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  1. Wow so with fuel @ £1.10 per litre that's £22/day x7 day week ( processing for 8 hours) = £154 a week on fuel . How many hours does it take to cut 24 tonnes of hardwood to 9" logs on the wp . Trying to workout production cost . Thanks
  2. What are the daily running cost e.g .fuel per 8 hour day compared to tractor on red diesel .
  3. Hi firstly you will need pa2f ticket for weed wipe , I have used 2metre logic with brush that rotates anti clockwise so lifting the plant as you go and also coating the underside of the leaves ,you don't have the pump on constant pump like normal sprayer you have a pulse switch so that you can just keep the bristles damp with spray ,very efficient in the amount of spray that you use ,also on the carpet ones you have to keep replacing the carpet as it rots
  4. Hi to determine what clutch you have on non live drive the primary gear lever was ,up, for low ratio and ,down, for high ratio with live PTO the positions were reversed . On most six pot conversion a single clutch was fitted because they would chew up double clutch as they don't like the extra power . hope that makes sense .thanks Chris
  5. Hi Colin perryman from Cornwall does bonnets for six pot major
  6. Hi you could try The British Horse Loggers Society there is often machinery for sale on there web site .
  7. Hi I use a apf10 Evolution powered respirator supplied by Axminster power tools , no problems with glasses steaming up in hot or cold weather I think it was about £130 around 2 years ago and not had any problems with it .
  8. Hi Gray Git can you help ? thanks chris
  9. HI can anyone point me in the direction of the company that was at The ARB Show (2017) selling led lights ,they had all there lights on a trailer so that you could try them . Need to order some replacements but can not find old invoice for contact details . thanks chris
  10. Hi I had the same problem I got over it by using one of the side light pins on the plug number 5 or 7.IF you put number 7 wire into number 5 pin all your side light power comes from that pin. you now have a spare pin all you now need to do is take a power feed from your gearbox reversing switch (fixed on the side of the gearbox ) to the spare pin on you 7 pin socket ,then run a wire back through your trailer to your new reversing lights and connect the wire to the number 7 pin on the plug. chris
  11. Hi that is Not a ktm machine they are painted yellow and a totally different splitting head.
  12. Hi all I have a customer moving from Devon to ca21 2yl near Egremont cumbria and I am trying to source a good log supplier of hardwood log for him , you will have to deliver with a 4x4 as you have to drive down a track and along the beech to get to his property . thanks chris


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