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  1. Joy Yeomans

    550 xp problems

    time has come to get a new saw is the new 5 50 xp better and have they sorted the reliability issues? We shall see ordered a reliable stihl 261 for one lad and boss will be trialling the new 550xp and we will report...
  2. Joy Yeomans

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    Billets of sycamore ash and beech
  3. Joy Yeomans

    Small log nets

    Pics to show attached
  4. Joy Yeomans

    Small log nets

    We produce hardwood log nets 45x60cm nets we now use a system of cutting billets into nets which means no slithers or small logs and no debris or rubbish in the nets. From june to august once the next set of billets are seasoned we can produce 500 nets a day an artic load a week of 2420 nets. If any customers require them please get in touch. Collection oniy. Joy 07971 220186
  5. Joy Yeomans

    Yet another log ID wanted

    First and 4th pics are definitely sycamore the third pic does look like ash with darker heartwood but cant really make out the 2nd. Any better pics without moss on
  6. I've found the fully vented ones last better as the stripe material does seem to deteriorate after 12 months uv damage
  7. Joy Yeomans

    investment against return scale for wood processing

    Youll have to cut in the summer for dry winter logs
  8. Joy Yeomans

    Small firewood bags wanted

    Medallion net have some competitive prices at the moment
  9. Joy Yeomans

    Which breed !

    Poplar the very orangey bit in pic 4 alder. Alder takes a bit of drying but makes nice firewood the poplar will also take a while to dry but once dry dont let it get wet again
  10. Joy Yeomans

    BSL fees

    I won't be paying it's a joke
  11. Joy Yeomans

    Kindling in bulk

    We do on pallets but booked up with orders for next 2 weeks
  12. Joy Yeomans

    Hows the log sales going now

    What's your company called please
  13. Joy Yeomans

    How do you deal with tiredness?

    I think the most demoralising thing is that we can't see an end in sight to retire at those of us who are mid 40s or 50 wanting to retire in 15 years it ain't gonna happen it's going to be 70 maybe more or even when we all do retire the government's won't have any money in place for a pension
  14. Joy Yeomans

    Advise for future travel to Scotland

    Avoid August I heard because of the midges?
  15. Joy Yeomans

    Kindling wanted

    Pm sent
  16. Joy Yeomans

    U.K based wholesale nets

    We do seasoned hardwood nets 2.80 each 60 per pallet.
  17. Joy Yeomans

    Any kindling suppliers in the SW?

    Steve's very good for the south but if your closer to the Midlands I have stocks of nice clean spruce sticks
  18. Got an order that hasn't been collected 5 pallets softwood nets 60 per pallet and 300 sticks 3 pallets willing to let go for £1000 cash asap as short on space required for next order. Can load. Joy 07971 220186
  19. Joy Yeomans

    300 softwood & 300 stick 8 pallets

    Power of Arbtalk believe sorted thanks
  20. Joy Yeomans

    300 softwood & 300 stick 8 pallets

    Pics to show
  21. Joy Yeomans


    Got some nice pallets of very dry and clean spruce sticks 6" stick in mono 40x50 nets very well filled. Joy 07971 220186 Ready to be collected all palletised
  22. Heads up fuelwood down at Warwick are having their open days check out their Web for info.
  23. Joy Yeomans

    APF thank you from F R Jones

    Also nice to see Ted aka easy-lift guy again with his generosity to the kids and raffle
  24. Joy Yeomans

    Apf setup accident

    Just had a Facebook update from the apf team terrible news that a member of staff had been involved in an accident whilst setting the show up yesterday and died in hospital last night. Terrible news Just a reminder to stay safe guys x
  25. Joy Yeomans

    APF check list

    Can I please put in an order for one that says how many cube bags will I get out of a tonne of wood


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