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    Hi mate, shame you are having to sell up. Message me what's for sale thanks
  2. Identification please

  3. Getting chilly

    That's the joy of it. Lovely heat and a cool breeze make the perfect mix, for me anyway.
  4. Getting chilly

    My missus says " are you on wood base again" it's what she calls arbtalk. Anyway just repeated your post about your mum and she laughed out loud
  5. Getting chilly

    Phones starting to ring, love this time of year. Lighting our own fire at night...
  6. Timber prices

    Where are you based Tony?
  7. Tree ID please

    Morus alba 'Macrophylla perfect thanks mick
  8. Tree ID

    Agreed, very impressive
  9. Tree ID please

    Cmon chaps in the old days this ID would have been nailed in a few hours!
  10. Tree ID please

    Hi, im sure one of you will know this one. Planted in Nantwich town square.
  11. Conifer jammed circular saw blade

    Happens a lot with softwood. It's the sap, gets stuck on the tungsten tips. Just go slower when cutting and a spray of WD40 on the blade helps. Circular saws just happen to cut certain woods cleaner than others. It does help if the wood has been down for a while though.
  12. what logs have you been chopping today!

    YES!!! Definitely feel the same, not enough in the store and already worried about running out. Have loads of seasoned timber, just need to log it!
  13. 12 ton venom log splitter

    I seem to remember an old thread tat absolutely slated them
  14. log storage

  15. log storage

    Do you have any pictures of your set up ?.


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