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  1. It is simple, leave it to your accountant to deal with and don't worry about it. Just make sure your accountant is real!
  2. Yep, its not an issue its just nice to be armed with a credible come back
  3. 8am-2pm on a Saturday & tree removals. Just moaning about noise on a Saturday. I don't care about the complaint just would be good to know the exact rules so I can provide a professional response. Removing trees doesn't come under building or construction so I wouldn't quote or work to this guide. Thats all can currently find online.
  4. All I can find is noise relating too building or construction which are not relevant? So therefore, not seeing any governance on this subject (in the short term).
  5. Had a complaint about noise recently whilst carrying out tree removals. Please could anybody direct me to the UK laws on this matter?
  6. I suppose, but experience helps me navigate these situations with ease. Saying that we will see what this week brings!
  7. Anyone who takes on a job like this (if they have been made aware) is desperate for work and most likely inexperienced. Hands up who wants to go to work and get grief, not me, I will stay at home and just post on Arbtalk thanks very much!
  8. My advice, stay small, stay busy, stay professional and enjoy nice equipment and no real hassles.
  9. Working or moving to OZ isn't easy and it takes a huge amount of paperwork and lots of hoops to jump through. If you are successful plan 8-12months a head of time. Lots of factors to consider, like you do not know the market (in whichever country you choose), different quals, some not transferable. Whole new different approach to work, work ethics in OZ differ greatly. I would say do not promise the world to potential employers, let your work speak for its self. Good luck
  10. I think we should be on a three rope system just to be sure, I really do!
  11. I will get a tow bar on the Klou grab when I get one. One day I hope I will own a decent size chipper so could come in handy.
  12. PS unless I am looking in the wrong place there isn't really that much about these grabs on Utube etc?. Ps I am an I.T. biff!


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