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  1. Chipperclown

    Thats one lucky cyclist!

    Thankfully no one was hurt. But put simply those involved in this incident should not & have no right to represent our industry, though I have the feeling they were likely sent back out the next day rather than being sacked!!
  2. Chipperclown

    Long shot

    PM me I maybe able sort that for you
  3. Chipperclown

    Wellingtonia Milling

    North London, PM if you like.
  4. Chipperclown

    Wellingtonia Milling

    Great thanks, this one big so will be looking at getting rid of it on the day of removal should anyone be interested. It will be a crane dismantle so decent size sections.
  5. Chipperclown

    Wellingtonia Milling

    Hi All, Quick question is Wellingtonia a good wood for milling as I have a large one to remove?
  6. Chipperclown

    If you were just starting out....

    Slightly confused by the post. If I have understood you correctly you may be thinking about becoming a Arborist/Tree surgeon? Both are quite a different beast, all are educational! In my past life I also climbed and taught on rocks to a international level, can I climb trees and deal with heavy lumps of wood, nope! Its exhausting!! I would say the two skill sets (apart from minor rope knowledge) are completely different. Money wise I think the guys on here have been very generous with the amount of money its costs at grass levels to get involved within the industry. Taking into account training, equipment & basic set up I think you should forget 4-5 k. I would say go on some courses, link up with companies, learn and see how it goes.
  7. Chipperclown

    Moving to Wales

    Due to my wife wanting a change of life, my family may have a chance to relocate to the general area of Brecon. I would therefore have to relocate my tree surgery business to this area. Wondering if any of you guys live in the general and wider area (Hereford, Hay on Wye etc) and if so could give me a feel of the market in terms of work load etc. Thanks.
  8. Chipperclown

    Felling rotten trees

    Alway go for a big hinge regardless, at least thats my method anyway, Under confident from Hitchin!!
  9. Chipperclown

    Conservation refused advice required

    No dramas. I put on average 5ish applications in each month I would say give or take and over a fair few different councils but this is a first for me. Also I conduct work to others spec which also has been in %. Always learning!
  10. Chipperclown

    Conservation refused advice required

    Hi All, I have had a refusal back from a local council tree officer. The reason stated was rather than me stating that I intended to reduce the trees canopy by 20% (which I have always used successfully in the past), I now need to express my intentions in metres. Whilst i feel this is a bit petty obviously I will resubmit as advised. Can I ask if you all use metres and also for those converts amongst you whats 20% = what in metres!!
  11. Chipperclown

    Wannabe Arborist

    You cut trees, as we all do, you are amazing!
  12. Chipperclown

    Wannabe Arborist

    What Mick said!
  13. Is this a joke thread?
  14. Chipperclown

    customer wont pay

    Step back from it and email these guys they are very good and cheap also. Thomas Higgins Limited Registered Office Lloyds Chambers 19-21 Seaview Road Wallasey CH45 4TH
  15. Chipperclown

    Google Ad Words

    Yep seems a lot but maybe its just the going rate? Is your campaign working?


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