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  1. Top work there bud. Especially the plates
  2. Haven’t been able to turn since Feb but made time today. I didn’t want to try anything big just wanted to start and finish something. I used a bit of brown oak that was bone dry but had a split that may have gone in too far but I started turning and it was solid underneath. Just under 9” in diameter and around 8mm wall thickness Good to get back at it
  3. Snap. It looks cool but I’ll leave it to others haha. The mirror looks great Mark
  4. The shelves look great. Good luck with the table
  5. There’s a good foot or more (or was before this morning) between that and the fence. And it’s still staked lower down, I don’t think it could blow over that much. There was also similar damage on an end and it was full of aphids. This has reminded me to go and get the removed twigs and get them in the burner
  6. I’d rather try and save it. Even though I did plant it far too close to the fence really.
  7. Thank you. I’ll cut it off tomorrow and give the tree a thorough check for anything else. Maybe give it a soap wash as well for any crawlies that are around
  8. I don’t know what’s caused this in the first place but it now looks like there’s some mildewy looking fungus under the bark. Is it treatable, or would the trees best chance be to cut off below this patch of flakey bark. This shows where the affected pet of the tree is Thanks, Mick
  9. Bloody hell I bet that stung. I think the voltages in those lichtenberg machines are a bit on the dodgy side for diy jobs. Especially to be used when your alone in a workshop or shed
  10. Oh dear. What happened to the microwave?
  11. For a used chopping board is it not better left without a finish? Just cleaned and dried after use. Depends on who’s going to use it I suppose and are they going to bother reapplying the finish as required
  12. Thanks for the replies. Purely out of interest as I fully intend to turn it myself, but what would a blank like that have cost me usually
  13. Sorry for the delay with extra pictures. Hopefully these will help
  14. There’s a piece which will turn smaller as it’s not very square


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