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    wood turning, hand carving, enertaining my kids, My 1st landy
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  1. Ian Leach

    tree in a tree drawing

    I can hand draw something if you like, whats the time scale.
  2. Ian Leach

    working over asbestos roofs

    The newer sheets are mixed cellulose and cement, the older stuff was asbestos fibers and cement 15-20 percent I believe low risk.
  3. Ian Leach

    working over asbestos roofs

    Very unlikely to be an asbestos roof, it will more that likely be a cement roof which may or may not have slight asbestos in it. I would take pictures of damage already done, then board.
  4. Ian Leach

    Go on then, What was your best Present??

    Don't forget your parachute.
  5. Ian Leach

    Time off at Xmas -- How much are you taking

    Try and get December and January off. Doesn't always go to plan with a few days here and there inbetween and any emergency work. But close enough.
  6. Felix is right, small claims court, give him reasonable time to pay, send reminder and final reminder. All sent by email. When you go to court make sure all your paperwork is in perfect order and the judges that you would of sent before. You'll get all your money back plus costs, lost wages going to court. Been in this situation before.
  7. Ian Leach

    New Tip Site Directory Now Live!

    Your picture shows different.
  8. Ian Leach

    New Tip Site Directory Now Live!

    Don't just type in and press search, when you type a drop down menu appears. When you see what you want on the menu click it.
  9. Ian Leach

    Dolmar Chainsaws in UK

    I got a different saw than you, message shavey on here.
  10. Ian Leach

    Lichenburg fractals

    Dam you, I'm trying to save money, what was the total cost Inc shipping.
  11. Ian Leach

    Dolmar Chainsaws in UK

    Mine came with bar chain and a few other bits. .
  12. Ian Leach

    Dolmar Chainsaws in UK

    @shavey on here is the person to see I get all my Dolmar kit of him.
  13. Ian Leach

    New Tip Site Directory Now Live!

    Do you click on the drop down menu, cause I got this
  14. Ian Leach

    Waterproof alternative to plywood

    Manhole cover, ferret or hose pipe.


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