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  1. second hand and new vented sacks

    Have you quit the business Mortimer or just decided not to use bags?
  2. How are your stocks holding up?

    That's because it's seasoned. Not all firewood needs 12 months. You're not winging it if it's dry.
  3. How are your stocks holding up?

    Down to the last few cube. I've heard it's going to get cold well into March, oh well. Need to start cutting for winter 18.
  4. benevolent tree surgeon in Leeds?

    What are we to do to get softwood accepted!
  5. Morso Squirrel Baffle - early failure

    I bet the stove manufacturer will tell you you're running the stove too hot, this can sometimes be the case but baffle plates are notoriously flimsy nowadays.
  6. How do they cope being so close

    Looks like we all love our dogs, mine comes to work every day and loves the fire, eats, drinks and crashes out by stove. Takes about 5 minutes and she's dreaming, twitching and kicking away.
  7. How do they cope being so close

    that cat must be cooking!!
  8. How do they cope being so close

    I can hardly get near the damn thing to put another log on, but the flippen dog hadn't moved in about an hour. Hot face! How do they cope???
  9. Chimney fire causes?

    Sounds like Concorde is in your liner!
  10. The science behind forced log drying

    Hi, got any pictures of your kiln? Would be very interested to see your setup. Thanks
  11. Soft wood

    It's definitely classed as a conny
  12. Soft wood

    Do you mean Taxus?
  13. Soft wood

    A pal of mine just sent me this. Reckons a lot of folk in New Zealand make a living out of selling softwood. I quite like the trailer....
  14. Info Card For Customers To Stop Issues

    It's all down to storage. You deliver dry firewood, now it's down to the customer. So often they go into an almost air tight container where the remaining moisture just hangs. The idea of an info card is great, cheap, factual, covers your arse. Go for it. Moisture test a few in front of the customer, info card, paid and go.
  15. Soft wood

    A little knowledge is very dangerous! Its very annoying. In my opinion it's all caused at the source, which I'm afraid to say is the stove sellers! Some know what they are talking about when it comes to burning timber, but to say softwood is dangerous to burn is ludicrous.


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