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  1. Sorry did I say nope I meant to say of course and please do name your price. so please call me on 0zzzzzzzzzz. If the answer phone comes on please leave a mezzzzz!
  2. Anyone interested in removing this oak? Nope!
  3. From a business point of view and given that you are an established business I would think networking & subbing in various contractors with relevant kit and experience in its use would make more sense both money wise and whilst working to get the job done? Don't get me wrong great if you are able to have all but huge outgoings per month/year & at the point of purchase.
  4. Yeh Stubs! You have left an additional space after your first full stop and also one after the word Jesus! Not to mention the extra space after your !, just saying (add smiley face if I could workout how to do so!)
  5. Exactly, not great when you have to slacken off a back leaner to readjust! Not the way forward hence its my next purchase (Avant or bespoke)
  6. Thanks Mick, Yep its for that but I have found a few times now that because of the way the loader moves in reverse if you get out of shape you can end up with a problem on your hands. I like the thought of just sitting still and letting the winch do the work. Yep seen them too and thought the same really. Worst case I will buy an Avant one but I know already that I would like a more powerful winch.
  7. Does anyone use a winch on an Avant loader. I have looked the Avant winch which is a 1 ton winch and was wondering firstly if anyone has one and is fo what are your thoughts on it? Also wondering if I could maybe get a bespoke winch with a greater tonnage rating and is anyone has already done this? Ta
  8. Sometimes you can smell them if there's enough, very strong pong. I have only twice that I can remember seen any in trees I/we were working on. Both times the jobs were cancelled. Frustrating for all involved.
  9. I get quite often comments on Facebook like " I hope there were no birds in the tree etc". I like to respond with absolutely not, we shot them all before we began the tree works!". Makes me smile anyway!
  10. Yep tell that to Batman!
  11. Nah sorry, I hear your point, but I know of and have experienced so many issues that I would not be convinced that I could in my time remaining in the industry I could ever trust a Forst chipper to work without regular issues. When they are performing they are great but if you can't trust a machine 95% of the time then what's the point of owning/using one? I am not a trying to be a hater, just want to go to work knowing I can trust the kit I have.
  12. If you wanted to hire a great 23m tracked narrow access platform & operator try Tony on: 07956218682 Great guy whom. I have used for years no.


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