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  1. oak is notoriously difficult to catch a flame but once going will burn steady . try getting fire going with some softwood once good embers then put on your oak.
  2. coming across the odd piece must be 30 years old at least of nice elm the lads bought back this last week. At least 12 -15" diameter. disease must have missed these odd trees. hard as nails must try and hold back from firewood and lucas it as the slabbed attachment is going back on to slab a clients beech.
  3. cutting on the transaw this week. bloomin hot. no sales this week but enquiries over log stores.
  4. we have the 261 c it's got the normal setup thank goodness
  5. I can see why Logsnstuff is upset I get sick of people wanting to buy "cheap cord wood for my own use" when I say yes can deliver 12 tonne at £60 a tonne plus vat they say oh no that's not cheap I wanted anything I can saw up delivered for a few quid. It does your head in.
  6. No bob still got a few hundred cubic nets to fill and all the small nets. don't know where the times going.
  7. timber I'm cutting at the moment is drying like mad, ash felled February and some pieces large diameter I'm measuring 23% off the processor...amazing . only problem is I'm bloody hot in this sun but the wood loves it 👍
  8. Didn't realise til I just reread the fca the 261 has the automatic chain tensioner one of our lads had some trouble with this on another saw
  9. No problems before with the 346 it's just worn out!
  10. Well the 346xp has problems and now the 550xp is playing up again. lads are felling medium trees with 441 so ordered 550xp and 261 with 15" bars and see how reliable the husky is now compared to the ultra reliable stihl. but the lads prefer more power from the huskies
  11. time has come to get a new saw is the new 5 50 xp better and have they sorted the reliability issues? We shall see ordered a reliable stihl 261 for one lad and boss will be trialling the new 550xp and we will report...
  12. I think this is done with with now surely
  13. I cam see how you feel I too fell into that trap a few years ago reading people's comments can come across as rude,aggressive, argumentative or down right obnoxious but if you had the conversation in person the tone of the conversation would probably be quite different. let it go relax we know you mean well and I know you just got wound up by someone hitting a nerve.
  14. We only process the larger stuff on this deck quicker to do small stuff through japa and usually fill deck up every time with about 5-6 t
  15. I see no problem with arbtrader as it is a new posting pops up in unread
  16. starting about 2010 with 380 tonnes going up each year to now we do about 850-1000 tonnes
  17. Anyone else worn a log deck out collected some spares from fuelwood for our japa 2 deck they said we were the only ones to ever ask for spares? renewed the strips and welded on new guard rails for the chain deck.
  18. We had a look at a small kesla head on a track machine that would be suitable you could get a harvester in but take out a little more in the lines. fair play at having a go your braver than me as the currant firewood market is pretty bad . We need a good winter.
  19. so is this your main job ? forestry? sorry to go on but I can't get my head round repayments and running cost of the kit you've got and running the first thinning "as a trial " that hopefully pays off. plus workers wages. I couldn't do it you are either very brave with good backup or its a sideline and you are funded? its just we are an established forestry company and I couldn't even consider that
  20. You must be getting paid to do this though surely as it looks like your handcutting first thinning like that isn't going to give a good rate return for all your kit time diesel and pay landowner. no one can work like that on the hope it works out??
  21. saw log mills often take 14 foot and 21 foot but all depends what spec each mill wants for each end product
  22. The fca are giving regular updates to its members on this but yet again as someone earlier put it's the big boys setting the agenda on the fisa board


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