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  1. What a crazy situation. It seems odd that someone with a kiln still buys imported kiln dried firewood!
  2. richardwale

    Anyone recommend a hoover for the fireplace?

    I know a sweep who uses a twin “engine” black Henry that sucks up just about everything. He swept my chimney with the stove door wide open and not a speck of soot anywhere.
  3. richardwale

    Dog Fouling!!!!!!

    Don't be so ridiculous. Of course it's not the dogs fault. It's a one time preventative method of solving the problem, and it doesn't harm the dog at all, it's a shock tactic. Oh and pat your dogs head for writing his own post.
  4. richardwale

    Dog Fouling!!!!!!

    Cordon off the area with a line of electrified tape. One nose tap on that and he'll never come back, guaranteed. Know a chap who cordons of field, chicken runs lawn areas using the same method. He electrifies it once or twice and then disarms it as the dog NEVER goes there again.
  5. richardwale

    Free wood (poplar) baglan port talbot

    Nothing wrong with pop. Great firewood.
  6. I wish there was a shaking head emoji. Talking about imported kiln dried firewood being drier than other imported kiln dried firewood.
  7. richardwale

    Kiln dried load

    Couldn’t agree more 👎
  8. 10% oak logs, perfection in my opinion. Please please don't spray with water, I beg you!
  9. richardwale

    Best Moisture Meter for Firewood

    bone dry furniture/wood in a warm house should not be 10 to 12 %. Less than 6 for sure and on most metres not even highlighting. Dont reckon it's worth spending money on high end metres as dry firewood is pretty obvious to tell, and we all know anything less than 25......
  10. richardwale

    Tree Id please

    Leaf or bark? Bark on the cork is totally different.
  11. richardwale

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    Sorry am I right in thinking you re kilned imported kiln dried firewood?
  12. richardwale

    Log drying kiln idea

    I want to do exactly the same kind of thing...interested to hear any success stories
  13. richardwale

    Can lo linger get arbtalk through my home wifi

    Yup, all back to normal. Cheers
  14. richardwale

    Can lo linger get arbtalk through my home wifi

    Hard to remember but it’s about the right timescale


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