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  1. Looked at the v8 Range Rover. Are you talking about the mid 90's Vogue?
  2. richardwale

    Where do you get wood for your stove?

    I've got a stove that only burns softwood so I'm ok
  3. richardwale

    Considering increasing our Firewood prices

    Had a call yesterday from a customer I sold to last year for the first time. Her boiler had packed up and her usual log man was out of contact. Anyway she called yesterday to order some more hardwood and I said prices were the same as last year and I'd ring her later with a delivery date. Called approx 4 hours later and she apologised and said her husband had managed to contact their previous log man and he was delivering 2 cube of hardwood for £120. wish I knew the bloke as I'd buy everything he had at that price.
  4. richardwale

    inc cages for sale and logs

    Where are you based?
  5. richardwale

    Top 10 most popular wood-burning and multifuel stoves

    You’ve just done exactly what Bowland Stoves did. Listed your own personal favourites or best sellers. “It’s beyond me”
  6. richardwale

    Best job i've ever done! More NZ Heli work!

    Wow, that's one to show the kids.
  7. richardwale

    is this Taxodium?

    I couldn't bare the trauma of breaking one so I just bite mine to length now.
  8. richardwale

    is this Taxodium?

    Buffalo Bill had hands like that in Silence of the Lambs
  9. Over firing a stove is very common and that's why on a previous thread stove thermometers should, in my opinion, should be taken as a gimmick and not trustworthy at all.
  10. richardwale

    Reasonable Priced Firewood?

    And if that's one load, not sure it's 7 cube
  11. richardwale

    Reasonable Priced Firewood?

    Bit pricey, especially as you'll need a fair amount of space plus your time to split it, plus seasoning......I could go on
  12. richardwale

    Any clues what this is

    So this is the final picture. Sanded and lightly oiled. ( we collect nice grained timber for the kids) and try to name them.
  13. richardwale

    Any clues what this is

  14. richardwale

    Any clues what this is

    I’m going to say it’s a type of prunus. Final answer. Hey ho, suppose we will never know!!


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