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  1. Trust tried to put mine up by £800 and they said because some other companies had made big claims!
  2. Maybe a dodgy batch. We only seem to break a bolt when the tooth is loose.
  3. I've just bought this hedge cutter to go on my Kubota kx-030-4-GL hi spec and you can't trim and track at all which makes it useless for cutting the top of a hedge. Is there any way round it to be able to track and trim?
  4. I've just returned a pair of Breathe flex after a month they had split!
  5. That's where a Micro Drill comes in handy to confirm the Picus result.
  6. I am looking to clear stock piles of chip and arb waste logs near sevenoaks in Kent from our yard. Which companies are worth contacting and what's the going rate at the moment? Thanks Nick
  7. I Now builders can work
  8. Seems to be changing by the minute!!
  9. I assume majority of tree work counts as non essential so does that mean no work for 3 weeks?
  10. Crickey what a machine! How much do they cost? [emoji85]
  11. What tyre pressures do you run for road work?
  12. What tyre pressures do you run for road work?


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