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  1. Parish mag & a decent optimised website seems to do the trick.
  2. What is Yew used for normally?
  3. I will research these points. Ta
  4. Nice. I am thinking if I buy one I would want a model that would deal with woody stuff as well as just be normal long grass & brambles etc. I have never used one personally so I don't want to buy twice, hence the feedback so thanks all so far!
  5. Anyone use one and are they a good attachment?

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    For sale: Timberwolf 160 chipper Purchased from Green Plant recently & fully paid for. 18.7 Hours of light use so but still in use so will increase. All paperwork available. Spare blades. First blade change just happened. Reason for sale is i required a larger chipper for the works I have. Sale price £ 12000.00 plus VAT BAC'S transfer only and no offers accepted.


    Hitchin, Herts - GB

  7. Please don't worry cos they mostly come at night, mostly.
  8. Thanks Mick I will look them up then. I want a grab that can hold vertical trunks/limbs etc. I have a hydraulic rotating grab which is great but only for timber which is already on the floor.
  9. Hi Mick, Could I please ask what grab attachment this is, I am looking for something like this for my Avant?
  10. Unfortunately I agree with most, that is, all you really have are equipment assets as business value to sell on, nothing else. I appreciate you have a very good reputation however as important as this is to you & your historic customers this doesn't hold a monetary value to a potential buyer. Also if you are not in country there's no way you can run your business (even via an in country manager). Its' just not a longterm viable prospect. Eventually all will crumble. I would say if you are leaving the country, make a clean break, enjoy yourself and forget about the business. If you are that attached to it (the business) perhaps its not the right time to move etc. Anyway good luck to you with whatever you decide to do


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