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    wood turning, hand carving, enertaining my kids, My 1st landy
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  1. Worth the change?

  2. which glue and finish

    Titebond 3, pure linseed oil as soaks in good but can take a while to dry, mineral oil works well too. Routering beech is fine to, slow and careful as might be some hidden soft spots. Wouldnt go more than about 5mm deep tho because of cleaning issues.
  3. How hard is it to learn to weld?

    My 3rd time welding, first few times looked like bird shit.
  4. Bandsaw blades

  5. Dolmar 420sc problem & various questions

    @shavey Will be able to help.
  6. The Crypto coin thread

    I'll have a go Rob, but where do I start with the wallet first. Think I've done it.
  7. Pre Christmas rush

    Booked up until Christmas Eve at the mo.
  8. repointing patios

    I've never had a problem or been called back, but remember you saying before.
  9. repointing patios

    Geofix all weather is another one I use.
  10. repointing patios

    You could do it the way you said with a mortar gun this time, but I use the all weather stuff all the time now. As it saves time and looks and lasts longer.
  11. repointing patios

    I grind the majority of the old stuff out, then bolster. Then I use an all weather jointing compound, soak and brush in, something like easy joint.
  12. Timber slices wanted

    What kind of price you looking at? Courier maybe?
  13. Mig welders

    Cheers I'll have a look.
  14. Timber slices wanted

    I'm looking for a piece of yew in slices like the picture 700 -1000 x 50 thick . Might take other species into consideration too.
  15. Making the news today....


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