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  1. I allow 30 days but really as long as the clocks haven't changed therefore losing time I don't care!
  2. Hi Phil, I am very sorry to hear this both for the damage caused (sounds like a lot) and for your neighbours being ripped off. If I were in you area I would offer to clear the trunk for your elderly neighbours, unfortunately I am not though, perhaps someone may. I think chasing these people will likely be a waste of your time, even if you find them clearly they will not care!
  3. Was the big difference that the Timberwolf work every time? 😀
  4. My advice would be do not get involved/engage or you will open a can of worms. This is all hearsay and utter nonsense. If you have directly broken something then yes of course act in the correct and professional manner if you have some chancer trying it on, ignore!
  5. Hi Mate, You could try Richard on 07766211789, he does work for local farmers so may be able to help. Good luck!
  6. Hi, Can I ask and roughly speaking how many tons are there do you think in this picture. I ask as I to date haven't purchased wood in this way but know someone who would be interested. Thanks
  7. You can question all you want, but how can you really question a estimate, its simply just that, an estimate! Just because the estimate has doubled that does not mean its incorrect. Clarification of uplift of cost, easy answer, its was just an estimate!!
  8. Seriously, sorry but if at any age your are spending 1000's on a chipper whatever the make you expect it to perform for years right!!?? If I was just starting out, with not a lot a cash in the bank and my chipper worked only when I it fancied it that would of ruined me, even now that could still be the case. I have used Jensons, Greenmech's, Bandit's, Timberwolfs and Forst's, only ever had problems with a hired in Forst on more than one occasion.
  9. Pretty simple from my point of view, its was an estimate (no fixed fee which is a very grey area), things changed your end for whatever reason, work increased for your arborist, therefore his estimate changed. Seems straight forward to me. Lots of learning points for your next project.
  10. True but its all about the shop front from my point of view and that looks a lot like Lidl!! No offence!!
  11. My balanced and honest opinion is that I need another glass of red, or maybe 2!!!!!!!!
  12. Must be a lovely working environment for all concerned!!
  13. Because this thread can't be real that is why!!!
  14. Jack P, Please never stop posting!!


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