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  1. Jay

    Mog rear springs

    Thank you very much for your replies certainly gives me a lot to consider. Many thanks
  2. We have a U1200 with the original springs. I know Atkinson do a heavy duty replacement. Has anyone fitted these and has it made much difference. We carry our processor around a fair bit and she sits down a fair way before it gets airborne! Many thanks Jay
  3. they have pretty much just left me to sort it. Said it will be a 50ton crane 3 meters wide and thats about it. They have mentioned trackway. I always thought it would be something crane companies could do in house.
  4. Quintos have said they cant provide anything only the feet pads. I am also still waiting for the quote from 3 weeks ago.
  5. I have a job with a 50ton crane coming up. The crane needs to sit half on grass and half on a private tarmac driveway. I need approximately 30m for a straight drive in and out. Would be grateful if anyone has any suggestions. We can transport and lay the mats if this is an option anywhere. Cheers
  6. we had a td4 commercial on a 02 plate got upto 180k miles. would defiantly recomend. Cheap and economical run about.
  7. Jay

    Insuring a Unimog

    cheers for all your input chaps. The cost isn't so much the issue as losing the benefits of having implements covered. We will just have to see how we get on.
  8. Jay

    Insuring a Unimog

    I appreciate this and understand the reasoning. However I can't understand how it can be so different for for me as the previous owner did the same work with it and is also a tree business. Guess its just the weird and wonderful ways of insurance! Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  9. Jay

    Insuring a Unimog

    I tried this as well however they weren't playing game and said if they can't do it we can't. Just seems ridiculous the mog couldn't be more ag if you tried.

    <p>not going to post so I'm with nfu and only paid 180 for whole year and doing tree Stuff with chipper attached you need to say your working on your own ground and only time you drive on the road is going from one site to another you own </p>

    <p>so if you do crash you can say you was on the road going to another site </p>

    <p>cheers paul</p>


  11. So we recently purchased a unimog U1200 full ag spec registered as ag vehicle etc. When I went to insure it with NFU on a trctor policy I was told it couldn't be done due to it being used for a tree and landscaping business. This means that I have had to put it on our fleet policy which is fine but is more expensive and you lose all the benefits for implements etc. How does everyone else get around this. The previous owner did the same job pretty much and he had it insured on a tractor policy. Im trying to insure it through the same insurer and they still wont do it. Can anyone recommend another insurer for this. I don't really want to move from NFU but can see it causing issues on the fleet policy. The mog will do a bit of ag work from time to time and I also move ag kit about for others which wouldnt be insured through the fleet policy. Cheers Jay
  12. We have GRP sides. Heavy but hard wearing and look tidy. As someone else surggested I think the cheapest way is to buy any old box body and cut sheets from it. Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  13. Where do you get yours printed? Seems a very good price. Sent from my iPad using Arbtalk
  14. Never replaced them on mine. I would happily buy another. Sent from my iPad using Arbtalk


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