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    i just put my waders over my chainsaw trousers yes feet not protected but legs are downside was it hot work and very restricted. if i was doing a lot of river work invest in a pair of chainsaw waders who makes them no idear
  2. hi may be worth joining your local coppice group normal £10 a year get put on contractors list. do not know what your woods are but hazel the things you can use that for is endless. chestnut fencing stakes. oak shingles,beams. ash dried out makes good handles plus many other things. i have just gone in with a old coppicer i help work the woods he helps me lay hedges. will learn how to make hurdles in spring when hedgelaying finishes. want to push faggots for river work so clear brash making spars for thatching. if i had the dosh would buy a retort to make charcoal. but then its good firewood
  3. find a auto eletric mechanic our skoda came up with faults was a reverse light blown causing other faults £1 fixed it
  4. have to agree kubota. or look for a yanmar very good tractors and as reliable as a kubota had a 20 hp with loader it had so much grunt. other good tractor shibaru japenese not chinese well built. think your find latter two as not as well known may pick one up cheaper than a kubota. as for trailer get a full ramp not the slide out jobs nasty and dangerous in wet seen a few near misses with compacts nearly fallen off due to no grip and sliding off ramps. as for chipper timberwolf doing a good pto chipper up to 7inch.
  5. i have a navara with gear stick for 4 wheel yes not good turning as all 4 wheels being driven ok on road in high if roads not good eg snow ice well just as well leave in 2 wheel as make no difference it will slide. as for low box not a good idear made for getting out of gloop when i use mine in low box i start in first but go into second and let it drive itself with just a bit of revs. hardly had to get up the box in low if going that fast then high is going to be ok. but its not just 4 wheel its tyres if just road tyres then will not work well off road or in snow as no tread. most mordern ones have diff lock in unlike old trucks had to turn the difs on the wheels so when in 4 wheel diff will operate hence not good turning tight and yes tyres will wear quicker
  6. forget lawers cost. final letter you have 7 days to pay. if no responce small claims online. put the cost of work plus costs of chasing invoice and pay the fee and let it run. once its gone then they pay or else. when you fill out claim form make sure you itemise all what you are asking for. if it goes before a judge and you say £5k and when broken down job was 3k but cost was 2k you may loose out. got the badge for that one. 5k for small claim 5k to 10k fast track and 10k and over its different again. fast track you need a solisiter as both sides can ask for costs you loose you will have to pay cost to other side. so need its a watertight case. or could cost a lot if judge finds not in your favour. if solisiters says yes its a winner and you loose you can claim off him for mismanagment of case
  7. NHLS website. there is a link for those who sale stakes and binders. sadly unable to help this season should find someone near you or failing that NCFED website look for a group near you i believe there is a local group just started nearby
  8. if hamdog can not help look on NHLS site for local contractor. should find one who can help. may be a job this year as majority will be booked up for season. may be a new person trying to get there hand in. if they can show there work then give them a punt. thats how i started. getting referals.
  9. no not axe men will have to look at catch up to see what it was called but new lot. similar to axe men but one company. mainlly using harvesters.
  10. i put everthing down in writing what it will cost. then if they want to sqeal say look at quote you agread. pay up. if not small claims court. when you send a final letter that if they do not pay up it will be 50% extra of quote they do pay up but some do not. and is a loss leader
  11. new series started on discovery. for once chap using a saw was using chainsaw chaps. and a dolmar chainsaw. as for rest of programme like the rest tipped the harvester over and had to get a 24tonne 360 in to pull it back up on its feet. liketo see a uk operation but then it be boring as i hope we do it by the book and do not have many mishaps. you think with all the wood they have they would be the kings of logging.
  12. will check that does get very smoky after running for a while anything is worth a punt
  13. +1 do a lot round thse parts for waste on fields so lorrys can get on field to dump
  14. have a ms170 been a very good saw but of late has been playing up hard to get going after its run out of fuel. when it does get going have to feather it to get it run smooth. today it just stopped and will not go. tried new plug good spark fuel is coming through feels like it has got compresion. but it will not start. checked filter in tank fine clean air filter is clean. at a loss what it can be apart from the carb needs a service, or it has some thing wrong on the engine side. like to try and get it working even as a spare. as got a second hand one which chain brake gone so swapeed over to that saw. any help apreciated
  15. its how old you feel if you think you can do it then go for it i know hedgelayers still going in there 80,s and thats a fit mans job. go for it if you do not do it you will keep looking back sayin wish i had done it.
