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  1. Timber slices wanted

    What kind of price you looking at? Courier maybe?
  2. Mig welders

    Cheers I'll have a look.
  3. Timber slices wanted

    I'm looking for a piece of yew in slices like the picture 700 -1000 x 50 thick . Might take other species into consideration too.
  4. Making the news today....

  5. Trick-or-treating

    Where getting kids liying on the floor slowing traffic and the cars being egged. Then the cars almost crash.
  6. How to build a cart wheel?

    Amazing work, great to see all the hard work come together.
  7. looking for a planer moulder

  8. Bitcoin now accpeted on CSB

    It's hard to track that's why it's top currency for the dark web, it's been there currency for ages.
  9. Mig welders

    Could the leads be extended, I can get hold of a 220amp , the one we use is a 140amp. Wondering if the inverter are any good as in lighter to, as was welding from height and old welder heavy to carry.
  10. Mig welders

    What welders do people have ?, after doing some onsite welding I'm looking for something a bit more compact. Are these inverter welders any good, I use an old school one that is 20years old still going strong.
  11. Dash Cam?

    As far as I know it runs on a loop, so rewrites .
  12. Dash Cam?

    Nextbase from halfords, Dean had the 512 I think, helped him when someone smashed into him on two occasions.
  13. How should I treat these yew slices?

    They would probably split Steve, you could try soaking them in pva and hope for the best, or let them split and then cast them in resin and then sand. Then you can add photolumesant (sp) powder into the cracks to make it glow.
  14. Where does your domestic work come from?

    Word of mouth 70% Facebook 15% Website 15% Would like to sort out website more, but to much on my plate atm. Thinking of advertising but not sure what yet.
  15. Site feedback

    You can take it off condensed view and it shows you a content preview.


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