded pto shaft.
  9. No I realised that I thought he was going to do it to test the trousers. but having seen video about it and how it works I guess you may regret the work involved after imo
  10. who in their right mind would try such a thing... you'll have to strip saw I guess..busy night then
  11. I don't think he was ever thought of as a laughing stock... yes he admitted to an alcohol problem.
  12. Nice man who stood by his opinions and convictions
  13. We have had a transaw for over 5 years and never had any problems with the laser . very reliable well built machine
  14. I don't trust councils as far as I could throw them I was on a steering group I had a grant application in and they blatantly knicked my ideas and the chap running it is the biggest swindler out he and his wife go by different names and only when he got a job on the council running said scheme did I realise what a fool I had been sharing my ideas with such a pair of snakes.
  15. wanted for short term contract self employed person preferred, must have cs30/31, its for forestry felling and feeding tracked chipper, sorry we cannot offer accomodation and no travelling costs. so please be realistic before you get in contact as it wont pay travelling more than 30 minutes i would have thought. Preferred experience in forestry fellling, trailer licence useful. may lead to full time position for right candidate. contact Joy via email with initial c.v. or details thanks Joy Yeomans [email protected] 07971 220186
  16. Are dogs allowed on site does anyone know and does the campsite accept caravans??
  17. Good camera work. .but as for showing the professional tree company I thought it fell short. .no helmets . poor chainsaw safety. no sorry thought it was too much of a glory boys video.
  18. The chimnenea wood we can't move til the chicks have flown
  19. we have a pile of bagged chimenea logs that we cant get to a robin has made her nest in the top of the stillage, so that pile will just sit there, we do sell quite a few bags through the summer months, bit early yet, ours are £1.50 a bag for a standard log nets size 45x60cm, we put our hardwood offcuts in from the hardwood nets
  20. 1Both times we have had to pay ssp as something done out of the workplace. I don't mind we do it but my argument is that for a small business trying to carry on when 1 man down if your a 2 or 3 man band and paying ssp on top of trying to keep going is very hard . In the forestry game we very often get paid as contractors on a cutting rate or how much we can do in a amount of time and to have someone off 6 plus weeks and having to pay them is a hardship for small businesses. then they may want their full holidays as well. Where does all the money come from....
  21. Definitely what I was getting at was the government doesn't give any real incentive to have employees
  22. new rules regarding ssp means it cannot be claimed back now so for small employers it's a real drain on resources. paying ssp on top of higher costs means employing staff can be too costly than having subbies
  23. will be needing a site to drop off probably half a transit load of leylandii chip if any one has a chip site please local to Llandudno. thanks joy 07971 220186


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