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  1. prefer the large appliance I think
  2. richardwale

    Frustrating new log customers!!!!

    You’ll get the rewards of hard work, that’s for sure. 👍
  3. richardwale

    Hows the log sales going now

    Thanks for the pictures. So is that essentially a heated timber box inside a barn? Not airtight I see but does that matter? Nothing to stop that being outside and the roof made watertight?
  4. richardwale

    KTM machinery

    Please PM me. Thanks
  5. richardwale

    KTM machinery

    Thanks. Was yours engine powered or PTO
  6. richardwale

    Hows the log sales going now

    I’d be very interested to know how straight forward ( or not) it is to install the boiler and set it all up as a kiln.
  7. richardwale

    KTM machinery

    Thinking of buying the 26 t road tow diesel engine splitter. good price, chap did a good job selling it’s quality and huge splitting power. Anyone got any reviews or comments on ktm’s machinery? It’s built to order and there are very few videos or reviews on line. Thanks
  8. richardwale

    Hows the log sales going now

    Can you send a picture of your smaller kiln setup?, what footprint does that take up, thanks
  9. richardwale

    Hows the log sales going now

    How are your customers reacting to the softwood? Are you having to do a hard sell? Why stop the seasoned hardwoods!
  10. richardwale

    That's a first for me

    Good for you. At least you hadn't unloaded it. Annoying but you'll feel better for sticking to your beliefs. Had a customer recently who complained that 6 or 7 logs were very undersized, " almost kindling" . Not what she expected. Bite your tongue and move on....
  11. I wipe the glass clear each morning with a damp paper towel and it's always a clean wipe, but the fly ash is always there and does obscure the view when burning. Just something Burley need to sort really as the flame pattern is great to watch but could be even better with clear glass. After all one of the primary reasons for a large viewing area is to watch the fire.
  12. I think those holes create the secondary burn. I’ve had the glass replaced for free by Burley which was great but the fly ash still sticks to the glass and obscures the view. Brilliant stove apart from that.
  13. The problem with the larger Burley stoves is the only air intake is from outside or from the rear if no room seal, so no air wash system or secondary vents. Fly ash sits on the glass, so a slumbering fire looks crap as the glass clouds over.
  14. If the glass is clear in the morning I think you may have it sussed. My stove is a Burley with the only air intake coming from outside so tricky to get it right.


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