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  1. I have agreed to pay landowner by the cube if the job will stand it, so all costs are fixed relative to the end value of a cubic meter of logs. Weight will be irrelevant. Prices are based on contract cost so my profit margin is included. Don't get me wrong it will probably not be cost effective but we decided to give it a try. Really depends if we can find wholesale buyers for the logs direct from the wood. If the site was closer to home it would mean i could sell the logs at retail but it is to far to transport.
  2. Do you supply into the biomass market? We have a 75kw boiler running a log dryer and get through a fair amount of timber. Maybe people only have them if they are self sufficient in timber? First thinnings through a bilke at maximum length makes good boiler fuel and is so fast it is the most efficient way to process it into a saleable product.
  3. I have been contracting for 9 years now and built up over time. Main work has always been tree planting and follow up maintenance but have been involved with firewood and thinning work for 5 years now. Started with small vimek minimaster then farma 6 ton trailer then got a grant towards the vimek 606. Mainly do thinning for our own use as firewood. Like you say there is not much profit in selling timber at roadside! I own all my kit so no worries with repayments and smaller kit doesn't cost so much to run for instance the forwarder will do a full day on 25 litres of diesel. Like i say it is a trial to see how things work out and it may well bite me but nothing ventured nothing gained! It will revolve around getting a fair price for processed logs straight out of the wood to wholesale market or to biomass boiler market. Massive potential in the National Forest over the next few years. Do you run a harvester? I have not seen a machine that could cope with hardwood first thinnings?
  4. Landowner received a grant for ride widening and coppicing work which has covered some of the cost. It is a trial and as such i will not know the full economics of it until the job is finished. Assuming we can the equivalent of 8 cube of split logs per day i think the system will work. I have based that on extracting the equivalent of 60 cube of split logs a day and we can process 40 cube of logs per day with the bilke so £31.25 per cube cost in a log. All depends on what we can get cut in a day.
  5. I am hoping for around £40 per cube processed logs collected plus vat but until we have worked a full block and costed the job i will not know for sure. It is a trial site 6ha first thinning 15 year old mixed broadleaf woodland. Its going to be tight to make a return and pay the landowner for the timber but that is the plan.
  6. National forest own the camera taking the video! They are trying to promote thinning in the area. I am working a site in the area as a trial to see if it is feasible.
  7. We did a demonstration on a site we are working in the National forest last week and are now looking for a market for either wholesale logs collected from site, wholesale logs delivered from site in 25 cubic meter trailer. Large billets suitable for biomass boilers either collected or delivered and some processor size timber. Total amount available around 400 cubic meters (loose logs)[ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kduI7YJFqT4]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kduI7YJFqT4[/ame]
  8. I did a demonstration event in the National Forest last week with my Vimek and Bilke processor in some hardwood thinnings. [ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kduI7YJFqT4]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kduI7YJFqT4[/ame]
  9. I have just started a site near Ashby de la Zouch which will have some nice mixed hardwood first thinnings.
  10. I have got a Vimek 606 and hire in a Ponsse wisent for bigger jobs All timber is now sold thanks.
  11. I try to grade the sizes as it helps with processing and selling to the right person at the right price. It was a nice stand to work in.
  12. <p>Probably be £65 per ton plus vat</p>


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