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  1. Vehicle's & Tax!

    Thanks all, having now done a bit of research and listening to you all its clear my accountant is not interested in helping me out and pointing me in the right direction etc. To be clear I am all for paying taxes, though I am also all for saving what I can, whilst increasing my business capability ( i.e. having a 4x4 for tough terrain). On that note is there such a thing as an arborist accountant, or could anyone recommend a good accountant please, who perhaps has some experience in our field? Thanks
  2. Vehicle's & Tax!

    Hi All, I would like to know (as my new accountant seems a bit confused as I am now!) can I buy outright or via a business lease a Ford Ranger as a second vehicle for my business? I am currently running a transit tipper but its a pain for quoting and also not much use on wet grass! My account seems to think this would be classed as a car and therefore not tax deductible, I disagree. I tried to explain that my transit has 7 seats 2 more than the ranger!!! Has anyone done this?
  3. Disclaimer for conifer cut back?

    I always view my work as my business shop window, thats also my get out line if asked why I will not take the job on!!
  4. Purchasing processed 3m poles Hitchin, Herts

    Ok thanks will give it a try.
  5. Website enquiries

    I would suggest getting your site well SEO'd and letting its search capability grown over time. If you pay for google adds it can be costly. Personally I would rather spend money via Parish magazines etc, unless you have money to burn!.
  6. Could anybody recommend a supplier, in the Hitchin, Herts area to buy in 3m poles for processing into logs please. Also as I have never purchase before, cost per ton (roughly) would be good to know. I would like Ash or Beech and have room for a mid size truck to tip in my yard. Thanks
  7. Save your money and your back. Hire a decent Arborist to come in for the day and log it up for you. It will be cheaper and more importantly safer.
  8. Subby climber Herts/cambs

    Hi Matt, If you are free give me a ring as I have a job on next Tuesday in Whitwell you could help-out with. Regards Warren 07900906249
  9. what logs have you been chopping today!

    Looks like Spruce is the new Ash for me then, thanks!
  10. what logs have you been chopping today!

    Sorry for the hi-jack, but does Spruce make good firewood? Only asking as I have three to remove soon so may keep it.
  11. 1 or 2 Groundsman required

    Hi, I am looking for assistance on the ground on Tuesday 13th February in the Welwyn area. Please PM me if available. Thanks.
  12. Buying a Mature tree

    Majestic Trees, they do the full service UK wide.
  13. Worth the change?

    The working for other firms is a great bit of advice. You will develop at a faster pace learning from others and get a real feel for all types of tree work. Overtime you could then start working for yourself armed with the knowledge required. As for Kingswood, there's lots more training providers out there, shop around! Good luck
  14. We are looking for experienced sub-contracted climbers. We are based in North Hertfordshire and this is what we offer: We will pay well above the national average for the right climbers, treat you with respect and pay you without delay. Feel free to PM if interested. Thank you
  15. Hi All, We are looking for "experienced" climbers on a sub-contracted basis. We will offer well above the market rate for the right guys, treat you with the respect and pay you without delay. Not bad a and all true! Pm us if this sounds of interest to you. Thanks


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