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  1. richardwale

    What's the best old 4 x 4 ?

    Mark 4 Hilux, had it 11 years, brilliant truck, spent a few quid over the years but by god it's been a great motor. Pulls a trailer ok, 2 tonne only but still does the job. I'll be gutted when she dies.
  2. richardwale

    Jotul - You should only burn hardwoods

    Burnt softwood and a bit of hardwood, on our stove for 10 years and we get about a cornflakes bowl of soot each year.
  3. richardwale

    What sawbench???

    Use a petrol Balfour saw bench, very pleased with it. Gets a bit tight on green softwood, but flies through most hinges sub 250mm
  4. richardwale

    new toy! Thor magik petrol 13t

    Thanks, mine hasn't got that so will need to buy one. Seems a very simple device to stop a powerful ram going any further.
  5. richardwale

    new toy! Thor magik petrol 13t

    Just got myself one these splitters , courtesy of Bustergasket, it's probably dead obvious but how do you fix it so the ram only goes up to a certain point,instead of the full ram cycle? It's not in the manual .Thanks Richard
  6. richardwale

    Hetas, Woodsure, Ready to Burn and Grown in Britain

    yup, dry is all they want. Sold out. Say every year it won't happen again but it always does.
  7. richardwale

    Replacing trailer floor

    I used 8x4 sheets of hardboard that were lying around the yard, brilliant stuff. Like the scaffold board idea though. Very tough
  8. richardwale

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    Mine are the same Beau, maybe a tad less but around that mark. Still excellent burning wood.
  9. richardwale

    DIY firewood bagger

    Good job, looks professionally made. You could sell those.
  10. richardwale

    Tree ident help

    It’s hornbeam all day long
  11. richardwale

    Tree ident help

    Exactly what I thought!
  12. richardwale

    Tree ident help

    Defo a hornbeam, not sure which one probably common betula
  13. richardwale

    Best 5kw multi fuel stove recommendations please

    Buying second hand would get you a clearview 500. not sure that would get you much brand new, to be honest.
  14. richardwale

    Retail cost of kindling per KG?

    My supplier has recently almost halved the size of the bags, when I complained at the cost being the same she snapped and said the bags were fuller than the other ones. Not true, they weighed less than 2 kg each bag. Won't be going there again.


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