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  1. Mick u makes me laugh but true!! For what its worth and as I have nothing else to do I walk normally, just to confirm that's spelt WALK!
  2. I wish I had some goats! Access is rubbish so larger machines isn't an option. Anyone use a basic home garden waste shredder as I wondering if that would handle the waste. I can't get my chipper into the garden as theres too much to drag.
  3. Can any advise the best way to clear a jungle of brambles 15ft high and dense? I do not know what's in this garden so I don't think running any machinery into the unknown is a good idea. I am guessing hedge trimmers and a lot of hardworking but looking for the best option.
  4. Get a Clearview 500 then your fire will never go out!!
  5. Do these type of companies allow for one month trials for example, sounds interesting?

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    Selling my Ford Transit Tipper which has a metal arb box fitted. Crew cab, hood folds up/down to catch chip, beacon fitted, removable rear ladder bar rack. Current mileage: 46k Truck still in use so this will increase. I have looked after this truck well and have no issues with it. Happy to send pictures if interested. Currently the truck is branded in my business logo. Just had a full Service 21st May 2021 Asking price is plus VAT


  7. Yep that happened to me. Turned out there were two accounts (something behind the web creating scene) over the last 5 years when websites were changed. Nightmare. Got them back but it took too long and had zero web presence for a while.
  8. These situations are pretty simple from what you describe, TM required. It's tempting not to include this to win a job but in the end it's stupid not to do so. I have just looked at a Willow tree on a bend of an A road myself. I told the customer that TM was needed and she just couldn't understand why it was cost what it cost and why it is even needed first place. Basically I just left as soon as I could without trying to be rude. Ps this tree was just hit and damaged by a bus and the police were called to deal with the mess, hence the call.
  9. Not sure about Not sure about that mick!
  10. It's interesting to me that some of you/us feel that you/we should breakdown costs to therefore justify our quotations based on a photograph. Also interesting that the size of a company and time of which we/u finish work is worth mentioning. Work is work, skill is skill. I work directly and also indirectly (as a subcontractor at times) with arborists whom are simply excellent at their job, better than me and more knowledgeable (even though I try) in every area. However I charge more than the majority as I am a business who provides a good service (I think) and whom expects to be rewarded via a wage for doing so. You/we are professionals in general, why under value such a serious business when all is said and done?
  11. You are what you eat & therefore you are who you employ!
  12. I would say if it's good enough for the Tooth Fairy it's good enough for the rest of us! Cheers!
  13. I knew a good guy awhile back who sold logs, he told me was going to speed up his tractor for his log splitting. The next time I bumped into him he had a bandage on what was left of his thumb! I brought a big log splitter recently I thought about doing the same for a while (then remembered!) and thought not! Slow but healthy log splitting for me!
  14. Sorry did I say nope I meant to say of course and please do name your price. so please call me on 0zzzzzzzzzz. If the answer phone comes on please leave a mezzzzz!
  15. Anyone interested in removing this oak? Nope!
  16. From a business point of view and given that you are an established business I would think networking & subbing in various contractors with relevant kit and experience in its use would make more sense both money wise and whilst working to get the job done? Don't get me wrong great if you are able to have all but huge outgoings per month/year & at the point of purchase.
  17. Yeh Stubs! You have left an additional space after your first full stop and also one after the word Jesus! Not to mention the extra space after your !, just saying (add smiley face if I could workout how to do so!)
  18. Exactly, not great when you have to slacken off a back leaner to readjust! Not the way forward hence its my next purchase (Avant or bespoke)


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