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    wood turning, hand carving, enertaining my kids, My 1st landy
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  1. Ian Leach

    Is your website secured with an SSL certificate?

    Is mine OK then Steve ?
  2. Ian Leach

    Whats the going rate for native charcoal?

    I use to sell sweet chestnut charcoal for £12 a 2-2.5 kg bag to customers, I offered their money back if they didn't like it. I would explain to them that all it took was a piece of paper to light it, how it lasts longer that other charcoal how 95% of charcoal is imported. 99% of them came back and brought double, one came back with empty bag and asked for refund. I use to do market stalls, different shows. I enjoyed doing it but moved onto other things, don't like retailers adding 100% and paying shite for all your hard work
  3. Ian Leach

    What’s up with app?

    App shit simples, not looked back since using the mobile version.
  4. Ian Leach

    Site upgrade

    Twas a long day 😕
  5. Ian Leach

    Site upgrade

  6. Ian Leach

    Favourite birds bats or bees

    I rescued this little fella , kept and fed all day then took to a rescue center.
  7. Ian Leach

    Charcoal quality

    I think you'll get a better calorific value in a retort as a more even burn, so your charcoal would produce less smoke and burn better than a ring. Yes that price is what iwould get, we also sold to some old school blacksmiths to as it would burn hotter that the crappy imported stuff. Miss doing it, but moved on to other things. Do you find different wood produce better charcoal.
  8. Ian Leach

    Charcoal quality

    I don't think there much difference between the 2 kilns apart from the way they burn, you might get a slightly better value charcoal from a retort due to the no air getting in and less smoke of course. I use to use a ring kiln and sell it for £7.50 a 2kg bag, but haven't done it for years now.
  9. Ian Leach

    Tool register

    Cool I'll be adding to it then.
  10. Ian Leach

    Tool register

    It's a shame if that happens Steve, what a useful resource for people. Can it be used for a wider audience like landscaping kit or drills etc too.
  11. Ian Leach

    Treating wood projects?

  12. Ian Leach

    The Confessional

    I'll knight you sir cumbeforemytimealot......
  13. Ian Leach

    Tattoos and company/staff image

    I must have that picture some where , before dragging your arse away from sleeping in the fire pit.
  14. Ian Leach

    Tattoos and company/staff image

    When is it not messy when Marks involved
  15. Ian Leach

    Lichenburg fractals

    Great mirror, what's your setup for doing fracture burning.


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