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    <p>U ready for some more softwood yet??</p>


  2. nick channer

    What equiptment to go for? Arb wood processing

    Or sell it to a man with a kiln
  3. nick channer

    Looking for a source of fire wood - Buckinghamshire

    As an supply u with big 7.5 ton lorry load mixed soft/hardwood. Some in rings so just needs splitting! £150 load
  4. nick channer

    Free mixed timber

    That's it. We charge £20 transit load to take it Same for chip😆
  5. nick channer

    Free mixed timber

    Hi Yes have constant supply
  6. nick channer

    Free mixed timber

    Not many left now Taken 15 out so far Will pm u
  7. nick channer

    Countryfile naughtiness.

    Just up road from me. Heats one house on it so forage harvester bit overkill


    <p>Load would be £450</p>





    <p>hi nick how much for a load to ox75sn</p>

    <p>cheers Paul</p>


  10. nick channer

    Ad Blue

    We have 2 artics on it and just about to buy new jcb tele handler thst has it. We buy 1000 litre ibc for around £350
  11. nick channer

    Free mixed timber

    Will do joy. Pleasure to do business with u. No messing around is what i like


    <p>£700 delivered</p>



  13. <p>Hi Nick how much for a load to cv23 0sh</p>

  14. nick channer

    Free mixed timber

    Our pleasure Be with u tomorro nite wed morn with 2nd load!
  15. nick channer

    Free mixed timber

    If u needed a load £750 delivered


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