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  1. Chipperclown

    Why Did I bother!!!

    Lesson learnt by me!
  2. Chipperclown

    Why Did I bother!!!

    So I was finishing my days tree surgery around 6pm and driving to my tip site in my village when I passed another tree surgeon on the high street (well out of area according to the signage) with a very full transit load of chip and likely at least half a load again of waste on the side of the road. Feeling sorry for them I turned around, went back and offered my tip site to them, told them to follow me which they did. They tipped and left without even a thank you! Will think twice next time!!!
  3. Chipperclown


    Thanks all, I have contacted my new accountant so hopefully put this matter to bed.
  4. Chipperclown


    Hi All, I am just about to change accountants and today at a meeting with my new accountant I was asked me if I make CIS deductions. I don't and never have. I am a limited company that provides tree surgery to residential customers. I have zero employees, just use subcontractors. Could anyone steer me in the right direction in terms of the rules etc? Thanks.
  5. Yes I do & thats a pain! One day I will find a decent large log store that will last me a while. Always looking but never seem to see one that would be big enough or suitable.
  6. I always have 5 years or so of firewood at my place (don't sell any). I have a old house so normally have the two log burners on from late August -May. Love burning wood!!
  7. Chipperclown

    Timberwolf chipper

    All (1)Awaiting answer (0)Open offers (0)Bids/Reserve met (0)Without bids/Reserve not met (1)Leads (0)Price markdown (0)Free P&P markdown (0)Out of stock (0) FormatAll SortTime left: ending soonest Views/Watchers Bids Price Time left Actions timberwolf wood chipper 125 Auction timberwolf wood chipper 125 (253984108656) 266 8 0 £9,000.00 Collection only 3d 13h Sell similar More actions Check all Add noteEditSell similarSend to auctionAdd to listEnd Items per page:10|25Items per page:|50Items per page:|75Items per page:|100Items per page:|200Items per page: Page 1of 1 1
  8. Chipperclown

    Tree surveyor in Brighton

    Nick Beale 07590375079
  9. Chipperclown

    Wood Turners in Hertfordshire

    Hi are there any wood turners in the Hertfordshire area please? Looking at having a bowl or two made with some Oak I felled two years so so ago. Thanks
  10. Chipperclown

    Thinking of investing in ibcs

    I have a fair few for sale Stevenage area if your interested PM me. Collection only though.
  11. Chipperclown

    Plastic/Rubber ground mats

    0800 0432520 Very good service, we use the ground protection mats which are 95 pounds each before VAT. You can also join them together very quickly if you need to. They are heavy so a two man lift required. Can't recommend them enough.
  12. Chipperclown

    Lime tree wood, how does it burn?

    Personally I hate burning Lime on my wood burner, rubbish stuff!!
  13. In my experience theres no requirement to have to produce photos & evidence etc (never been asked), an invoice has always covered it. The customer would have to state that the removal had not actually taken place and only a complete idiot would do that!
  14. Hope it was a good quality bottle of red Mick????????
  15. No paying customer for whatever reason: Thomas Higgins Limited Registered Office Lloyds Chambers 19-21 Seaview Road Wallasey CH45 4TH This is what I have done in the past and it worked every single time and so simple to do. Google search Thomas Higgins Solicitors, sign up online line to open an account (takes 1 minute completely free). Then look at the list below. Pay three pounds plus VAT, they send a letter before action. That normally works, if they do not get payment, then they submit a court summons, costs below. Its so easy to do so now I never get stressed when and if these situations occur. All your costs are paid by the customer if the court decides you are in the right. If you have done the work, submitted and invoice (they will need a copy) then happy days in my experience). Very easy process. Stage One To begin the debt collection process where the debtor is a limited company or a firm (partnership) we can send either a Letter Before Action to the debtor, which requests payment from the debtor within seven days or alternatively a Late Payment Demand, which not only claims your basic debt but also claims interest, compensation and your reasonable debt collection costs under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998, provided both parties were acting in the course of business. Letter Before Action only £3.00 (+ VAT) Standard LBA Stage Two Court Actions in England and Wales All claims under £100,000 are issued through the County Court Business Centre. VAT is charged on costs, not fees and is not recoverable from the Debtor, but can be reclaimed by you if VAT registered (unless exceptionally you operate under the VAT Flat Rate Scheme). Claim Value Costs (+ VAT) Court Fees *Total (+ VAT on Costs) Standard LBA Debtor Pays Standard LBA Non-Recoverable Costs LPD Debtor Pays £25 to £200 £70 £25 £95 £75 £20 All £200 to £300 £80 £25 £105 £75 £30 All £300 to £500 £90 £35 £125 £85 £40 All £500 to £600 £110 £60 £170 £130 £40 All £600 to £1,000 £140 £60 £200 £130 £70 All £1,000 to £1,500 £150 £70 £220 £150 £70 All £1,500 to £3,000 £150 £105 £255 £185 £70 All £3,000 to £5,000 £150 £185 £335 £265 £70 All £5,000 to £10,000 £170 £410 £580 £510 £70 All £10,000 to £15,000 £170 4.5% * 4.5% * + £170 4.5% * + £100 £70 All £15,000 to £50,000 £175 4.5% * 4.5% * + £175 4.5% * + £100 £75 All £50,000 to £100,000 £180 4.5% * 4.5% * + £180 4.5% * + £100 £80 All


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