  16. in good condition fetch good money better to do up than strip for engine. where is the oil coming from is it coming from cover as gasket looks like it seen its day. there is a seal on the shaft from engine to mower. that maybe has gone can replace them ok. its the cylinder looks like it need regrinding. and a new botom blade. if it has anything to grind on it. aprox cost £100 for regrind cylinder bottom blade £40 so for £200 one good mower. new looking at a couple of thousands to buy. can not see clear is it a six blade or 11 blade the latter ideal wicket mower. cricket club always on lookout for these. rolls royce of mowers. like a set of gang ones at right price.
  17. local recycling centre can get permits for trade waste hampshire you can go 12 times a year so if its not much save it up in a tonne bag and take it down.
  18. as other post you are the only person i know who does all the ones round hear leave a right mess on road. just waiting for a thorn in tyre and estate will get bill for new one. disgrace they can leave such a mess including hedges:biggrin:
  19. he had to have a operation to pin his back back together he recons he will be off work for 3 plus months but will make a full recovery. as for what happened did not say just said he fell 25ft backwards from a ladder on to floor below. was not realey looking missus was watching it i was doozing untill tree was mentioned and woke up:biggrin:
  20. when will they build a truck for work to bling be scared to scratch it as for inside can see the leather going fast jumping in with any type of work clothes. izuzu ut all plastic inside hosepipe out when dirty thats a truck that thing if i took it up where i work each day it be scratched by end of week. need rubber panels like the old moris minor post office vans.
  21. the budget you are looking at the mitox is £179 chinese but good saw coppicer has one and it cuts well. 2 year warrenty. and they stick by it his went wrong took it back and replaced it. he cuts loads with his. he says my sthil 170 is a better saw drawback with 170 only a 12inch bar. so get into some bigger stuff be pushing the sthil. for quality and 5 year warrenty get a echo may be a bit more but it will be going strong in 15 years time
  22. went to winchester with grandkids what a let down. just the council walking up the high street. got to the cathederal and stood outside for over a hour whilst the service went on then the scrambled eggs and there hangers on came out to block the veiw so grandkids saw nothing only to hear the last post. still went and paid our respects to those who fell. tommorow will put my crosses on the graves i look after at the cemetery i look after i have volentered as a helper for the comenwelth war graves commision and have 3 sites i look after just my very little bit in return for there all.
  23. hi facebook hedgelaying and coppicing group those members who know of matches do put them up thats how i knew of the cotswold match from a member also the NHLS can only put on there pages what is sent to them if it is not sent in then can not put on page just read my other post does not make sence should read there are those who think they know a lot but know little and there are those who do know a lot because they do
  24. attplace your only in newport get yourself over to morten in the marsh this saturday the 15th hedgelaing comp. get some pointers on how a hedge is laid midland style not my norm but doing it. you may if you ask a cutter near to you who be willing to show you the basics for a day be worth it as hedgelaying is not as easy as it looks get the pleach wrong and it will snap as graham says if its old thorn as brittle so need care pleaching. there are many who say they know who no little and a few who know a lot more than a little. so its cotswold conservation board waverton(cotswold stud) moreton in the marsh signed from A424 starts 9am be some good cutters working.
  25. been looking at getting a pto chipper as have a DB996 sitting in shed not getting used much. read all the posts pros cons of different makes. all i need it for is for chipping up hedgerow brash from hedgelaying so max is 4inch any bigger goes for firewood. can you get smaller models and are they any good or go a bit bigger and have the power. i asume a db996 will drive one ok. the cost of hireing in once a month with one of our own could chip as we go and have a job that will need it going when we lay hedges as no room for brash and the cost of hireing for 3 months would pay for one.


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