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  1. Is that a new 2017 ktm? VERY NICE!
  2. My Tajfun 400 is now for sale and will by on Arbtrader this week. Not getting out of logs, but a combination of going employed last year and sourcing most of my logs wholesale has forced my arm.
  3. That 480 looks a right beast!
  4. Imo depends so much on what your cutting. And if its clean. The nature of the machine means you dont always know if its cut a dirty section etc. Ive had days where ive had to sharpen 4 or 5 times on mixed hw and other days where its cut well all day long without a sharpen.
  5. My Tajfun 400 Joy with log deck is coming up for sale shortly if your interested let me know! Cheers, Ben
  6. I could sort him out. All details on my facebook page. BCM Firewood. PM if you want anymore details.
  7. I have weighed several builders bags (0.6 cube) of well seasoned ash before. Varied between 250 and 280kgs. Hope that helps.
  8. Well i swung by Hardwood Logs Ltd today, very impressive set up and a mega processor! Thanks Simon for taking time out to have a chat with me!
  9. Thanks fpr the reply, if we swing out your way ill let you know. Thanks!
  10. Just had a look at their website and oh my days, what a set up! Might swing in to see his processor set up if nothing else!
  11. Having a mid week break and forgot to bring any logs for the little cottage we are staying in. Anyone in the area got a couple of nets i could buy, save me committing a huge crime and getting a couple of nets from Sainsbury. Many thanks
  12. Ime, its what is under the road planings that counts. Waste of time putting any planings down if the base is poor.
  13. I think this way will suit me in the future, ive recent gone full time employed with a good career job. I wont to carry on logs, but with minimal fuss. Return might not be quite so good buying it all in, but will suit i reckon.
  14. Them boys are my hero's! Thought you would be more of a roses man myself...
  15. Did a quick 3 cube this afternoon, was all logs ive bought in processed (from 3 sources). I normally mix my loads 50/50 bought in and my own logs. These 3 cube, cost me £100 in wood, £10 fuel for delivering and thats about it. Leaves me with £150 for 4 hours work. Happy with that. Yeah there will be a small amount of associated costs, but you get what i mean. Not sure its worth getting the processor out to be honest.


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